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FLY Review: Captain America: Civil War Is The Superhero Movie We Have Been Waiting For!



emember when you used to have the schoolyard debate about if your favorite superhero fought each other who would win? It was a debate for the ages ,cases were made and lines were drawn as to why that hero was a shoo-in for victory. The Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe deliver in an epic way that debate and perfectly translate it onto the big screen in Captain America: Civil War based off the Mark Millar comic.

Civil War

Essentially what could be billed as Avengers 2.5, Civil War is the movie Age of Ultron failed to be. Civil War tells the story of a team split on ideologies after the U.N. decides The Avengers need to be held in check after a series of unfortunate blunders while trying to prevent catastrophic events. Tony Stark (Robert Downy Jr.) is immediately on board with the U.N.’s idea and is quickly followed by the Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson), the always logical sentient robot Vision (Paul Bettany), loyal friend War Machine (Don Cheadle), Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) who’s only there for his own personal reasons  and M.C.U. newcomer Spider-Man (Tom Holland) who sees this is as the audition of a lifetime. Captain America (Chris Evans) want’s nothing to do with the U.N.’s plan as he senses something foul is going on and sees it as a form of control and limitation decides to go rogue, he’s not alone though Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olson), Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), Bucky aka The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) and Falcon (Anthony Mackie) follow his lead.

There is a villain in this film of course and that is Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) who is fixed on knowing what happened in Bucky’s past in the year 1991 while he was still an assassin for Hydra.


Where the Russo brothers flourish is with the help of an amazing script thanks to Christoper Markus and Stephen McFeeley. The two and half hour movie never drags along and effectively builds the characters while at the same time keeping you on the edge of your seat with new revelations and plot twists. The action scenes all deliver especially the huge showdown between both teams which is comic book fan’s dream. All participants in the battle get their time to shine and show off their amazing skills.


Civil War also tells a great story of two friendships one on the mend Bucky and Cap and one deteriorating before our eyes Tony and Steve.


The dialogue between two has always been great on-screen but it’s exceptional in this film and will make you invest in their dynamic even more.


As for the newcomers, (Beanz speaking) I was very nervous as to how the Black Panther and Spider-Man would be introduced into the M.C.U (Marvel Cinematic Universe). I left the theater very happy and fans of both characters will enjoy them both as they both shined tremendously in their debuts. Holland nails it as the very young Spider-Man and will help you easily forget about previous versions of the character played on film.


Boseman stepped up to the plate and knocks it out the park as the young ruler of Wakanda. Civil War is just as much as his coming out party as he plays a very integral role in the film. Fans of the Black Panther comics will be very pleased to see how well he translates from the comics to film and will walk out the theater excited for his cinematic future.



Captain America: Civil War somehow manages to outdo Winter Soldier which in its own right was damn near perfect. It’s hard trying to find anything wrong with this film period, if you do, you definitely was searching hard. Civil War is The Avengers film fans of the M.C.U. have been waiting and hoping for since Age of Ultron was such a “let down” to some. It’s the perfect kick off for Marvel’s Phase 3 movie block and if this is a sign of things to come then we are in for a treat. Captain America: Civil War definitely  starts off the summer movie season with a bang and you can guarantee lives up to it’s blockbuster status!

5 out 5

Captain America: Civil War is in theaters TONIGHT, officially hits theaters tomorrow, GO SEE THIS FILM!

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FLY Review: The Huntsman: Winter’s War


Chris Hemsworth reprises his role as The Huntsman in the prequel/sequel to Snow White and The Huntsman. This movie removes Kristen Stewart’s Snow White from the picture and pretty much serves as an origin story about The Huntsman and how he came to be the daunting hero that he was in the first film.



The film opens up with a young or at least we think she is Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron)  who we learned from the first film has a strong lust for power. She uses her beauty and her powerful magic to seduce kings and woos them eventually killing them,taking over their kingdoms. We eventually meet her sister Freya (Emily Blunt) whom at the moment is in love with a man who belongs to another woman. Her powers have yet to be discovered leading the young princess to doubt her ever discovering her magical abilities. Theron who seems to always shine as the devious Ravenna warns her sister about becoming to attached to the man she is expecting a child with but Freya isn’t trying to hear it.

A terrible act committed by the man she thought she loved causes Freya to lose it and she unleashes her chilling (literally) powers out onto the world. With her newly discovered magical gifts Freya sets out to build her own Kingdom that in true fairy-tale fashion is a love free zone and only fit for the cold-hearted (*coughs* sounds like a certain Disney animated film) and raise her own powerful army of soulless men and women to protect it and help conquer other Kingdoms. Freya’s plan to help raise such an army is to build it using the kidnapped children of her so called enemies. She raises them to hate anything doing to love and detached themselves they ever cared about except her of course. The  children eventually grow and  become her Huntsmen who are pretty damn good at doing what they do best and that’s fight for their Queen or adopted mother. 

Freya, Sara and Eric: Via: Universal Pictures

Freya has a pretty good formula going on but as we know in all fairy-tale’s LOVE CONQUERS ALL eventually. Her two best Eric and Sara (Jessica Chastain) who were both kidnapped by Freya at the same time take a liking to each other and secretly fall in love.

Eric and Sara: Universal Pictures

Of course when dealing with a powerful ice magic wielding Queen nothing stays secret for long.


Freya banishes Eric for the committing the crime of falling in love in her kingdom,which now leads us to the story where he wandered into war between Snow White and Freya’s evil sister Ravenna. Ravenna is thought to be dead is an after thought at the moment but her powerful mirror is still being sought after Freya.


Eric and bunch of very hilarious dwarves set on an adventure to prevent Freya from getting her hands on the mirror. Eric is eventually reunited with his lost love Sara whom he thought was dead thank’s to Freya’s magic.


Taking cues from Lord of The Rings the very unlikely crew sets out to destroy the all-powerful and all-knowing mirror but have no clue that Ravenna is still alive inside the mirror.


The Huntsman: Winter’s War story picks up very slow but when it does is enjoyable at times .You will find yourself chuckling at the hilarious back and forth banter between the Dwarves and Eric when it takes place.

Where the movie really wins is it’s amazing special effects and of course the costume design by Colleen Atwood. Our favorites hands down are Ravenna and Freya’s gowns they were simply amazing to look at when they were on-screen.

Queen Freya and Ravenna Via: Universal Pictures

Final Verdict

The Huntsman: Winter’s War is much better movie than it’s predecessor but that isn’t really saying too much. BUT that doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time either so fellas if your lady is into fairy-tale’s and love and all that stuff this movie is a perfect date film. We were just really extremely glad Kristen Stewart always confused looking self wasn’t in this film.


2 out of 4

The Huntsman: WInter’s War is theaters April 22nd!

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Fly Review: Barbershop: The Next Cut

tumblr_static_401kh752d7ac0owo88o88s08s (1)

It’s time to head back to Calvin’s for a fresh-cut and hilarious banter in BarberShop: The Next Cut. Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Eve and Anthony Anderson return along with newcomers to the franchise Common, Nicki Minaj, Regina Hall, J.B. Smoove, Margot Bingham and Lamorne Morris.

Rashad, Eddie and Calvin VIa: Warner Brothers

It’s been 10 plus years since we last visited the iconic barbershop located on the South Side of Chicago. The once male dominated sanctuary is now a unisex salon headed by Angie (Regina Hall) who is Calvin’s business partner. Calvin’s motley crew of barbers consist of old man Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer), Rashad (Common), Jerrod (Lamorne Morris), Raja (Utkarsh Ambudkar), Terri (Eve) and man of many occupations One-Stop (JB Smoove).


Angie leads of a group of feisty hair technicians, Draya (Nicki Minaj), and Bree (Margot Bingham). The new dynamic in the shop makes for some interesting banter between the opposite sexes as they comically debate topics such as Obama, Instagram Ho’s, and today’s vernacular such as term “on fleek” which Eddie makes light of.


Things also do get serious in the Malcolm D.Lee directed film when the topics of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and other recent issues affecting black communities are brought up. Calvin’s is now in the safe-haven of the neighborhood thanks to a new political measure introduced and backed by former Barber now politician Jimmy (Sean Patrick Thomas) to help counteract all of the gang violence going on in the neighborhood. Jimmy’s idea isn’t met with the acceptance he would like leading to the barbers coming up with the idea to for the barbershop to become a safe-zone for 48hrs initiating a truce between rival gangs. Anyone who visits the shop during that time gets free haircuts or their hair did. Jerrod gets a hashtag going on Twitter to help spread the word about the ceasefire and helps get things in motion.

Jalen and Calvin VIa: Warner Brothers

The main story in the film revolves around Calvin and his son Jalen (Michael Rainy Jr.) and Calvin doing whatever it takes to keep his son out of trouble. Jalen becomes friends with Kenny who is the son Rashad and the two get involved with a local gang ran by Yummy (Tyga) don’t ask us why a gang leader’s name is Yummy. Calvin and his wife can’t believe their son’s recent behavior is of his own accord after Jalen gets in trouble at school. Calvin immediately feels that Jalen’s behavior is the direct result of hanging out with Kenny who is a known troublemaker and recently moved in with his dad Rashad and step-mom Terri. Calvin’s accusations lead to a rift between him and Rashad, Calvin fearing for his son’s life decides to look for a shop in a safer neighborhood leaving the rest of his employees to figure  it out for themselves.

Draya, Terri and Rashad VIa: Warner Brothers

Rashad is also dealing with some family issues as well. Terri is now a celebrity stylist and her work keeps her very busy and keeps her from being home with Rashad.

[anvplayer video=”4244456″]

The tension between the two is noticed by Draya who looks step in and make things interesting for Rashad. This sets up an interesting dynamic between the two leading ladies of hip-hop in the film.


Thanks to writers Kenya Barrish (black-ish) and Tracy Oliver, The Next Cut perfectly blends laugh out loud moments with serious tones. We do wish Nicki’s character was bit more stronger but she does make the most of her screen-time when she gets it. Regina Hall does a masterful job as Calvin’s business partner and shines when things get serious in the film. Common and Cube work well together in the film and of course Cedric shines as Eddie supplying much of the films comic relief.


Barbershop: The Next Cut is the perfect film for the family to go see as a whole or great option for date night.


Barbershop: The Next Cut is in theaters now!

3 out 4





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