The Worst Dressed At The 2012 Billboard Music Awards …

With the best must come the worst … and LMFAO really made me LMFAO last night. Their fashions really anger me though … like this isn’t really funny. It’s a disaster …


Robin Thicke looked pretty decent on camera, but when you look closely…


What’s the difference between his jacket and the interior of Amber Rose’s Honda Civic?


And speaking of Amber, she hit up the red carpet with her fiance, Wiz Khalifa, who I’m gonna completely ignore because that vest angers me.

I swear that’s the same vest Latoya Jackson had on when she got fired on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Can we talk about Amber taking a bath in glitter before sliding into this dress? When I look at her all I hear is ‘Waiting For Tonight’ …

Yes Homage! 

At first glance I thought Miley Cirus was Lindsay Lohan. Then I thought it looked like and ode to Kim Kardashian, rocking Ray-J‘s Blazer (can’t you just picture Ray-J with a closet full of white blazers and matching boat shoes?) the morning after they made the sex tape.

But then I realized it was just bad fashion.

 Carrie Underwood came complete with fairy dust this year and she came dressed as Brandy in Cinderella.

“Impossible Things are happening Everyday ….”


And Lastly, Justin Bieber showed up, well, looking like Justin Bieber. I mean he wasnt horrible, but we are over the sagging jeans and ‘Cool Kid’ swag. Be Different.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

Entertainment FLY LIGHTS

[Fly-LIGHTs] Amber Rose for Lifestyle Mirror Magazine

Fashion Muse, Amber Rose had her fashion talents cultivated by Wayne Maser for Lifestyle Mirror Magazine and he cleaned her up rather amazingly.

Clad in pieces by Costume National, Valentino, Hermes, Roland Mouret, and Michael Kors and set in a black and white setting, this shoot is really a moment for Amber!

I wish we could see more of this from the bald beauty on a consistent basis.

But we’ll just enjoy this while it last.

Check out more over at

-Stay Fly!


[Fly-LIGHTs] Rihanna/ Amber Rose/ Raven Simone & Beyonce …


Rihanna was spotted  leaving the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London in an interesting situation. Showing off plenty of skin, she was clad in a multicolored printed shawl collar blazer from the Stella McCartney and black sandals.

I’m not mad but that hair and those frames make her look like a stunt double for John Lennon.

Biopic in the works?


It appears as if Amber Rose was trying to disguise her talents out in LA recently.

Somebody tell Amber she is NOT Halle Berry… The paps are not chasing her down anywhere else. LA is the paparazzi capital of the world … they’ll run down Chingy.


I’m not even wasting my characters on this.

And Beyonce, did a new thing …

She was spotted heading to her office building wearing a pink shirt,  multi-colored skirt and a top hat. I’m indifferent …

I think all stylist get Thursdays off…

-Stay Fy!


[In Case You Care…] Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa are Engaged…

I mean …

So… Wiz Khalifa has proposed to his longtime (longtime?) girlfriend Amber Rose, Wiz chose to share the news with the world on Twitter.

“She Said Yes!!!” he tweeted, along with a photo of the flashy engagement ring.

But was there any doubt?

Amber responded, “He has made me the Happiest Woman in the World!!!!”


Congrats to the happy couple!

-Stay Fly!

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MTV News Video Digest Friday Edition: Amber Rose tearfully told Sway on Rapfix Live about being bullied by Kanye’s fans

The Hunger Games cast answers fans burning Twitter questions.
Josh Hutcherson

Liam Hemsworth

Jennifer Lawrence

Over the past few seasons, the cast of “Jersey Shore” have become experts on the art of wooing the opposite sex. So when MTV News caught up with them recently, we asked them what not to do during a hook up, in our latest installment of “Don’t Do That”.

Amber Rose tearfully told Sway on Rapfix Live about being bullied by Kanye’s fans.

Drake’s main producer, Noah “40” Shebib, gives us a Track By Track breakdown of the critically acclaimed platinum selling record “Take Care”. On our recent trip to Toronto, “40” told MTV News about Lil Wayne’s involvement in the making of “Take Care”.



[Fly-LIGHTS] Tika Sumpter, Kanye West & Amber Rose ….

Here we go!

Fly Girl, Tika Sumpter was spotted on the red carpet of Red Tails in NYC last night! The milk chocolate beauty arrived in a colorful Nicole Miller dress and platform pumps.

Simple and Chic, we see you.


Amber Rose and her talents are on the promotional trail after dropping her debut single “Fame” featuring her boyfriend, rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Rocking an Alexander McQueen bouclé-tweed jacket, leather pants and leather lace-up boots, Amber almost reminded me of what I once loved about her.

Silence & Style.

Bring that old thing back.

And Kanye West was spotted out shopping at Balmain with friends in Paris. Clad in all black, including a black Balmain hoodie, white t-shirt, Balmain denim jeans, and his Nike Air Yeezy 2’s.

Need we ask who is his current favorite designer is?

-Stay Fly!




Ahhhhh, Now we get it!

Earlier this week, Amber Rose attempted to air out “air quotation marks” Kim Kardashian with accusations of being Kanye West‘s mistress while Amber and Ye were together. [Read Post Here.]

We were so confused as to WHY she’s saying all this, three years later.

And now the truth has been revealed.

This lady has a project to promote! She has just released the cover art for her first official single ‘Fame’.

On Tuesday morning her first official single will drop and the song features Amber’s boyfriend Wiz Khalifa.

So it was all a gimmick. A publicity stunt. One that would measure up interest in a woman only known to the world as Kanye’s Ex-Girlfriend. One using the very tactics that this woman cries about every other month. It’s so ironic that she always plays the victim, yet at the expense of garnering attention for her upcoming project she would choose to slander the name of a fellow woman and super star.

Amber Rose, your corny.

And I am NOT a fan.

-Stay Fly!

[Cover Art, Perez Hilton]


[The Word] Amber Rose is desperate for PRESS …

The countdown to Amber Rose‘s relevancy must clearly be effecting her. She must have waken up and realized … I’M ALMOST IRRELEVANT! 

I tried to tell her…

In an exclusive interview with Star magazine, Amber Rose, revealed that the reason she and Kanye West split was because of Reality Superstar Kim Kardashian.


Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together,” Amber exclusively told Star. “She’s a homewrecker!” According to Amber, she was dating Kanye when he and Kim first hooked up — and Kim was dating NFL star Reggie Bush.

Ohh Ok..

They were both cheating,” Amber, 28, said. “They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other.

Here’s My Question …

Why is you sayin’ somethin Now Doe?

What’s your point Amber? Why mention this now? You held your tongue for two years and NOW all of a sudden it’s bothering you to the point where your taking it to the press?

Now, when your light is dim and your career is almost non existent, you wanna pull the victim card on a relationship that ended TWO years ago?

Now You KNOW …

Amber, If your as happy with Wiz as you say you are then this shouldn’t even be an issue.

That’s what I’m .. *Chokes on tears* SAYING …

 Well, you’ll get no sympathy here, because honestly I think …

And I think it’s extremely tasteless that you would even handle it this way.

The thing that really pisses me off is, let’s say this is “true” (Air Quotation Marks), Shouldn’t she be mad at … ummmm KANYE! I simply hate when women blame the “other” woman for infidelity issues with their men. So Kim made Kanye cheat? Kim put a spell on him? Kim tied him down? Kim sent him racy photos that made him drop everything and cheat.

FOH Amber!

If he cheated, then he did so because he wanted to, period.


I hope Kim doesn’t take the time to answer you, but since she has a million dollar brand that might be damaged by your accusations, she probably will. Doesn’t matter though, she’ll still make millions after this debacle is over. Amber, we know exactly what you need…

Bye Amber.

P.S. Let’s Keep in Mind that the source is STAR MAGAZINE, a Notorious Tabloid Magazine. So this may all be false … I’d still feel the same way though LOL! -Rae

-Stay Fly!



kanye west 2 231209

My 2nd Favorite Couple, Ye and Amber stepped out for a Movie in LA . Amber in lace up Platform boots, holey Leggings and door knockers. Ye in a Studded two tone Motorcycle Jacket , Ray Bans and his trustee black suede timbs.


We digg…

Diddy, Heidi and Seal after the jump…




In this edition of All Black Everything…


Mary J. Blige


Chanel Iman

In all  Black Everything for Milan Fashion Week.

Details after the jump…