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We LIKE: Jeffrey Campbell “XXL” Shoe


Hey, hey, hey, We can’t help it if Jeffrey Campbell keeps it coming with a dope shoe!!!!!! This time, its the “XXL” bootie/shoe/stunner!!

What do we even say about this, this, THIS!!!!!

Featuring leather upper, suede cutouts, cheetah print, and a mirrored architectural mirrored wedge heel, it’s worth every dollar they cost!!!


Ladies, what would you wear with these killers???

Price: $215

-Stay Fly!

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FLY Interviews: Hamilton Park

Recently we were given the opportunity to chat with Harrell Records/Atlantic Records Up and Coming group, “Hamilton Park,” and we were thoroughly impressed by their personable, yet humble attitudes, as well as their drive and determination to reach their goals! Always the Southern Gentlemen, they discussed their love and passion for music, how they were given the opportunity to be able to sign with Harrell Records, and their future goals for themselves in this business.

Check out our FLY interview, as well as the Official Video to their Hit Single, “Computer Love…”

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, their bond formed within on the grouds of the Hamilton Park Recreation Center, through their love of Basketball, and more importantly, through their love of the Church, and we know, every guy group who ever made an impact in our history of music, started off in the Church. Consisting of 4 talented brothers, Royce P, Chris Voice, Mr. Marcus Lee, and Anthony, their harmonizing vocals sound as if The Most High placed a special annointing on their throats as hearing them sing a capella sends chills up and down your spine…. In 2010, Andre Harrell with Radio One began the “Superstar Soul Search” in Atlanta, with the grand prize being a record deal with the new Harrell Records. The guys weren’t able to partake in that particular competition but as blessings would have it, they were soon able to perform for him live, and the rest is history!

Reminiscent of our precious Groups, like Jagged Edge, and 112, they embody the legacy of ATL’s guy groups, and have throughly captured the essence of “…bringing the music back into the bedroom,” according to Mr. Marcus. He continued to explain to us that, “a majority of groups have 1 lead singer, or even 2, but in Hamilton Park’s case, all four of them have the ability to sing lead, and that definitely says something in this age of music.” Anthony expanded on that point, letting us know that Hamilton Parks vocal and harmonizing ability could be compared to, “being in your grandmother’s kitchen, getting some of that Fried Chicken, Cornbread, Baked Macaroni and Cheese, Butter Beans, Greens, Sweet Tea, just real feel good music. Not an easy meal, music that takes time to cultivate…”

You hungry yet?? Lol

Their Hit Single, “Computer Love,” has the ladies going crazy! It’s a song that can really relate to everyone in this day and age because ALL of us have participated in some type of “Computer Love,” be it sending that special person a picture of you when ya’ll are apart, or twitpic’ing a pic of how fly you might look so the world can see. And speaking of Fly, Anthony let us know that, “being fly is all about doing you, and doing you well!” That is definitely FLY!!

One thing in particular we were impressed with was their humility. When asked, “What’s most important in your lives right now,” the answer wasnt about the fame, the girls, the expensive things, but simply, “the opportunity to be able to place our families in better situations,” and we thoroughly commend them for their priorities being in exact order. That is what we truly miss about our Southern guy groups. That down home charm and hospitality that is exuded through their attitudes. Hamilton Park is sure to be around for awhile. Their brotherhood is that of love, support, and dedication. Royce P told us, “There will never NOT be a Hamilton Park. In the future, of course there will be things that might be done separately, but there will ALWAYS be Hamilton Park…”

Dopeness, indeed!

Be sure to follow Hamilton Park on Twitter

-Stay Fly!

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We LIKE: United Nude “Abstract” Sandal

Abstract is definitely THE perfect description of this FLY sandal!!! United Nude throws the ladies a banger for the summer with this sharp angled, dramatic, statement shoe!!!

This shoe doesnt need many extra dramatic pieces… THIS IS IT!!!! All eyes should be pointed downwards when wearing this magnificent creation!!

With a 6 1/4″ heel and i 1 3/4″ platform, these are plenty comfy! WE LIKE!!!

Pricetag: $325

-Stay Fly!

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We LIKE: Jeffrey Campbell “One o One Fur” Bootie

Shoes sooooo CRAZY they needed a Straight Jacket!!!

Jeffrey Campbell does it again with his eclectism in the form of this bootie entitled, “One o One Fur…”

Lucky me, i had the pleasure of trying these on, but in a different color, at one of my favorite boutiques, LF in Brooklyn, and seriously, they are surprisingly comfortable!! Nothing beats having on a dope shoe, and being able to walk like you’ve conquered the World!!

And they’re leopard??!!!

Dopeness indeed!!!

Price: $180

-Stay Fly!

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We LIKE: Jeffrey Campbell “Skate” Platform Booties…

Jeffrey Campbell does it AGAIN!!!

This time with a banger known simply as, “Skate…”

Built to look EXACTLY like a Skate, these shoes give you Plenty of “Sass,” with alot of KISS MY ASS!!

Comes in Black…


And even White…

Not really a fan of White shoes, but someone’s FLY enough to pull ’em off!!!

Pricetag reads: $198

What would you pair these with ladies??

-Stay Fly!

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We LIKE: Ego and Greed Animal Print Oxfords…

You ready for Spring yet??

The Oxford craze has been in full effect for awhile now, so now its all about wearing the FLYest pair!! So check out these Oxfords by Ego and Greed

The Zebra print gives them a spunky edge, not for the fashionably shy!!

Of course you can’t do an animal print and not throw Leopard in the mix!!! Definitely diggin’ these!!!

You’ll definitely turn some heads with these babies!!!

Pricetag: $119

-Stay Fly!

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We LIKE: Jeffrey Campbell “All Stud” Boots

Studs, biker jackets, black boots, all that Funky stuff!!!

Jeffrey Campbell is baaaaaaaack!!! We can’t get enough of him!! This time he brings us the “All Stud” boot…

We’re given a choice between 3 colorways… As well as the option to fold them down or wear them completely laced up!

This color screams “WARM WEATHER!!!” or maybe I’m just ready to really get dressed!!

Paired with a cutesy skirt and denim jacket, or leggins and a biker jacket, these are all purpose boots!! Get your moneys worth ladies!!!

Price: $270

-Stay Fly!

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We LIKE: Palladium “Baggy Mens” Sneaker

This is such an SFPL sneaker!!! Between me, Rae, and Gabe, we have an affinity for Military like sneakers and this definitely fits the bill!!

Introducing the “Baggy Mens” Sneaker by brand Palladium

Part boot/Part sneaker, your imagination can let you rock these a few different ways!!!

How would you rock em??

Also in a Grey colorway..


Kick in the door, Wave in the 4-4!!

Price: $70

-Stay Fly!

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We LIKE: Union Street’s “Cement” Sweatshirt…

As always, we here at SFPL always support and show love to our local designers, especially when the pieces are actually FLY!!

Sitting over drinks, we ran across this Sweatshirt and all agreed, this is dope!! Can you ever go wrong with pure simplicity??

Check out the Exlusive 2 Piece “Cement” Collection from Union Street, designed by Spag-Lo of The Wagon Boutique…

Symbolizing NYC’s Urbans Fashion Scene, there’s alot of Street Culture behind the Cement Print…

New Yorkers ALWAYS hit the pavement and keep it pushing!!

We’ve always loved the Nostalgic Brooklyn feel of The Wagon Boutique, and Union Street continues to keep Vintage Brooklyn alive!!

Price: $75

Available @ The Wagon Boutique on Union Street in Brooklyn and check out for more info about this piece, and what he has next in store!!

-Stay Fly!

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We LIKE: Rivals of Time aka ‘Riot’…

Check out new Street Wear brand, Rivals of Time aka RIOT.

Catering to both Men and Women, The Rival originator quotes “As designers it is our intention to equip our consumers (or RIOTer’s) with all the facets that collectively help influence the creation of that particular piece. We like to think it’s like unlocking a time capsule.” Each shirt is packaged with a custom song and artwork, when purchased online. This promotes an individual and custom experience for all shoppers. Dope right?

We could always use a Vintage tee, and these are definitely ones to be had!

Check out some of the pieces and the site @…

-Stay Fly!