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We Like: Tread Lightly Upon Art & Creativity! Interview With Artist Jordan’s Dad


Much like Yeezus, SFPL is picking up the trend to fight for Creativity. What you put out into the world, a person’s artistry can arguably be viewed as the key to the soul. Once it catches on, as fast as a wildfire, there you have it! A respected artist! Captivating thoughts and expressing them to the public is actually more common then once before. Nevertheless still just as hard, and often feared. Whether the blame be to social media or not, because of the mass overload and high demand for control, it’s agreed here that talent quickly gets overlooked. We are more than excited to shed light on the few we find and deem to be Certified Fly!
Last week we caught up with Donnell McFadden Brooks or more commonly known as Jordan’s Dad. Intrigued most by the 90’s era, his dope designs caught our attention not only with what it was he drew, but more from his canvas of choice. Check out the interview and find out what we mean after the jump.
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[Tuesday In Fashion] Gifted Apparel N.Y.C.

One thing that stands out in Brooklyn, New York is the large amount of diversity and variety. There is a rich taste of multiformity and everyone carries their own swagger.

Ladies & Gents, we introduce to you…Gifted Apparel N.Y.C..

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SFPL’s Designer Spotlight: Patrick “Spag-Lo…”

New York City is now under siege by a swarm of young black entrepreneurs who are determined to be successful. Now, in that same rubble of ambitious and motivated individuals you’ll stumble on a man by the name of Patrick SPAG-LO.

A Brooklyn native, born and raised in the hardcore streets of Flatbush which has been known for drugs, violence, parties and one of most fashion savvy communities in the world. In the late 80’s as a young boy who sat on the stoop of his apartment building was exposed to all the crack sells, drug wars, music, style & culture. During that same time he was an eye witness to local clothing stores being raided by shoplifting gangs; LO LIFES, DECEPTS, and STEAM TEAM. On a few occasions his older sister dragged him to school with her at JOHN DEWEY High School in the years 90-92, where every fashion trend you could imagine was exploding at that time. This is what shaped him to be a popular trendsetter and socialite throughout the streets of Brooklyn in his later years.

In Public school, when most kids would be happy just to have a pair of JORDANS and destroy them in a week, He strived to the push the envelope. Being outfitted in the latest POLO, GUESS, and CROSS COLOURS he clearly set himself apart from the other 4th & 5th graders. Most people were shocked to see a young boy dressed mature wearing trends that only the High school & College kids wore. Later, when he got into middle school I.S. 320(Jackie Robinson) the lifestyle got more intense. This school single handedly holds a big piece of Brooklyn history, where it became divided and you were either a nerd or with the in-crowd who were Graffiti Writers, Shoplifters, and Dancers. This is when he officially launched his so called Graffiti career. Although, it was nothing more than just vandalism he never knew that there will one day be progression.

After already being inspired by generations before him and creating an admiration for his style, older members of the LO LIFES had no choice but to embrace this kid. The LO-LIFES were simply a Brooklyn gang that could be identified by their brand name clothing POLO, FILA, etc. They made a huge statement in the New York City fashion scene and became the cornerstone of trends for the Hip-Hop community. Most rappers or anyone who works in the fashion industry today who grew up during this time can testify their affiliation or inspiration of the LO-LIFE movement.

In the new millennium he mastered the art of style and trendsetting. He kept up to date with all the European brands, Fur coats, sneakers, and even the Japanese craze that is still relevant to this day. Today, Fashion Buyer & Creative Director for The Wagon, where he teamed up with two partners to launch in 2008. Besides Art and Fashion he wants to record a rap album one day. He has one coolest lifestyle blogs on the internet which is a great source for hard to find items.

1.What is “Union Street?”

 The new movement, its also named after the block of THE WAGON boutique in hopes to uplift the community and represent Crown heights Brooklyn.
2. In the world of Fashion, everyone takes their shot at designing in hopes of being the Next Big Thing. What makes your line different from the rest?

 I’m not gonna put myself in basket nor will i be stuck in one lane or genre. UNION STREET is for the masculine man that has style who wants to make a statement. 
3. Are you the actual artist behind your lines design? Ex: “True Love Never Dies” Did you draw that yourself?

 We’re living in the digital age now, so you can grab concepts from elsewhere and fuse them with your own. Yes I am an artist, a visionary with a direction but i have yet to master digital & graphic softwares. The True love never dies concept was simply me being a fan of the skulls’ trend, reinventing it by adding distortion along with a inspirational message. People are so afraid of skulls,one can put his or her own definition to it ‘life after death’,etc or it can be a trophy symbol. 
4. Who are some other designers who you gain inspiration from?

5. Are you going to keep “Union Street” close to your style of dress, funky, futuristic, and retro, or will you cater to the needs and wants of the people?

 Money talks lol (gotta keep my lights on)

6. What does the term “Fly” mean to you?

 One who has wings
7. Hip Hop and Fashion go hand in hand, so how do you intertwine the two together?

I’ve always felt like fashion should’ve been the 5th element of hip hop, call it ‘STYLE’ or i guess ‘fashion’. It’ll be dope for artists to win a best style award… maybe KRS ONE & RUSSEL SIMMONS need to sanction that…
8. Who do you consider to be the Top 3 fashionable people in Music?

9. What was the inspiration behind the design of your logo?

10. What are your Top Fashion Must Haves?

 New Era fitted cap, Y3 sneakers, Alexander McQueen scarf, Cargo shorts, Japanese Selvedge Denim, Velour suits, Vintage Eyewear, ADIDAS superstar track suit, PUMA Clydes, and a pair of Original FILA tennis sneakers (cream)
11. Where do you see your line in 5 years?

 Where ever THE WAGON goes UNION STREET will follow
12. So within The Wagon’s empire, your are the 3rd line, after Cheese Wagon, and Simply Intricate. Who’s next to explore the lane of fashion design?

 I think we pretty much nailed it with this one.
13. What makes your Union Street “Classic Apparel?”

 Fits and styles of clothing everyone can wear.
14. Are there any designers you would like to collaborate with in the future?

 Y3, FILA, NIKE, LEVIS, MCM, NO Label watches.
15. Lastly, is there anything you would like to leave our readers with?

 Spread love

FLY!! Much success to Spag-Lo and all his future endeavors!!

Check him out on Twitter: @SpagLo

Stay Fly!

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KREEMO wants to give you a preview of their dope Spring Collection 2011. Celebs like Wiz Khalifa x Lupe Fiasco rock this brand on a daily and you should too! Check it out!

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Our homies over at KREEMO have been working on some big projects! Here is one of them! Check it out!

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CAVI Weekend in New York City and Personal Styling Session

During CAVI’s Weekend in New York sweepstakes, the winner, Stephon, had a blast in New York City where he had a personal styling session, accommodations at the Hudson hotel, tickets to the New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat game at Madison Square Garden, dinner at the Lion and a $1,000 shopping spree on

Check it out…

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WE LIKE: Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall Collection

The Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall Collection is to seriously die for! With amazing pieces and textures of this complete collection, you can’t go wrong with any of these items. Simply amazing! Wow!

Check out more after the jump…

Fashion SFPL's Designer Spotlight


Check out IROCKFOX 2010 Fall/Winter Collection DESTROY TO REBUILD! The line is dope! You will see us rocking these very soon!

IROCKFOX presents their Fall/Winter 2010 capsule collection”Destroy to Rebuild.” The heart of the Destroy to Rebuild collection is full of frustration and insight into the bitter conflicts of an urban man. The brand is inspired by music, city living and societies struggles. We hope the line and the message will inspire people to identify a challenge in their life and conquer it. Completely overcome the difficultly in making a tough decision and be decisive in your actions. Don’t look back and keep your eyes open.

Under the creative direction of Jason Bass and Toure Antonio, the complete collection is made available online. IROCKFOX was founded in 2006 by Jason Bass. Since its inception, the Baltimore-based clothing line has strived to blend casual wear with formal attire. In its short history, IROCKFOX clothing has successfully juxtaposed downtown swag with uptown style.


For more info: http://www.irockfox – (410) 701-0369 –

-Stay Fly!

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SFPL’s Designer Spotlight: EDIT

Edit was born out of necessity. Men and women need to feel good about themselves and what better way than something hot on your neck or wrist. Co-owners Deborah Padila and Ken Marcelle started Edit in March of 2010, selling small collections to a quickly formed clientele and now have gone international with an online-boutique.
Check out more of Edit & pics after the jump…
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SACHIKA 2010 Fashion Week

Ant Boogie gives us a glimpse of SACHIKA during 2010 Fashion Week. It was definitely a great show. Check it out!

Make sure you visit!

-Stay Fly!