#TheBoysAreBack: Entourage, The Movie Loyal Fans Been Waiting For [The FLY Review]

Entourage Movie Review

THE BOYS ARE BACK! Last night team SFPL saw an advanced press screening of Entourage, one of the most anticipated movies of the summer since it’s announcement. Did it live up to the hype though? Hit the jump to see what we thought about the movie.

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[Last NIGHT in NYC] Anthony Mackie, Adrian Grenier, Denise Vasi, Bridget Kelly & More Attend Heineken’s “Crack The Case” Campaign Launch Party

Last Night, Team SFPL was on hand to celebrate Heineken’s 15-year partnership with the James Bond franchise and the launch of their “Crack the Case” television and digital campaign, the premium beer brand took over New York City’s MTA Museum to provide attendees with a thrilling James Bond interactive experience.