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FLY Review: #FiftyShadesOfGrey Is A Must See!

Still recuperating from the weekend? Well, we’ve got the perfect remedy to get you back on track. Head over to your nearest cinema and check out the hot and steamy flick, Fifty Shades Of Grey.



After hitting theaters on Friday, Fifty Shades Of Grey is making history by being the highest-grossing Presidents Day holiday opener of all time pulling with $81.7 million from 3,646 locations over the three-day period. That’s a lot of erotica.




Check out the storyline:

When Anastasia Steele, a literature student, goes to interview the wealthy Christian Grey, as a favor to her roommate Kate Kavanagh, she encounters a beautiful, brilliant and intimidating man. The innocent and naive Ana started to realize she wants him, despite his enigmatic reserve and advice, she finds herself desperate to get close to him. Not able to resist Ana’s beauty and independent spirit, Christian Grey admits he wants her too, but in his own terms. Ana hesitates as she discovers the singular tastes of Christian Grey – despite the embellishments of success, his multinational businesses, his vast wealth, his loving family – Grey is consumed by the need to control everything.




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If you have already read the book, rest assured that this movie will not disappoint. Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey were everything we expected to see from their characters and more. Anastasia has a sense of humor with a dash of sarcasm while Mr. Grey remains the mysterious character that we are all obsessed with. Things got really heated when we got to witness the love scenes played out in front of us. Whips, chains, spankings, swings, mirrors and the infamous necktie! It is a kinky and crazy love story that will have you addicted and wanting more…




#WeApprove! It is definitely worth watching with the “bae”!


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