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The Word: A Petition Has Been Filed For Funk Flex To Step Down From Hot 97


Looks like the bombs on you big guy!


Fans have spoken! And at this point, all 6,039 of them!


After a failed attempt to deliver what was an EXTREME anticipated diss track from artist Meek Mill in response to Drake’s Charged Up” single, one person has had enough! So fed, Azeem Khan created a petition to have DJ Funk Master Flex step down from his position on Hot 97 and “surprisingly” he was not alone.

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In Fashion: Met Gala 2015 v.s 2014 Do’s & Don’ts


It is officially the biggest fashion day of the year! Stars from every corner of fame are out to look their best and strut their stuff on todays hot red carpet for the annual Met Gala!

Every year, fashion heads gawk, gaze, drool, and snarl over their favorite and/or hated looks of the night. Lets reminisce on some “do’s and don’ts” from last year as we keep our fingers crossed for the celeb’s who dare walk the walk!

Check it out after the jump….


[The Fly Verdict] Rihanna in the South of France…

Rihanna has come such a long way from her “Pon de Replay” days. She was quite the stunner then, but with age, comes maturity, grace, and a style all your own and RiRi definitely embodies all of that and more. Seen about to board a yacht in the South of France, she rocked a simple tube top and high waisted maxi skirt, and KILLED!

Not to mention, her hair is back to “normal,” which is where the “maturity” and “grace” comes in. Kinda hard to be graceful with a head full of red hair! Maybe now all the hoodrats, sporting the WRONG colored Red hair, will come together in the form of a Women’s Liberation movement, and burn them ish’s!! LOL

And check out the Mulberry “Alexa Quilted Nappa Bag” Ri’s rocking… Dopeness! Gotta teach these young whippersnappers that as luxurious as Chanel is, it is NOT the only quilted bag made!! #CarryOn!

XOXO’s to you too, Boo!



Stay Fly!


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The Fly Verdict: Is Eva Marcille working the Strip…

Remember when we were about 9 or 10 and we looked to The Jetsons in belief that the year 2000 would bring upon futuristic changes??? Well so far, besides the car that parks itself, the only “futuristic living we’ve been seeing is the wardrobes on some of these “celebrities…”

Eva Marcille was spotted out in LA @ The Cotton Club for R&B Live dressed like a $218 hooker… We actually dont mind the leggins, which are a combination of glitter, sheer hosiery and fishnet, designed by Brian Lichtenberg (Black Angular Patchwork Sliver Glitter leggings) but the fact that she decided to wear them with a short shirt, that she has to tug at to make it look like something, is whats disturbing… Even more disturbing than that awkward spray tan and smile she’s been seen in lately… 0_O

What is that face?? (Pictured here with Steph Jones)

Anywho, the leggins are dope, we just would have preferred a different top, one that covered her ass maybe…

Would you rock ’em ladies??

Pricetag: $218


-Stay Fly!

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The FLY Verdict: Solange’s Braided Hair Don’t Care…

Solange Knowles arrives at the Gucci and RocNation Pre-GRAMMY brunch held at Soho House in LA.

Although, we here at SFPL are not big on braids or cornrows, Solange displays a whole new meaning to the existing braid effect.


The FLY Verdict: Dirty Money’s London Vibe

Dirty Money (which consists of Dawn, Kaleena, and P.Diddy) were seen in London leaving BBC Live Lounge studios this morning after performing their new single “Coming Home” off their current CD “Last Train To Paris” (which is a fave here at SFPL by the way). Their entourage was massive and they had a total of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 .. 7 Mercedes Benz’ to take them around London.

More pictures after the jump!


The FLY Verdict: Kelly Rowland Feat. Areola …

Sooo.. Kelly Rowland brought her ummmm, Talents to the Jet Nightclub at the Mirage Hotel & Casino last night in Vegas, for a Performance of a few of her hits.

She didn’t show up alone though,

She rocked out in high boots, leggings, and a see-through-top that promoted #ALLAREOLAEVERYTHING …

Now as not to over step the lines of Pervert Territory, I LOVE IT! 🙂

Your Verdict?

Hi Kelly *Blushes*

-Stay Fly!


The FLY Verdict: Sequined Uggs …

And just when the Ugg epidemic was slowing down… Introducing Sequined Uggs!!


Thanks to our Step Mother (in Our head) Oprah Winfrey, these will no doubt saturate the market in a rapid way that will surely give you a headache. The Big O featured these boots on her My favorite Things Show, and of course as to be expected they flew to the top of every fashionistas Christmas list and right off the shelves.

Now we do believe that these can be rocked in a pretty decent manner, especially the black ones-since they are more lowkey than the others, But will that happen? No.

What will Happen? A slew of Dust Buckets will no doubt purchase the gold ones, and rock them with shiny Moncler Bubbles, American Apparel Leggings, two-finger rings that spell ‘Pretty Girl Swag’, Louis Vuitton Doctor Bags and Kim Kardashian Lip Gloss. *hmph*

One of our favorite Fly Girls Angela Simmons tweeted the Black and Gold ones she recieved for Christmas. We’ll be on the look out to see how she rocked them, Angela normally does a great job.

Your Thoughts?

Fly or Die?

-Stay Fly!


The FLY Verdict: Chris Brown goes ‘English Gentlemen’…

Chris Brown twitpic’d this photo of himself on the set for British rapper Chipmunk’s single “Champion”. Chris, who we must commend for taking fashion risks more so than not, took on the classic English Gentlemen look.

We Can’t say that we are mad at all.

He actually pulls it off…

What’s your verdict?

He also twitpic’s photo’s of himself and Bow Wow.

-Stay Fly!


The FLY-VERDICT: Nicki Minaj performs @ “VH1 Divas Salute the Troops”…

Nicki Minaj was spotted @ at the VH1 Divas Salute The Troops where she also performed…

She done switched from the black to the strawberry hat/wig/afro thingy… *Deep Sigh* And the outfit is just very Nicki. Diggin’ the dress, but she could’ve done without the stockings… SMH

Atleast it’s for a good cause because SFPL definitely “SUPPORTS OUR TROOPS!!”

Check out more pics, and who we think Nicki looks like  after the jump…