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The FLY Review: Kevin Cossom “By Any Means…”

Jive Recording Artist and Singer/Songwriter Kevin Cossom had a very busy week in NYC last week as he hit the town hard, heavily promoting his current Mixtape, “By Any Means…” We were given the opportunity to attend a private media Meet and Greet at Blast Off Studios, where media outlets reveled in the ambiance of artistic creativity, sipped on a lil’ something, and listened to the Mixtape in it’s entirety. Not sure, nor really care, what others thought of the Mixtape, but if you were wondering, perhaps, what SFPL’s FLY Girl thought of it, here it goes…

I haven’t let a mixtape play in such heavy rotation since Drakes “So Far Gone” dropped. Of course the obvious difference between the two was one was all new material, but being an EXTREME fan of covers, i love the idea of Kevin Cossom’s “By Any Means…” When you fall in love with a song, and hear someone with genuine talent put their own spin on things, it brings back the initial passion you had for the track to begin with…

When at a Meet and Greet, it’s easy to sometimes overlook a track or two due to conversation, restroom breaks, or actually “meeting” the artist, but luckily for me, i was able to snag a copy to listen to at my own free will. Starting off with the comedic styles of Will Smith, the mixtape breaks out into one of it’s dopest tracks, “She Likes Me,” where he boasts with pure braggadocio about how much “she likes him” for his money and his stardom, but it’s NEVER what you say, and how it’s said… He then flows on into “Black and Yellow,” and then “Can’t Help It,” another favorite of mine, where he spits “I’m so FLY, i’m so high, ain’t planning on landing!”

Other notables include”Runaway,” where he croons over Kanye’s track about how much he wants to please his woman, and not just in the physical sense. He even leaves the track rolling towards the end, in true Kanye fashion. Definitely one of the best songs on the Mixtape. “Leave Me Alone ft J. Cole” was a dope banger telling everyone LEAVE ME ALONE! The most standout track on the mixtape was “Rule The World,” which sampled 80’s English pop rock band, Tears for Fears… “You might find that people hate when they dont wanna see you make it, because everyone wants to rule the world!” DOPE!

Overall, “By Any Means” gives a broad mix of music, catering to everyone… And yes, it’s STILL in heavy rotation!! Looking forward to his next Mixtape dropping 4.26, entitled “Hooks vs Bridge 1.5”  Let’s see where his talents takes him!

-Lauren Sylvester (@LaurenOfSFPL)


-Stay Fly!