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The Fly Review: Lee Daniel’s ‘The Butler’…

Recently Team SFPL was invited out to a screening of Lee Daniel’s new epic film, “The Butler”. Deemed one of the years most highly anticipated films, the movie has a stellar all star line up that includes; Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, David Oleyowo, Lenny Kravitz, Terrence Howard, Yaya Alafia, Mariah Carey and David Banner just to name a few.

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We Like: July 4th Cocktails by SMOKE Liqueur

Smoke-bottle shot_lo res

Getting ready to plan a smokin’ hot and Fly cocktail menu for your Fourth of July BBQ? This Independence Day, whether you’re lounging by a pool, your local gathering place or on a getaway, keep your cocktails fun with these refreshing drinks from the newly-launched SMOKE Liqueur.  

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FLY Review: The Sapphires


Starring: Chris O’Dowd , Jessica Mauboy, Deborah Mailman, Shari Sebbens and Miranda Tapsell. Written By: Tony Briggs and Keith Thompson. Directed By: Wayne Blair. Runtime 103 mins. In theaters March 22nd 2013.

As I walked into the Dolby 24 screening room I can admit I knew nothing about the film The Sapphires. I was completely aware it was a film based around  music . Little did I know I would leave learning about a whole country’s horrid past and the story of four Aboriginal girls who had a dream and lived it for a brief moment. 

The Sapphires tells the story of four Aboriginal (Indigenous Australians) girls who lived during what would be considered a black  eye in Australia’s history.  In the movie’s opening scene we see the girls at a very young age, they show off their singing talents to their parents and people in their mission (indigenous settlement). Their performance was interrupted when two government cars roll up on the settlement to take away the children.  The children are told to go hide and are led by Gail (Deborah Mailman) but to no avail poor Gail witnesses her cousin and best friend Kay ( Sheri Sebbens) being taking away. Kay was a victim of what they called the “Stolen Generation” where Aboriginal children who looked “white” were taken away to be assimilated into white society.

Flash forward to 1968 the Vietnam War is raging on and the Civil Rights movement is in full swing in the states. The girls have grown into young teenagers now and are led by big sister Gail. The three sisters Gail, Julie and Cynthia are excited about a talent show in town and gearing up to participate. The younger of the three Julie (Jessica Mauyboy) is informed by mom and big sister she can’t go because she has a son and she’s the little sister. Gail and Cynthia make it just in time to perform in front of not so favorable white crowd  little did they know Julie snuck out and surprises them and joins the act. Their performance catches the eye and ear of a struggling talent scout Dave Lovelace (Chris O’Dowd). 


Dave becomes the girls manager and agrees to help them get into Sapphire form by introducing them to soul music.  They also reunite with Kay who’s was taken away earlier in the film. Gail is not too pleased to see her cousin who has been assimilated or in some cases brainwashed to believe she’s above her Aboriginal roots. They head to Vietnam a group of misguided girls but slowly come together as they perform for the American troops. 


The Sapphires is more than just a “feel good” movie  it’s a history lesson with a musical soundtrack. Me being an African American can appreciate this film cause there is such a strong correlation with my ancestors struggle. I didn’t know much about the struggle of the Aboriginal but walked out of that theater with knowledge of them and what they had to endure. I was intrigued to learn more about them and why they were treated as such. I was also very impressed by Jessica Mauboy and her amazing voice and acting skills she is a rockstar in Australia and I can see her star shinning brightly here.  The cast was amazing and did a great job of telling the story of these four girls and their determination to live out their dreams. This film is definitely worth seeing when it hits theaters and definitely should be embraced by the black community. 


The Sapphires gets a huge #WELIKE from Team SFPL!

Stay Fly!

Shoutout: 135th Agency/Saptosa/The Weinstein Company

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The Fly Review: Domoliek’s Upscale Grooming Salon …


On Wednesday, Team SFPL were invited to an exquisite kind of Barbershop where they cater to all your grooming needs! Domoliek’s Upscale Grooming Salon creates a simple concept in a beautiful, masculine setting.

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We Like: MapiCases for The iPhone & iPad

You know we like to bring you the latest in Fly accessories and gadgets! Of course, we had to sample a few pieces just to let you know how great these items are, which they exceed in great quality and reliability. We’d like to introduce to you…MAPICASES! Stay stylish and protect your belongings while on the go! Check out more below…

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[FLY Reviews] Django Unchained


Starring: Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Keri Washington, Christopher Waltz, Don Johnson, Jonah Hill, Samuel L. Jackson. Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino. 164 minutes. Opens everywhere December 25th.

Walking into Landmark Sunshine Cinema I didn’t know how I was gonna leave feeling after watching Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Django Unchained. The film already garnering its share of criticism amongst people for its excessive violence, portrayal of slavery and use of the N word, but its a Tarantino film duh. Before the packed house of bloggers, critics and taste makers began screening the film we were prepped by Power 105.1’s Angela Yee and Charlamagne from the Breakfast Club morning show.

Believe it or not this movie is somewhat of a love story, you may forget that in the midst of all the violence but it is. The movie starts off with Dr. King Shultz (Christopher Waltz) who is a former dentist turned bounty hunter looking for  Django (Jamie Foxx) because he can help him locate his next bounty the Brittle Brothers whom only Django has seen. After a violent exchange of gun fire killing Django’s current masters, Shutlz offers Django a chance to help him. In return he will free him and help him find his beloved wife Broomhilda (Keri Washington) that is the love story I spoke of.django-dicaprio

Django jumps at the opportunity of course to free his wife and get some payback. During the course of their adventure Shultz discovers Django has a knack for the bounty hunter thing and begins to train Django in the art of bounty hunting. The newly formed bounty hunting duo discovers after some investigation that Django’s wife is under the ownership of Calvin Candie (Leonardo Dicaprio) and is forced to be a sexual slave on his large Mississippi plantation called Candyland.  It’s takes a while for the two to eventually end up there in the story but the climax is worth it. Candie is also a dealer in black brawlers (mandingo brawlers) as well as his large number of slaves to do his bidding and his loyal house slave Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson) which happens to be my favorite character.django_unchained_dicaprio_foxx

Tarantino somehow finds a way to get violence, extreme torture, racism, comedy and harsh language all to gel together and make Django the great movie that it is. So it gets a huge #WELIKE on our behalf and we at Stuff Fly People Like especially myself highly recommend you hit the theaters for this film. This movie will definitely find its way into my Blu-Ray collection and I’m positively sure a lot of other folks will feel the same way after watching the film.

Stay Fly!


[Fly Technology] The Beats by Dre ‘Pill’ Was Just What The Doctor Ordered for #Sandy

During the days post Hurricane Sandy, that beat the East Coast of the United States into Submission, I found myself with some extra inside time and no tunes. Thanks Sandy!!! Feeling a little Cabin Feverish and going through music withdrawal, I decided to crack open the Pill by Beats By Dre. Yes it’s cliché, but it was…  Say it with me class, “Just what the doctor ordered.”

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[In My Fly Lifetime] Behind The Lens With Skreech

SFPL had a chance recently had a chance to work with Skreech on a video campaign, which will be featured very soon! (Stay tuned for that!) One thing we’ve noticed about this young man was his tenacity and willingness to get the job done.

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[The Fly Guy’s Review] Rihanna ‘Talk That Talk’

Rihanna’s sixth studio album in six years, Talk That Talk, is here, and just 12 months after her previous LP Loud. Critics have given the album mixed reviews and now Rae Holliday and Gabriel Williams will give it their thoughts.

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[The Fly Guy’s Review] Mary J. Blige ‘My Life 2: The Journey Continues’

Its hard to believe its been seventeen years since the Queen of Hip Hop Soul released one of her best works to date “My Life“,and now Mary J. Blige has returned with the highly-anticipated sequel, “My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act 1).”

And from the very first time I heard the title, I had reservations. I immediately became annoyed with the fact that artist always want to recreate masterpieces … some things should be left alone. My Life was such a powerfully classic album, with no features, plenty of samples and a plethora of emotion, with that album Mary signed  her name in script on the core’s of our hearts. Could she do it again 17 years later?

“It’s not a competitor. It’s a sequel. In a extension of how far we’ve come,” Mary tells Diddy on the album’s introduction. “Not saying that pain doesn’t exist no more in our life, but now we understand how to navigate.

Well let me go back up to the front of this bus and get a transfer, because this sequel is at a stand still, and I’m in a rush. I’m sorry MJB fans but I was expecting just a bit more. I needed at least half the emotion My Life gave me, It shows up a few times during the duration of the album, but it’s not consistent. Tracks like The Dark Child produced ‘Aint Nobody‘ and ‘Feel Inside’ featuring Nas give me everything I hoped the album would be, but they are drowned out by the dreadful current single ‘Mr. Wrong’ feat. Drake and ‘Why’ featuring Rick Ross which both are mixtape singles at best. The label clearly thought because these were two of the hottest rappers in the game, that it would translate into amazing singles. It didn’t. I wish they would have taken the lead from My Life and left the features for another album and concentrated on the feeling of a true sequel, not necessarily trying to top the original, but showing where she is now as far as growth and music. Mary is a legend, and I expected so much more. It’s not the worse album in the world, but it ain’t the best either.

2.5 out of 5 Stars from me.


So, Mary J. Blige delivers her current project titled My Life II…The Journey Continues (Act 1). Is this album a continuation of the very first My Life? Absolutely not. Sometimes there is no need to rehash or bring back certain occurrences to the forefront. The past is the past and should remain where? In the past. Classic albums like My Life are very hard to come after and emulate, especially in this day and age. Mary’s current project did not make that mark and at the same time it sounds very forced. Technology is more driven in this age and time, therefore, an artist tends to get sucked-in through the music and at the end of the day you can never get a feel on the song with the vocals and music combined.

If I had to re-titled the album I would call it the The Forced My Life…I Am Trying To Make This Journey (Act 1). Hopefully with Act 2 MJB will come back with more classic and memorable tracks, less features and great production with more piano, strings, etc. I personally want Mary to just go for blood in the studio.

I believe in you Mary and I know you can do it. My Life II is an “OK” album but just not a follow-up of the classic Mary that we all know.

2 of 5 Stars from me.