Last Night in NYC


D. WOODs SINGS for the FLy PEOPLE… from Rae Holliday on Vimeo.

Last Night, the Fly Guys were in the Building for the Finale of Making The Band 4. We members of the press had the pleasure of interviewing all the ladies of Danity Kane and the Fellas of Day 26. While talking to D. Woods we asked her to give us a taste of her new material…


Your Thoughts?

Behind-the-scenes Recap will be added shortly…

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Last Night in NYC


I chucked through the rain last night to attend the Harlem Heights Finale, Reception and Q & A in NYC. It was held @ Helen Mills, although I was running late I managed to walk in with the Cast…

Who looked pretty good.


Snuck in the theater and sat in the back, this weather has me all over the place. It was coming down like a monsoon outside. I was two seconds from not going-but I didn’t want to disappoint the Fly readers, and Brooke and Ashlie are my homies so I sucked it up…

We viewed the last two episodes of Harlem Heights. The cast watched it with us, and you could tell they were watching it for the first time. Their laughter and outburst were a little annoying at first- but it made sense if they were viewing for the first time.

I was two minutes from an urban outburst. Pipe Down over there- in my Older Security Guard Voice.

They’re excitement did make it a little more lively.

After the screening the Cast took to the stage for a little moderated Q & A. Think Reality Reunion Shows, can’t say that I was paying attention to who was moderating, LOL. She did have a British accent though…

Of Course the topic of discussion was KissGate, The kiss between Brooke and Christian that took place @ Ashlie’s job.

The Cast played nice, with each other – with mature answers all focused on getting along, and moving on.

Smiley Face stickers for them.

Briana, who I ended up being most impressed with expressed her complete gratitude that her bags were broadcast live on a national channel like BET, which is more than she could have asked for.

In general, I really wish they would have focused more on the individual careers of the cast members and their progression throughout the show.

I mean, we didn’t know Ashlie was an aspiring actress until the last episode? C’mon…

Too much emphasis was put on the drama.

My Opinion.

I did appreciate the last three Episodes, highlighting Landon, Briana and Jason’s Career Moves are the aspects I’ve been waiting for all season.

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