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Nicki Gordon Has Prosecutors Watching Him, A Murder Case May Be In The Works


Prosecutors are indeed on Nick Gordon‘s trail about the recent health status of Bobbi Kristina that a major murder case may be in the works. 

As reported, Bobbi has been moved to hospice care as her physical health is now deteriorating.

Fingers are now pointing to Nick, as he may have been the cause of BK’s condition.

TMZ broke the story, police opened a criminal investigation shortly after Bobbi Kristina was found last January submerged in a bathtub. As they reported, bruises were found on her body and police suspected foul play from the start, and began investigating her Mr. Gordon. [Allegedly] Gordon dragged Kristina up the stairs during a fight between the two, just before the bathtub incident.

It has also been reported, that allegedly Nick would transfer funds from her account to his and abuse Bobbi consistently. Also, [allegedly] took $11k out of her account right after she had fallen into a coma.

Yeah…it getting real.

More details to come.

Stay tuned.



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