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The Word: Sylvester Stallone Told Creed Director Ryan Coogler He Was Ready To Boycott Oscars


Rocky was down for the cause, he revealed recently to reporters at the annual Oscar nominees luncheon Entertainment Weekly reports.


Sylvester Stallone revealed that he was willing to sit out the Academy Awards in support of change in the Academy.

Stallone on what he said to Creed director Ryan Coogler:

I remember I spoke with Ryan Coogler when this [#OscarsSoWhite controversy] happened. I said, ‘Ryan how do you want to handle this? Because I really believe you are responsible for me being here,

Michael Jordan, every time I looked in his eyes as an actor, I said, he was making me better. I think he should’ve been given a lot more respect and attention.

Coogler’s response as told by Stallone:

Sly, just go there, try to represent the film, and we feel you deserve it. Eventually things will change.’

Stallone says he reiterated his point:

I said, ‘If you want me to go I’ll go, if you don’t, I won’t.

Coogler insisted:

No I want you to go.’ That’s the kind of guy he is. He wants us to go and represent the film.

This recent revelation comes on the heels of the controversial moment where Stallone forget to mention both Coogler and Jordan in his acceptance speech after his Golden Globe win. Twitter immediately hopped all over Stallone for the blunder, he did come back on the stage and apologized and thanked both of them.

We salute Stallone for standing with the talented director and actor, he clearly feels they should be honored as well. It was extremely dope of Sylvester Stallone to even consider of passing on what could be a huge moment in his acting career for the sake of necessary change.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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The Word: Big Ang Diagnosed With Stage 4 Brain & Lung Cancer

Big Ang

Reality television star Big Ang of VH1’s Mob Wives has been diagnosed with stage 4 brain and lung cancer.

The reality star real name Angela Raiola, underwent surgery a few months back after doctors had initially found a tumor the size of a lemon in her throat. The operation was successful and Raiola began focusing on recovering. She shared a few details about her diagnosis, recovery, and lifestyle changes with People saying,

“Things happen for a reason. I’d smoked for 40 years. No one could tell me what to do. It’s hard to just put down the cigarette and never look back. I enjoyed smoking. I miss it so much. But it’s over. If I had known, I might have picked the [chemo] treatments. It feels like they cut me head off and put it back on. I’m learning how to swallow again. I have a phobia of choking. I’m just doing the best I can, taking it day by day.”

During a routine appointment back in December Raiola learned that the cancer was back. At that time doctors weren’t sure of the extent, but now it seems the cancer spread to her brain and lungs. She began chemotherapy treatments on January 5th. When doctors reviewed CT scans on January 26th, it was clear the treatment was not working, as one tumor had grown in size and the other two remained unchanged.

On a Go Fund Me page created by her sister Janine Detore, to raise funds to cover treatments to help ease the tremendous amount of pain Ang is in, it was revealed that Raiola would be commencing immunotherapy shortly. Our prayers go out to Big Ang and her family. If you’d like to donate you can do so here.


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The Daily Word: The Franchise That Just Won’t Quit, Fast & Furious 8, 9, & 10 In The Works


Back in October Vin Diesel confirmed reports that there would be another movie in the Fast & Furious franchise with Fast 8. Yesterday, Diesel took to Instagram to announce that not only would we be getting Fast 8, but two additional films closing out the franchise with 10 films.

Fast 8 is slated to hit theaters April 14th, 2017 with the 9th and 10th films being released on April 19th, 2019 and April 2nd, 2021 respectively. Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray is tasked with directing the 8th installment. When Gary made the announcement back in October he had this to say about his involvement,

“I could not have asked for better partners than Vin Diesel, Neal H. Moritz, & the Universal Studios Entertainment family. Together we are excited to bring you the next chapter in the Fast & Furious saga. ‪#‎FastFamily”

I know most of us are thinking enough already, but as a fan of the franchise from the very beginning I’m excited about and looking forward to the the final three films. With the untimely death of Paul Walker, one of the franchise’s lead stars it only makes sense that the creators provide a true and proper ending to a franchise that’s been around for over a decade. The only question that remains is, “Will they get it right and do the iconic Fast & Furious franchise justice?”

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The Word: Blac Chyna Cops To Being Drunk, Says The Ecstasy She Was Caught With Is Not Hers!

Blac Chyna Arrested

Blac Chyna is currently home enjoying life with her boo Rob Kardashian now, sharing snaps of their happiness.

But last week she landed herself in jail when she was arrested at an Austin airport for being a “drunk mess”.


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Chyna owns up to her drunk tirade but the ecstasy that was found on her, she says it’s not hers at all. The 2 pills found on her were hidden in a sunglasses case, a field test later revealed the pills to be MDMA TMZ reported.

TMZ also reports that Chyna doesn’t know how the pills ended up in the case.


TMZ’s “Blac Chyna source” also revealed to them that Chyna didn’t pack her own bags for her trip to London and that her normal luggage packing assistants were not available.


The substitute luggage packer must have put the pills in Chyna’s luggage. Chyna won’t name the person but she’s basically saying that person is the one responsible for the ecstasy not her.


Now we’re not saying she doesn’t have assistants or people who’s sole purpose is to pack her luggage. But ummmm this story is ridiculous.


TMZ also reported:

And get this … our sources say Chyna is incredulous because the type of ecstasy cops found is uncommon. She says people haven’t used the drug in pill form for years, favoring powder instead.

Chyna is saying she would have no idea how to get ecstasy in pill form, even if she wanted it. She plans on using the “It’s not my drug” defense if the drug possession case is filed.


In more Blac Chyna news, we reported yesterday her and Amber Rose have put their differences aside, looks like her and Kim are also on speaking terms again.

View this post on Instagram

Friendships rekindled 😩 #BlacChyna #KimKardashian

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Also Read: Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian Pose For A Selfie in Act of Solidarity,Kanye and Wiz Patch Things Up. 

Were not sure how Kylie, and Khloe feel about Blac Chyna, chances are they still not here for anything involving her or their brother Rob.


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Do you think Chyna really didn’t know about the pills? Sound off in the comment section below.

Image: TMZ


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The Word: Azealia Banks Is Stumping For Trump!

Azealia Banks DIsses MTV

You can now add Azealia Banks to the surpising list of black people who are willing to take a chance on voting for Donald Trump and his insanity.

Azealia Banks is voting for Donald Trump

On the official first day of Black History Month 2016, Banks announced to her Twitter followers that she has decided to support Donald Trump.  As expected she caught a lot of flack for her decision, but the “ATM Jam” rapper stuck to her guns and defended her position.

Banks explanation for decision to support Trump:

In conclusion, I think Donald Trump is evil like America is evil and in order for America to keep up with itself it needs him.


Banks also gave her opinion Trump’s Democratic competition:

The other candidates are simply, them hoes over there’ #thots.


Oh wait Banks had more to say on the country she currently lives in:

I only trust this country to be what is full of shit. Takes shit to know shit so we may as well, put a piece of shit in the White House.

This is literally one of the most backhanded endorsements of a candidate we have ever seen. But we are sure Trump welcomes the support regardless if he is being referred to as feces.


Here are all of Banks tweets about her endorsement for Trump below:

Now we here, at Stuff Fly People Like are all for folks exercising their God given right to vote for whomever they feel best represents their interest at heart. We just gotta call a spade a spade when folks start voting against their interest. Also choosing to rock out for a guy who wants to build an imaginary wall to keep out invading “illegal immigrants is just bananas.

We also find it funny that Banks feels this country is so horrible, if that’s the case she’s more than welcomed to leave. America is far from a perfect country, but compared to a lot of places it’s not the worst place to be. Banks also needs to realize if the country is broken as she claims supporting someone who could care less about fixing it isn’t going to help matters. It’s beyond counterproductive and it’s just doesn’t make any damn sense!tumblr_inline_nr14mjdgPZ1tri7aw_500

We also find it quite hilarious that in the same breath Azealia is championing for blacks receiving reparations for slavery.

So Azealia, you think if you vote in Donald Trump he’s going to make sure that happens for blacks?


All signs of course point to an emphatic NO!  But  you want to help Donald “make America great again”. Seriously Azealia we can’t rock with you on this one here.


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The Word: Kanye West Trending On Twitter For All The Wrong Reasons With #KanyeAnalPlaylist!

Kanye West and Amber Rose

We are absolutely sure Kanye West figured he would be trending on the net after making “Waves” but not for this reason. If you have been under a rock or in a cave, things went south figuratively and literally quickly for Mr.West when his ex Amber Rose came on Twitter shut down his Twitter fingers with only two tweets:

Kanye was immediately bombarded with memes after his love for anal play was put out there by his ex. He has since denied Muva’s claims and put out this tweet, disputing Amber’s claims she was his Colorectal specialist :


Well looks like folks didn’t believe Yeezy one bit, and now we are here with the #KanyeAnalPlaylist. How did we get here? Who started it? Well this guy is solely responsible for Kanye still being the butt (pun intended) of all jokes today and probably well into the weekend:

Ever since the hashtag was put out there, folks have been slandering Kanye with songs, remixed song lyrics and memes that well have to do with the art of anal seduction.

This is just ridiculous and absolutely hilarious at the same time, see for yourself:

Complex even went and made an actual playlist:


We are sure Amber is getting a kick out of this, she done opened up Pandora’s box. Hit the gallery for even more ridiculous tweets from folks participating in the no chill session.

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The Daily Word: Amy Schumer Underfire For Alleged Joke Stealing


Funny “It” girl Amy Schumer is in the headlines this week and not for her comedic chops; but lack thereof according to joke stealing accusations from prominent stand-up comedians Kathleen Madigan, Tammy Pescatelli, and Wendy Liebman.

Madigan, Pescatelli, and Liebman took to Twitter to accuse Schumer of stealing material from their routines. It all began when Liebman tweetwed,

“Between Amy Schumer doing 1 of my best jokes on her HBO special and this meme of my joke, I’m done with social media.”

A fan then responded to Liebman,

“So maddening. You and @kathleenmadigan should talk”

Madigan proceed to retweet the tweet adding,

“Wow. Finally. Get ready for a shitstorm.”

Pescatelli followed suit with her own series of tweets accusing Schumer of stealing her jokes.

“What has always been amazing to me is that she purports to be a feminist and yet only steals from other female comedians. If we call her on…”

“…it we are “jealous” or career shamed. Be successful. WE want you to do well, just do it will your own material. BTW she blocked me”

“Look @WendyLiebman here is my joke from my #ComedyCentral half hour ’06 ….”

“Amy’s sketch … So many more but nobody listens…at least Cosby knocked his victims out b4 he raped them.”

A fan responded to Pascatelli asking if she was instigating a fight with Schumer to which she responded,

“No beef. Just presenting facts of oppression and degradation”

“I tell my truth today, because I too, have a dream…… #MLKDay”

Madigan then ended her rant by letting Liebman know she was going to be releasing a comparison video because she too was done.

“I have a split screen being released of the disgusting amount of stealing being released tomoro. im done also. Game over @WendyLiebman”

A video was in fact released, but whether it was video Madigan threatened to be releasing is unknown. Vimeo user “Joe Schmo” posted a mash-up with examples of routines from Liebman, Pascatelli, Madigan, and the late Patrice O’Neal that compares them to jokes from Schumer’s stand-up special, television show Inside Amy Schumer, and her movie Train Wreck. The mash-up also compared Train Wreck‘s poster to a promotional image, featuring actress Kaitlin Olson for the show It’s Always Sunny In Philadephia. The video has since been taken down.

Schumer did respond to the allegations tweeting,

Schumer took it one step further and went on Jim Norton’s radio show on SiriusXM to defend herself against the joke stealing accusations. She starts out by saying,

“I wanted to come and talk to you about [these accusations] and clear my name, because I would never ever do that and I never have.”

The comedian went on to say that the jokes people are accusing her of stealing were independently thought of by herself or her writing team.

“I have to come up with so much material…and I’m so careful and none of these things had ever reached me. I will literally take a polygraph and I just would never do that. Like that would be so stupid for me to do that.”

As to why these allegations have surfaced she believes Pascatelli is behind it because Liebman and Madigan “know her” and know “that she’d never do that.” Schumer’s guess is that she probably doesn’t have much going on. It could be that Pascatelli is still upset over her blocking her on Twitter for treating her best friend poorly, and might be jealous of Schumer’s success.

Schumer finished things off by saying that she’ll take a polygraph on her show and will air the results regardless of what they are and ended with,

“This stuff makes me upset and angry and then I just get stronger, and I’ll fight back. I am not going to become one of these other comics who’s been accused of stealing jokes. This will not be a part of my name.”

Since Schumer has spoken out against the allegations Liebman and Pascatelli have changed their tune. After her interview on Jim Norton Liebman tweeted,

Pascatelli called in to Jim Norton’s show and clarified her position basically saying that it probably is parallel thinking and because of her loyalties and friendships she quickly jumped in. She further explained that fans reached out to her congratulating her on her joke making it on Train Wreck, and that there were a flurry of memes that did kind of support there being some joke stealing. Ultimately, she apologized for going too far especially with her Bill Cosby comparison.

You can check out Amy’s full interview along with Pascatelli’s interview, and footage of the the mash-up below.


Amy Schumer’s Jim Norton Interview

Tammy Pascatelli Jim Norton Interview

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The Daily Word: Stacey Dash Thinks BET and Black History Month Are A Form of Segregation!

Stacey Dash

*Kanye West voice* Stacey Dash doesn’t care about black people nor does she like them. Stacey Dash continues to spew out nonsense all in the name of soundbites and Fox News continues to supply the soap box for her to do so. This years Oscars are the talk of the nation after the nominees were revealed and were once again completely dominated by white actors and actresses.

Dash appeared on Fox and Friends to talk about the subject, which ultimately lead to most dumbest statements we have ever heard.

Dash of course didn’t agree with Jada Pinkett-Smith and Spike Lee’s decisions to boycott (Spike says he is not boycotting) the awards. Here’s what she spewed:

I think it ‘s ludicrous, because we have to make up our minds.Either we want have segregation or integration and if we don’t want segregation we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and The Image awards. Where you’re only awarded if your black, if it were the other way around we would be up in arms.  It’s a double standard.


But wait, there’s more! She even feels that there shouldn’t be a black history month either. Dash states:

Just like there shouldn’t be a Black History Month. We’re Americans period!

Seriously she should have ended her sentence with this:


Like everyone on that god awful news channel Stacey still found a way to blame Barack Obama for what’s going on in Hollywood in typical Republican fashion.


It’s times like this we wished there was really a racial draft, we would trade Stacey for ANYTHING at this point, just to get her out here. You actually have to see this to believe it though.:

Of course social media had to sound off and BET repsonded on the matter. Hit the gallery to see best Twitter reactions to Stacey’s tomfoolery below:

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Our Condolences: Celine Dion Loses Brother To Cancer Just Two Days After Her Husband

(Photo by Heather Wines/CBS via Getty Images)
(Photo by Heather Wines/CBS via Getty Images)

Just two days after losing her dear husband and manager René Angélil to cancer, Céline Dion now loses her brother Daniel to the same cause.


Daniel [59] suffered from cancer in the throat, tongue and brain, and was surrounded by dear friends, family, and his mother [89 years of age] in Montreal at 5 a.m., Saturday morning when he passed away.

Céline’s sister Claudette spoke to the Journal of Montreal:

“It’s very painful. It’s a matter of days or hours. It looks a lot like René, Daniel had cancer of the throat, tongue, and brain. Our family is very experienced.”

He leaves in his legacy, two daughters, Valerie and Marie-Michelle, two grandchildren and 13 siblings.

This is unfortunate news and we will be praying for Celine and her immediate family.

Source: Page Six

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The Word: Rihanna’s Songwriter Blames ‘ANTI’ Delays on Travi$ Scott


The release date for Rihanna’s long-awaited eighth studio album, ANTI has yet to be announced, but one of her songwriter’s took to Twitter this week to offer an explanation of sorts.

Songwriter Glass John, who refers to Rihanna as “his wife” went on a Twitter rant on Dec. 27th where he blames Travi$ Scott for the album’s delay.

John begins,

“I’m fighting to get “Kiss It Better” to the world… But Travis Scott has been delaying it,”

and continues by tweeting,

“ME AND MY WIFE WENT IN THE STUDIO W/ CLASSIC HIT MAKER @JEFFBHASKER TO CREATE A CLASSIC ANTHEM. And fucking Travis prevented it from being her first $ingle and launching her album last year.”

John continues by alleging that the album was originally slated for a November release and then Christmas

“but Travis keeps putting doubt in her mind.”

The majority of the rant comes off as an attack on Travi$ Scott. Reps for Rihanna have declined to comment at this time. However, Scott did finally issue a response to the allegations though short and sweet. On Snapchat, the 21 year-old artist posted an image of an article regarding the accusations with the caption,

“Don’t believe this sh*t.”

While the rumor mill regarding the release of Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ album has been buzzing for the past few months, there’s still no word on an official release date. The Bajan songstress recently met with singer-songwriter Sia, apparently still shopping for songs for the highly anticipated project.

Sia shared with BBC Radio 2‘s Jo Whiley,

“She was there to listen to songs and see if there was anything that she was into. It was a business meeting for sure. She took four but I don’t know if they’ll end up [on the album].”

As the world waits on an official release date, Rihanna continues to promote the project with a partnership with Samsung and a recently announced world tour. Rihanna plans to bring along Scott, The Weeknd and Big Sean. ANTIDiaRy, a site where followers have to search for clues and keys to unlock mini-episodes featuring the songstress; are the result of the dark, mysterious, and seductive campaign with Samsung.

You can check out Glass John’s complete twitter rant below. Is Travi$ Scott really the cause of the ANTI delays? Or is Glass just throwing shade?




















Source: Billboard

By: Arlene Danna