[Fly-LIGHTS] Lil’ Kim Hits 106th & Park …

Today BET remembers the life and legacy of the Notorious B.I.G.  And there’s no propers way to do it than with the Queen Bee!

Lil Kim who recently made her triumphant return to the stage at BET’s eighth annual RIP THE RUNWAY—( Your very own Fly Guys introduce her alongside Supermodel Selita Ebanks) shares her memories of Christopher Wallace as well as judges a special edition of “Freestyle Friday” featuring Biggie’s most notable instrumentals.

Here are snippets from her interview …

On her relationship with Biggie:  “BIG was very protective over me. I wasn’t allowed to do anything. I was performing with Too Short and BIG got there before me and went to Too Short and said ‘What’s going on with you and Kim I’m not gonna let her do this song with you’”


On Biggie’s personality: “BIG was funny, he would stand in the door with just boxers on, no shirt doing the butterfly.”

On Notorious the film:  “Notorious the movie was just a spoof. It’s hilarious. Certain parts are laughable because the people who were around know certain things in the film did not happen. At the end of the day even though I don’t mess with Cease (Lil Cease) and them, if I were to do a movie I’d let them tell their story.”


On her new music: “My new single is called ‘If You Love Me’. It’s a true story, it shows a different side of me…it’s my time to be free and do what I want to do.”


On what’s coming next: “Before we do a new album I wanted to just put out a few singles to feed my fans. I have a new song with a HUGE rap artist and his name starts with a J.”


Loving Kim’s look, We’ll be watching!

-Stay Fly!