The Saga Continues: Karrueche Checks Chris Brown On Instagram!

Karrueche checks Chris Brown on Instaram

Karrueche is no longer here for Christopher Brown…

The ongoing saga that is Chris Brown and Karrueche got a bit interesting today as the two exchanged jabs on Instagram. 

The Daily Word

The Daily Word: Chris Brown And Rihanna Call It Quits Again & Nicki Minaj Catches A Fade From Access Hollywood …

Prince of Pop, Chris Brown paid a visit to the “The Kyle & Jackie O” radio show, and revealed some interesting info about his relationship with Rihanna.


[In More Kelly Rowland News] Kelly is the new face of the ‘Empress’ Fragrance…

Kelly Rowland is definitely making her rounds, as she promotes her latest solo effort ‘Here I Am’. In addition to promoting her album, Kelly has just picked up a new endorsement deal.

Kelly will serve as the face of Diddy’s new ‘Empress’ fragrance. Launching exclusively in Macy’s stores next month, the perfume is the female counterpart to Combs’ ‘I Am King’ line.

 “The woman who wears Empress is a force of nature, powerful, enchanting and uniquely feminine. Her presence captivates and her words inspire, compelling those around her to her cause. Men long to be by her side, women want to know her secrets.”

We can’t wait to see the ‘Empress’ print and television campaigns. Diddy went In, with the ‘I am King’ Campaign, we can’t wait to see what Kelly does.

And peep Kells out on Access Hollywood as she gets a surprise from Big Sister, Beyonce.

Every since Matthew was cut out of both pictures, it seems as if these girls are supporting each other much more. Or shall I say Bey is being more vocal about it. I absolutely love it, but I’m just sayin’…

-Stay Fly!