Watch Trevor Noah Eloquently Gather Tomi Lahren on The Daily Show!




If Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter had an ultra conservative baby it would most definitely be Tomi Lahren. Lahren might be the biggest troll in politics, she has already compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK and foolishly called out Beyoncé for her Superbowl Halftime show performance. All the while she still claims she’s not racist though.

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The millennial conservative and host of The Blaze network show Tomi stopped by the The Daily Show with Trevor Noah last night. Lahren brought her famed overreaching to the show with her ridiculous points and Noah easily dissected them apart.

From the jump Lahren was already nervous when she sat in that chair across from Noah and she said “I’m in the lion’s den, Trevor”. He quickly followed that up with “I’m not a lion at all. Is that like an African thing?”

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The two politely debated a range of topics such as Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter & Colin Kaepernick. Lahren stuck to her dumb-ass logic when it came to these topics but Trevor was prepared for the nonsense and easily pointed out her contradictions.

During one point in the interview Tomi went the whole “I don’t see color” route and Trevor jokingly replied “You don’t see color? Then, what do you do at a traffic light?”

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Welp you gotta salute Tomi for coming on the show but she still managed to play herself royally. Trevor well done sir for eloquently putting her in her place.

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Twitter Hilariously Responds To #BoycottHamilton With #NameAPenceMusical!

Friday night Vice President-Elect Mike Pence tried to take a break from politics and enjoy the mega hit and sold out forever Broadway show Hamilton with his daughter and nephew. Unfortunately for him this election is a different beast and he won’t be able to escape the anger that still is being felt across the nation.

Pence’s arrival to show was greeted to a mix reaction of some cheers and some very loud and honestly well-deserved boos.

Little did he know that’s not all that was gonna be coming his way that night. The cast of the show also had a direct message to Vice President-Elect Mike Pence.The actor Brandon Victor Dixon delivered a powerful and well-prepared message once the show wrapped. Peep it below:

“We, sir — we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us.”

“We truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us, This is one American story told by a diverse group of men and women of different colors, creeds and orientations.”

Dixon was greeted with loud cheers after he addressed Pence who was on his way out, but graciously stuck around in the hall to listen to the message.

Our Tweeter-In-Chief, Donald Trump, his former Press Secretary Kellyanne Conway and Speaker of The House Newt Gingrich were not to pleased to hear about the reception the Vice President received and of course took to their twitter account to address the play. They all foolishly tweeted:

Why is he still tweeting to begin with?


Cast member Brandon Victor Dixon even responded to Donald Trump’s ridiculous tweets:

Well said sir, the shows creator Lin-Manuel Miranda expressed how proud he was of Dixon and the cast for “leading with love” and tweeted:

Of course Trump-Pence supporters got their twitter fingers going getting the #BoycottHamilton hashtag going. Of course they don’t realize how ridiculous they sound because the show is SOLD OUT FOR TWO YEARS!


In response to the absolutely dumb #BoycottHamilton movement the good folks on Twitter started the #NameAPenceMusical hashtag putting spins on plays using the ridiculousness that took place in and during the Trump-Pence Presidential campaign.

Gotta love the internet, for more clever and hilarious #NameAPenceMusical tweets hit the gallery below:

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You Played Yourself: Omarosa Sheds Crocodile Tears Over Her Friends and Family Members Abandoning Her Cause of Her Support For Donald Trump

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Omarosa should be on her high horse right now because her candidate and friend Donald Trump is now our President. Welp it looks like her social life is in turmoil, she revealed in an interview with 20/20 that her friends want nothing to do with her any more cause she stumped for Trump.


Omarosa was tasked with the job during Trump’s campaign to reach out to African-Americans or as Trump likes to say “the blacks”. Clearly she didn’t do a great job, she tells 20/20 that she received numerous death threats and caught “a lot of flak”.


Fighting back tears that didn’t seem to make out of her tear ducts she said “I was called every single racial slur in the book that you could direct towards an African-American by African-Americans,”. Well you did support a racist.


Omarosa had what would seem to be some words for those who don’t rock with her when she told 20/20 “I will never forget the people who turned their backs on me when all I was trying to do was help the black community,”. Oh really?


This is also the same woman who said this in an interview with PBS, “Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump. It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, who’s ever disagreed, whoever challenged him. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.”. She clarified in the 20/20 interview at the time that was just her opinion and did not come from the Trump Campaign.

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Yeah so with all that said, we are not the least bit sorry your own friends called you on your nonsense. Drown in those crocodile tears Omarosa cause no one feels sorry for you at all boo. Enjoy the living nightmare that is President Donald Trump. The African-American community still and probably won’t ever forgive you for this so congratulations Omarosa you officially played yourself.




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Watch: T.I. Talks Mass Incarceration On Vevo’s ‘Why I Vote’ Series

On the latest installment of Vevo‘s Why I Vote series, T.I. sits down to discuss the effects of mass incarceration as a result of the war on drugs, and how the mandatory minimum sentences for offenses pertaining to crack cocaine personally affected him.

The Atlanta native elaborates further, breaking down how the tremendous growth in the prison population has allowed and continues to allow corporations to profit from inmate labor.

Fed up with the inequality and injustice in this country, TIP will visit the polls on November 8 to do his part to continue bringing about change in this country.

Watch T.I. break it down above and make sure you head to the polls to cast your vote on November 8. We do not want a Brexit on our hands so make the sound and moral choice…ahem…HILLARY.

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Watch: Vic Mensa Reflects On The Reasons He Votes In VEVO’s ‘Why I Vote’ Campaign

Vic Mensa is the first artist to discuss the 2016 Presidential Election and encourage young people to vote as part of Vevo‘s Why I Vote campaign.

In the clip, the Chicago native reflects on his upbringing in city’s South Side neighborhood and his parent’s influence on shaping his interest in taking part in the democratic process. Vic then goes on to speak about being a part of the Chicago protests following the execution of Laquan McDonald by law enforcement.

The 22-year-old went on to use his voice again by voting for Kim Foxx in the Democratic Primary for State Attorney, who ultimately ousted Anita Alvarez, a two term prosecutor that was widely criticized for her handling of McDonald’s death.

Mensa is joined by T.I., Kesha, and Matt from the American Authors. Watch Vic answer the crucial question ‘Why I Vote?‘ above.

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Watch: Hillary Clinton Appears On Latest EP of “Between Two Ferns,’ Hilarity Ensues

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is the latest guest on Funny or Die‘s web series Between Two Ferns.

Host comedian Zach Galifianakis jumped right in with his silly hijinks, starting by attempting to sneak up and scare the former Secretary of State before getting tackled by the Secret Service. Galifianakis continues to ask Clinton a slew of unconventional questions, some of which she doesn’t even bother to answer.

The two go on to discuss what she should wear to Monday’s debate, her stance on Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, and whether she ever feels the inclination to be racist since it’s working so well for Donald Trump. Galifianakis even stops for a brief commercial break to play a Trump campaign ad which Mrs. Clinton isn’t at all amused by.

Watch all the awkward hilarity that ensues below.

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