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Rachel Dolezal To Matt Lauer on The Today Show: “I was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon, and black curly hair.”


Rachel Dolezal broke her silence with TODAY‘s Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview, as she identifies as black, and has been doing so since the tender age of five.

In the interview, Rachel dodge the bullets, as Matt clearly asked her a series that were very direct and to the point, so that there’s a clear understanding as to why she “played” the African-American role.

Quotes from Rachel:

“I was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon, and black curly hair.”

“I do take exception to that because it’s a little more complex than me identifying as black or answering a question of, are you black or white?”

“I have a huge issue with blackface. This is not some freak “Birth of a Nation” mockery blackface performance,” she said. “This is on a very real, connected level. How I’ve had to go there with the experience, not just a visible representation, but with the experience.”

Clearly Rachel has been dealing with a complex issue for some time now, but even the complex side has an expiration date when you add other factors in that she has done to “protect” herself. At this point, Rachel is a fraud. The interview didn’t help state her claim at all, as she stated nothing with “facts” that would her side of the story.

Rachel, our prayers goes out to you. It’s time for a nice long vacation.

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Check out the full interview below:



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In Fashion: Met Gala 2015 v.s 2014 Do’s & Don’ts


It is officially the biggest fashion day of the year! Stars from every corner of fame are out to look their best and strut their stuff on todays hot red carpet for the annual Met Gala!

Every year, fashion heads gawk, gaze, drool, and snarl over their favorite and/or hated looks of the night. Lets reminisce on some “do’s and don’ts” from last year as we keep our fingers crossed for the celeb’s who dare walk the walk!

Check it out after the jump….

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Fly Forum: Deemed The Truth From Above, Kendrick Lamar Is “The Mortal Man”

Kendrick Lamar


If you had the opportunity to speak to a celebrity beyond the skies who would it be?  We can already guess the answers will range from B.I.G, Aaliyah,  Left Eye,  Michael Jackson, Heavy D, Big Pun, back to Eazy E. There are a number of talents that blessed our time while passing through but we’re most certain that chances are, Tupac has a firm spot in that mix as well.

The idea of accomplishing a goal as such has been a thought, too far fetch to develop into reality, that is until now. Check out more after the jump.

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Fly Audiobook: ‘The Digital Machiavelli: The Five Laws of Wealth & Power’

Screen shot 2015-04-02 at 12.15.22 PM


Author, social media strategist & marketing guru Scott Mckenzie debuts his fourth Audiobook: The Digital Machiavelli: The Five Laws of Wealth & Power.

Produced by Jameson Bennett, this free business audiobook simplifies the process of incorporating patents, licensing, franchising, royalties & trademarks into any business model.

After working with notable brands such as McDonald’s, Billionaire Boys Club, Reebok, Y-3 & Donna Karan, Scott unveils the tricks of the trade in the marketing industry with a fresh & unique perspective on effective techniques that yield results in the digital age.

Great Scott also breaks down the carefully crafted illusion of choice consumers are faced by both corporations and mass media. The goal is to help listeners to gain a better understanding of exploitation, the harsh unwritten rules of life and to increase their overall social intelligence that will benefit them in both their professional and personal lives. This free project is a must listen for any entrepreneur looking to start or grow their business in the digital age and is available for downloading and streaming on Soundcloud.

First, check out Great Scott & Jameson Bennett’s interview on #SwayInTheMorning on Shade 45: 

Chapters of the audiobook:

Chapter 1- The Dangers Of A Good Example (14:45)


Chapter 2- You Need The Corny Shit To Make The Hot Shit Hot (1:10:34)


Chapter 3- Create the Category (1:35:18)


Chapter 4- Causality (2:12:47)


Chapter 5- The Internet Celebrity aka CeWebity, The New Age Lemonade Stand (3:01:11)

We love this!



-Stay Fly!

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#Snitchyouguessin!: How Old Is Rae Sremmurd, Dej Loaf, iLoveMakonnen, Mila J & Sia?

Listening to their music in heavy rotation, with memorable, bold, and stand-out lyrics, paired with a bass-less voice — leaves some guessing…How Old are these flourishing artists?! Well, we wrapped up a quick Top 5 of our favorite artists, whose music has expanded across the world, but yet, no one knows their real age. Take a quick peek below to check out our results. You will be quite surprised!
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Trend Spotting: Is Plaid Becoming A Fashion Staple With The Fellas?


Plaid has always come and gone. It’s never really been a constant figure in the fashion community, especially amongst the fellas who are of course most likely not to commit 100 percent to any fashion trends.

But it’s last encore a few years ago has not died down, and just when you thought it did … BOOM, three of the Worlds top artists (Well, two and a possible in my game of spades) show up on the same stage at different times sharing the same woman, PLAID.

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The Fly Discussion: Beyonce Lip-Synched The National Anthem, SO WHAT!!??


*Enters* King Bey (your singer’s favorite singer) at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration for President Barack Obama‘s Second Term. 

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Beyonce Vs. Rihanna: Who’s Cover Was The Fly-est?


Well of course, you know my vote (Rae speaking)! Yes, you know I had to be reminded of what Rihanna‘s GQ cover even looked like after I saw Beyonce’s uber sexy situation! However, the similarities are striking as far as flesh is concerned, and it does pose a question, who’s cover was the fly-est? Let’s remove the writing shall we?

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[The Fly Discussion] Are Reality Shows The New Sitcoms?

Are Reality Shows The New Sitcoms?

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[New Video Exclusive] TRAYVON MARTIN PSA

A dear friend of mine and filmmaker/director by the name of Pierre M. Coleman sent this important video clip over to me. As I viewed the PSA concerning the matter of Trayvon Martin, I was really impressed by the execution of the message that Pierre and a number of filmmakers from Newark, NJ were trying to convey. I would like to share with our Fly readers….The Trayvon Martin PSA