Carl Grimes Run On The Walking Dead Comes To An End Twitter Sheds Walker Tears

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We knew it was coming after last season’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead but no one said we would be ready for what we were about to witness during the mid-season premiere.  The Walking Dead fans had to say goodbye to another OG cast member of the hit AMC show, Carl Grimes and it was a hard pill for Twitter to swallow. 


The Walking Dead Recap: Ezekiel Is Tragically Brought Back To Reality

Tonite’s episode of The Walking Dead was arguably the best and most rough one of the season. The spotlight was primarily fixed on King Ezekiel after last weeks cliffhanger.  Episode  4 titled ‘Some Guy’ keeps season 8’s action going plus manages to evoke some emotion out of us.

Episode 4 opens up with King Ezekiel getting into full character as he normally does every day while ruling The Kingdom. We zap back to the tragic events that took place at the end of last weeks episode and we learn that all of the king’s men have been cut down by a few Saviors utilizing a heavy machine gun.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
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It also looked bleak for our favorite fake king but he managed to survive by being shielded by his loyal subjects who died, unfortunately. Ezekiel, suffers a pretty bad leg injury in the process and is slowed down tremendously. To make matters even worse his loyal subjects quickly turn and become un-loyal undead looking to feast on his brains.

It’s not looking good for Ezekiel and he is greatly outnumbered by the dead, things do look up when one of his subjects managed to survive the ambush.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
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The reunion is short-lived though, lower grunt savior named Gunther who looks like Jeffery Dahmer kills Ezekiel’s savior. He takes Ezekiel hostage and aims to bring him back to Negan as a wonderful trophy. We also find out the Carol, of course, is still alive, you didn’t think she was going to go out like that right?

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap

Carol manages to make it inside The Savior stronghold and sees them packing up the weapons that gunned her crew down. Oh and those weapons happen to be the same weapons that both Daryl and Rick were searching for but didn’t find during their mission.  Carol being the bad ass she is these weapons can’t leave this place cause if they do it spells certain doom for Rick and co.

Hiding in the ceiling, Carol gets the drop on some of The Saviors taking them out in a hail of gunfire. She doesn’t kill all of them some manage to make it outside. A standoff ensues between Carol and the remaining Saviors, bullets are flying but no one is getting shot. Eventually, they start talking and try to negotiate, The Saviors insist they will be leaving with the guns and Carol is not here for that idea.

We zap back to Ezekiel and Gunther who has completely run out of patience with the injured Ezekiel. He decides he’s just going to decapitate the king and put his head on a spike. Things aren’t looking good for Ezekiel until his boy Jerry makes one hell of an appearance.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
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Jerry comes out of nowhere and saves his king by chopping poor Gunther in half with his trusty ax.

Ezekiel has a fighting chance again with Jerry by his side the two team up to take on the gang of walkers. Jerry is trying to open the gate up that is unfortunately chained up. He tries to break the chain with his ax but in the process manages to break it.

They are both in trouble but are still fending off walkers left and right. Meanwhile, Carol is still engaged in that standoff but she notices that Ezekiel and Jerry need her help. She has a choice, now if she helps Ezekiel and Jerry she will also let The Saviors get away with the guns.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
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The old Carol would have gone after The Saviors but she decides to go save Ezekiel and Jerry. Knowing of the consequences of her actions Ezekiel asks Carol why did she let them get away with the guns? Right there we hear a motorcycle engine and Carol tells Ezekiel they, in fact, didn’t get away with the guns. Daryl and Rick are on the job once again.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
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In an amazing chase scene, Daryl and Rick chase down the two saviors and manage to take them both out and getting their hands on those guns. Jerry and Carol are doing their best to help Ezekiel who is pretty much one legged at this point. They make it to this river full of toxic waste and of course walkers, Ezekiel knows that he is nothing but dead weight and tells Jerry and Carol to leave him and he will hold off the walkers the best he can.

Jerry insists on staying with his king, Ezekiel turns to him and yells at Jerry that he is no longer his king. Things again look bleak for Ezekiel and it looks like we are about to lose him until his trusty pet/sidekick tiger Shiva jumps in and saves them.

Now here’s where things get pretty rough in this episode. Shiva made the ultimate sacrifice for the friend that once saved her from certain death. Of course, Ezekiel didn’t handle Shiva’s death very well.

The Walking Dead Some Guy
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Shiva’s sacrifice gave the trio just enough time they needed to get away from the toxic walkers and make it back to The Kingdom. Ezekiel is visibly no longer the proud king he was and limps to his quarters a broken man and the episode ends.

Shiva was the hero we didn’t deserve, the internet, of course, paid the ninja tiger her proper respects. Hit the gallery to see all well wishes for our favorite CGI tiger.

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The Walking Dead Recap: A Face From The Past Returns In Season 8, Episode 2

The Walking Dead recap
Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) in Episode 2 Photo by Gene Page/AMC

Last week’s season premiere introduced to us to all-out-war, this week’s action-packed episode takes it to another level.

Rick’s well thought out plan to rid the post-apocalyptic world of The Saviors is in full swing and it seems to be going off without a hitch. Well with the exception of Father Gabriel stuck in a trailer with Negan, but tonight’s episode didn’t revisit that bridge so we have to wait to learn his fate. Instead, tonight’s episode focuses on Rick’s grand plan to take out The Saviors coming together.

Let’s dive into episode 2, season 8 of The Walking Dead.

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All Out War Begins In The Season 8 Premiere of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 8
Gene Page: AMC

The Walking Dead is back and promises all-out war in its 8th season. Mercy, the shows 100th episode, picks up where season 7’s finale left off with Rick and his merry band of survivors full of renewed vigor. No longer fearing Negan and his saviors, Rick is ready to bring the fight to them.

Season 8 opens up with Rick with help of Maggie and Ezekiel rallying the troops. Preparations for Ricks well thought out plan is underway. We also learn that our favorite version is Rick Grimes is back, the no-nonsense Rick, he’s vicious, brutal in dispatching Saviors he comes across and definitely more militarized. It’s evident as ever when Rick kills one of Negan’s goons by stabbing him in the gut and letting a walker free on him after he says something about his son dying.

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Throughout the episode, we also get glimpses of Rick at different stages in what possible could be foreshadowing of Rick’s plan not succeeding. In one flashback there’s a tight shot on Rick’s face his eyes are red from possibly crying. Then there’s the appearance of old man Rick, he looks as if he’s gone through one hell of a battle and walks with a noticeable limp. Again we can’t really tell when this all takes place, and everyone else in the vision, Michonne, Carl and even older Judith look perfectly fine.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Old Man Rick
Old Man Rick

The Walking Dead executive producer Scott M.Gimple promises we ill learn more about old man Rick later on in the season.

When we flash back to the what we believe to be the present, we see Carl pulling up to a gas station in search of fuel. It’s kind of funny that Carl basically learned how to use a gun before driving, sounds like middle America honestly.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

For those who have been fans of the show since the beginning the gas station scene with Carl is meant to be a shot-by-shot remake of the very first scene from the show. Instead of a little girl in slippers, Carl finds a Middle Eastern man in search of some food. Before Carl can approach the guy, he is scared off by Rick shooting shots in the air. Rick is taking no chances as he thinks the guy could possibly be a spy for Negan.

Before they embark on the Sanctuary, they take out a bunch of lookout points first and we see that Morgan no longer has issues taking a life. Daryl meets up with Carol, Tara, and Morgan who are waiting for an approaching walker herd. The herd will be integral in Rick’s plan to take out Negan and the Saviors.  With everything coming together Rick and the team minus Michonne and Carl leave in a bunch of armored vehicles embark on the Sanctuary.  Once there, they set the vehicles to use them as cover and begin firing rounds into the air to Negan’s attention.

Negan comes out cocky as ever flanked by his lieutenants and to no one’s surprise Gregory the former leader of the Hilltop. Gregory believing he stills in charge tells his former Hilltop to give this fight or be banished. Jesus lets Gregory know that it’s Maggie calling the shots now. Since Gregory seems to be of no use, The Saviors push him down a flight of steps.

Rick offers Negan’s men a chance to escape and begins to countdown. Before he reaches one, Rick opens fire and sends Negan and his crew running for cover.  While everyone shoots out all the windows in the Sanctuary, Rick spots Negan hiding and goes for the kill. Father Gabriel eventually talks Rick out of trying to get his revenge at the moment. They roll in an armored RV, Rick sets off the bomb inside it clearing the walkers and fences that blocked the way.

With that out the way, Rick and the gang leave as the herd of walkers that Daryl, Tara, Morgan and Carol were leading finally arrive at the Sanctuary.  While trying to leave Father Gabriel spots Gregory dazed and confused and being a man of the cloth decides to help him.

Gregory pulls a fast one on Gabriel, leaves him and takes his car leaving him stranded. With nowhere else to go Gabriel runs to a trailer to seek refuge from all of the walkers. Gabriel thinks he is safe until he hears Negan say behind him. Looks like things are going to get really bad for poor Father Gabriel now, cause the walkers are now the least of his worries.

Rick has won the first battle with Negan but will he win the war?  We can’t wait to see how this plays out this season on The Walking Dead.

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A Tiger, One Walker & An Epic Battle Close Out Season 7 of The Walking Dead

It’s a wrap for season 7 of The Walking Dead and it went out giving fans some hope. Season 7 was a tough one for fans, we had to watch our favorite group of survivors bend to the will of Negan and his ruthless saviors and it wasn’t pretty.We lost some favorite characters along the way but it’s good to know we got something to look forward too come season 8.

Photo: Gene Page/AMC

Rick and the group have finally decided enough is enough and that Negan and the rest of The Saviors have to go. We watched them all season along build alliances and round-up as much weapons as they could for the final showdown with Negan.

Photo: Gene Page/AMC

Tonight’s season finale opens with Sasha, she is currently riding inside a coffin enjoying some tunes courtesy of an iPod given to her by Eugene, I mean Negan while on her way with the Saviors back to Alexandria.

Photo: Gene Page/AMC

She is to be used as a pawn in Negan’s plan to thwart Ricks uprising, Sasha wants nothing to do with that plan of course if any of her friends have to die. Meanwhile in Alexandria, everyone is getting ready for the epic showdown. Dwight who has convinced Rick and a very reluctant Daryl to trust him and to let him help them take down Negan. The scavengers also have rolled into town via garbage trucks and bicycles to help as agreed upon. It looks like the plan is all coming together Rick and co!

Maggie is now the defacto leader of The Hilltop now that Gregory is gone. She has decided she will take a group to Alexandria to help aid in the fight against Negan and The Saviors. Not to be left out are the good folk of The Kingdom. With a rejuvenated Carol on the team, they also decided it’s time to fight. Led by King Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva they head for Alexandria. Will they get there on time though?

We zap back to Sasha in that coffin, we are treated to scenes or hallucinations of her and her dead boo Abraham. We eventually learn that scenes with her Abraham were just helping her come to terms with what she was about to do. Last episode Eugene gave her a poisonous pill to take so she could end her suffering. Sasha put that pill to use and during her journey in the coffin she took her own life. Hmmmmm what is she up too?

The Saviors on their journey to Alexandria were delayed a bit due to some obstructions in the road thanks to Dwight. Eugene decides it would be a good idea if he went ahead to and try to convince Rick and everyone to not go through with the ambush. Eugene arrives and insists Rick gives up, but Rick isn’t about that life and decides that Eugene has to go. Rick gives the signal for Rosita to trigger the explosives that was set up for the Saviors when they arrive. Rosita presses the button but nothing happens, then the garbage pail survivors turn their guns on Rick and people of Alexandria.

Photo: Gene Page/AMC

Yup they have been double crossed.

Negan pops out of the truck to take in the look of disappointment on Rick’s face. Looks like everything is going to shit now for Rick now. Negan heads over to the coffin to reveal Sasha and this happens:

Photo: Gene Page/AMC

Sasha is now a walker and in her death she gives Rick and everyone an opportunity to save themselves. An all-out gun battle between the remaining Alexadrians and Saviors ensues while Walker Sasha is taking a bite out of a Savior.

Photo: Gene Page/AMC

The mini-uprising is soon quelled by the Saviors and the Scavengers as their numbers are just greater. The Saviors are back in control of the situation and Negan is now pissed, someone has to pay!

Negan decides that not only will Rick lose his hands, but he will also lose his son Carl as he intends on introducing his skull to Lucille. As soon as Negan winds up to knock Carl’s block off this amazingness happens:

The cavalry in the form of The Hilltop and The Kingdom has finally arrived!

With their own set of reinforcements and a cool Savior ass kicking tiger on their side they push out all of their enemies from Alexandria.

But I was really sad to see Michonne ain’t shit without her sword and got her ass beat though.

The coast is now all clear, Rick and Carl go check on Michonne and they find her pretty beat up but still alive after she managed to dispatch her attacker. The aftermath though had her looking like Martin after he fought Tommy Hearns.

Rick and co are licking their wounds, but now they have true allies in the fight in against Negan. They are going to need it because Negan is preparing for all out war come season 8. I CAN’T WAIT!


Tonight’s season finale was definitely intense, peep the memes that followed to help usher off The Walking Dead’s seventh season in the gallery below.



It’s Gut Check Time Literally and Figuratively On The Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead !

This season of The Walking Dead has been a very long and torturous one. We had to watch our favorite leader Rick Grimes and group of zombie apocalypse survivors bend to the will of Negan and his vicious Saviors.


Now in the six seasons of the show it’s just something that fans weren’t used to seeing for such a long a period of time during the season. Well on tonight’s mid-season finale it was gut check time Rick and co.

Carol has made the decision that she is over fighting and just wants to sit in her quaint little home and be left alone. Morgan is still in The Kingdom and is definitely enjoying his stay there. Morgan checks in on Carol by just leaving her some supplies on her doorstep. Carol spots him and calls him back, their conversation is interrupted by Richard as he something to ask the both of them.


Richard feels The Saviors will eventually break the deal Ezekiel has in place with them and will try to take The Kingdom. Knowing what Morgan and Carol and capable of he asks them to help him convince Ezekiel that it’s time they attacked The Saviors before it’s too late. Carol and Morgan are both reluctant but it’s mainly Carol who wants no parts of the plan and shuts it down. Little does she know that her friends need her, Morgan and The Kingdom’s help more than ever.

Meanwhile Michonne is on her mission to have some face to face time with Negan. Taking one of the saviors hostage, she makes the Savior drive her to Negan’s location.


Michonne and her captor reach their destination, her captor points out that Negan isn’t just one person he is all of them. Michonne realizes that she can’t do this alone as their numbers are too great. Michonne is informed by her hostage there is a silencer in the glove compartment and she kills her hostage and makes her way back to Alexandria realizing that she needs Rick.

When we last left Rick and Aaron they were out scavenging for supplies to give to Negan and his crew. Rick and Aaron stumble across a boat in the middle of a river with zombies used as traps to keep strangers away. Rick and Aaron make it to the boat to find a decent stash of weapons but no ammo for them. What they don’t know is there is mystery person watching them from a distance.


While Rick, Aaron and Michonne are away Negan came to play last episode bringing with him Carl. Negan is really enjoying his time in Alexandria and is getting real cozy in Rick’s home even mingling with his Rick’s baby daughter Judith. Negan even takes full advantage of Rick’s bathroom and gives himself a clean shave while a dejected Carl has to watch.

Negan as we have learned throughout the season is a master at making breaking down his enemies. He even treats himself to a home-cooked meal and unfortunately Carl, Judith and Olivia had to join Negan at the dinner table.




Negan Comes To Town: Episode 4, Season 7 Of The Walking Dead Recap & Memes

Negan introduces himself to the quaint community of Alexandria. The problem is he is week early and Rick and the gang are not prepared to really offer him anything.


Tonight’s episode opens up with Michonne sneaking out the house with a sniper rifle to practice with. Looks like she’s making sure her aim is true for a particular moment.


Unfortunately her skills with a rifle stinks cause she couldn’t hit the side of a barn with her shooting. Her target which happened to be a slow-moving walker and she still missed it. She did manage to kill a deer with one of her stray shots though, we’re just gonna chalk that one up to luck.

Back in town we the good folks of Alexandria are getting a glimpse of their fearless leader Rick being systematically broken down by Negan.


Negan and his Saviors came to town early to claim “what’s theirs” and that is all of the towns weapons and whatever else they liked basically furniture, mattresses and other lovely items. The Alexandrians have no idea whats going on but they do know that Negan is a dangerous man by the look on their fearless leader’s face.

Things get a little scary when one of the Saviors point out to Negan that there are two guns missing from the armory.  Negan gives Rick an ultimatum, he has to find the guns or Olivia dies, and Rick is over being responsible for anymore deaths.


Rick goes on a scavenger hunt and finds two guns stashed in Spencer’s home along with some extra food and liquor. Rick gives the guns to Negan saving Olivia and any other Alexandrian from the wrath of Negan and Lucille for now. Negan really didn’t come there just for items though, his main goal was to belittle their fearless leader in front of everyone and he succeeded. Rick lets everyone know that he is no longer in charge and that it’s Negan running the show now.

Rick’s boo Michonne finally returns from sniper rifle practice and Rick spots her. He ask’s Negan if he can have a second to speak to her so can he procure the rifle from her before any more unwanted drama ensues. Michonne is reluctant to give up the gun but Rick convinces her it’s for the greater good. Negan accepts the weapon and for good measure takes the deer Michonne killed. Negan and The Saviors leave, but not only did they leave with guns and furniture the most important thing they left with is Rick’s soul and full cooperation.


There is still one gun left though, Rosita and Spencer were sent out on a mission to retrieve Daryl’s bike for Dwight. Yes Dwight clearly thinks he is Daryl now for some strange reason. While on the mission Rosita encounters  some walkers and one of them has a gun on them. Rosita easily dispatches the undead and takes the gun but it’s empty. She brings the gun back to town not knowing that could spell disaster for the Alexandrians.


When they get back to town with the bike, Spencer and Rick have a conversation about the items he found in his house. It’s there Spencer lets his frustrations be known about Rick and how he dealt with Negan and The Saviors. Spencer feels Rick should have bargained with them from the jump and that would have saved them a lot of trouble. Rick of course doesn’t agree, while he is walking away Spencer brings up Glenn and Abraham’s death to Rick. It’s there we still find out that Rick is still his tough self and he tells Spencer if he mentions them again he will break Spencer’s jaw and knockout his teeth. Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Rick and Michonne have a heart to heart about the situation. Michonne isn’t really here for just laying down and letting Negan take everything. Rick tells Michonne about Shane and Lori and reveals that he knows Judith isn’t his daughter.


Rick finally convinces her that in order to remain alive complete cooperation with Negan is vital. Michonne heads back to the field where she was practicing her aim and she discovers all of the mattresses set on fire.

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Back in Alexandria, Rosita is the only person in town with a gun and she plans on using it! She finds Eugene and asks her to craft her a single bullet from a casing she found. Things are only gonna get interesting from here on in with Rick and the gang.

PHOTO: AMC/Gene Page

Hit the gallery below to see hilarious memes generated from tonight’s episode:


Morgan and Carol Arrive At The Kingdom, We Finally Meet King Ezekiel!

Of course The Walking Dead would drop a rather calm episode following the super intense season premiere last weekend that had us all in our feelings.


Tonight’s episode we caught up with Carol and Morgan, yes it was somewhat a slow episode but we finally met a new key player. Carol is still recovering after her encounter with some saviors that Morgan saved her from. Morgan and Carol end up the quaint community called The Kingdom who seem to be completely oblivious to ongoing zombie apocalypse. Carol finally wakes up, she is not in the 100% but she is getting there.


Morgan explains to Carol exactly where they are and how The Kingdom operates.He introduces her to King Ezekiel and his pet tiger/protector Shiva.


Carol’s reaction was pretty much like:

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Carol is not here for the bull you know what but plays along for now just for the sake of peace. From there we learn that The Kingdom is a very self-sufficient town and even has a damn choir. Yup a choir! Carol is not here for any of it and wants to leave immediately but her health isn’t helping matters. Morgan on the other is rather pleased with the peace and tranquility of The Kingdom.


Ezekiel also takes a liking to Morgan after he witnesses Morgan’s impressive skills with his staff. He asks Morgan to train one of his guards who is pretty much not too keen with a weapon. Morgan was reluctant at first but then agrees after Ezekiel in his best Game of Throne’s voice convinces him. We also learn that in order to maintain the peace The Kingdom regularly trades with Negan and his saviors.

The residents of The Kingdom of course do not know that their king trades with Negan for the sake of peace. BUT to spite The Saviors, Ezekiel sends Negan some slaughtered pigs but these pigs are special cause they feed on walkers.


We just hope they keep that infected swine away from Darryl since he is currently a prisoner of Negan and The Saviors. Carol finally musters up enough strength to pack her things and leave. She doesn’t get to far and is discovered by Ezekiel.


Ezekiel reveals that he knew Carol was faking it all along cause he pretty much has been faking it too! His royal voice completely changes and now he’s just Ezekiel the former zoo keeper and a pretty good actor. He tells Carol how he came upon his pet tiger Shiva and how he became the leader of The Kingdom.


Even after Ezekiel confesses to Carol that he’s been faking it to make it she still decides that The Kingdom is not  the place for her. Ezekiel doesn’t stop her, Morgan escorts her to a house where she decides to shack up. She immediately gets her first visitor and guess who it is?

Yup that’s right Ezekiel! Is he trying to shoot his shot with Carol or nah?Guess we will find out really soon. We can’t wait till next week where we catch back up with Rick and the gang after their deadly encounter with Negan and his Saviors. Till then hit the gallery below to see hilarious memes generated from tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead:

PHOTOS: Gene Page/The Walking Dead


Doing Too Much?: The Walking Dead’s Season 7 Premiere Apparently “Crossed The Line” According To The Parents Television Council

The Walking Dead made its triumphant return this past Sunday, 17 million tuned in just to see who was the poor unfortunate souls that Negan beat to a bloody pulp (whispers Glenn and Abraham). The Walking Dead was also the no.1 most watched show on broadcast cable that night.


The Walking Dead is no stranger to graphic violence but this episode really wanted introduced the sinister character of Negan to television world properly. We were treated to what was one of the most gruesome death scenes in The Walking Dead’s television history as we watched Negan bash Glenn and Abraham’s heads to a bloody pulp. Fans of the comic rejoiced as it literally brought one of most tragic deaths from the pages of the comic book to life.


Unfortunately there are those who felt The Walking Dead officially “took things too far!”


The Parents Television Council is condemning the latest episode of The Walking Dead after witnessing Negan’s brutal form of punishment. In an interview with THR (The Hollywood Reporter) the president of the PTC, Tim Winters said this about The Walking Dead:

Last night’s season premiere of The Walking Dead was one of the most graphically violent shows we’ve ever seen on television, comparable to the most violent of programs found on premium cable networks,” Winter said. “It’s not enough to ‘change the channel,’ as some people like to advocate, because cable subscribers — regardless of whether they want AMC or watch its programming — are still forced to subsidize violent content. This brutally explicit show is a powerful demonstration of why families should have greater control over the TV networks they purchase from their cable and satellite providers


Now yes we must agree the violence on the premiere was turned up a notch but was it surprising? NO! Seriously though, Tim and the parents that are complaining have not been watching The Walking Dead for the previous six other seasons. If they were they would have seen this:


Oh and this:


This too:


Yup and some more of this:


Now we are not sure what show Tim Winters and his band of righteous parents have been watching for years but it clearly wasn’t The Walking Dead. Winter’s went as far as to even state that the show deserves a harsher rating than it’s already well deserved MA rating.

When you look at definition of MA and what content of the show is, it’s unquestionable they chose what best represented the content,” Winter said. “This certainly raises question of if there should be an even more severe rating than TV MA. I understand violence is inherent to the storytelling here but the manner in which the depictions were made … it crossed the line.


Executive producer of The Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero defended the episode and spoke to about the “fallout” about it.

It’s unfortunate that people want to take a negative spin on it because as far as I’m concerned I’m dedicated to watching a show to see where it goes next,” Nicotero said. “That means we have done something to affect these people in a way they don’t necessarily know how to process


Now we don’t like to tell adults how to raise their own kids but we think maybe they should do their job as parents. Maybe it’s time to hold themselves accountable for their bad parental skills allowing their children to watch an adult show instead of blaming everyone else.

Just a thought!

Image (4) sips-dr-p3-1.gif for post 112297

Oh and we will be tuned in next week and we hope it’s just as violent! 🙂

Stay Fly!



On The Gram: Fans Immediately React To The Tragic Turn of Events On The Season 7 Premiere of The Walking Dead


On The Gram: Fans Immediately React To The Tragic Turn of Events On The Season 7 Premiere of The Walking Dead

Season 7 of The Walking Dead is here and like we did predicted boy did they start it off the new season with a bang! We are still here trying to process what we just witnessed in arguably what might have been the best episode ever. Negan made his presence felt in the first episode of season 7 as we watched him mentally and physically break down our favorite leader Rick.

What we knew was coming in the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead was a death. We didn’t know exactly who, but we knew it was coming. Even though we knew it was coming we still wasn’t prepared for it at all. We dropped a predictions post where we guessed Glenn would be the one to take one for the team. We had no idea Negan would take two survivors away from us when he introduced Abraham’s skull to Lucille.

The response on Twitter was also instantaneous as folks reacted to the loss of a character that we literally followed for seven years. Peep some of the reactions below:

THIS WAS ONLY THE FIRST EPISODE! The fallout wasn’t just on Twitter, Walking Dead fans poured out their emotions on Instagram as well. Hit the gallery below to see the reactions to Glenn and Abraham’s deaths at the hands of Negan and Lucille below:

PHOTO: Gene Page/ The Walking Dead