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SFPL’s Fly Person of the Week: Eric Archibald…

SFPL’s Fly Person of the Week is BACK! This is a segment we created to highlight those FLY Individuals who are making a impact in their respective fields, so much so that they might motivate and isnpire others to move forward with their respective visions. This weeks recipient is Stylist, Extraordinaire Eric Archibald!


You would NOT believe us if we told you the “Who’s Who” that Eric Archibald has worked with in relation to his Styling Career!

Ever since he was a boy growing up in the Caribbean, Eric Archibald knew he wanted to be a Stylists. Conquering New York City first, Eric now splits his time between New York City and Los Angeles, styling some of the biggest names in music and movies.

Since his start, he has drawn on his inspirations to create his signature aesthetic that conveys a classically sexy and chic look with an edge. His work with Usher on the “8701 Tour” ranks as one of the most defining moments of Eric’s career.

Eric’s work has been featured in media ranging from music videos and tours to television and commercials to personal appearances and editorials, such as Harpers Bazaar, People, GQ, Glamour, Marie Claire. Clients have included Usher, R. Kelly, Faith Evans, Kirstie Alley, Tyra Banks, Toni Braxton, P. Diddy, Britney Spears, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Shania Twain, Tahlia, Rebecca Romijn, and The Dave Matthews Band are among the celebrities with whom Eric has worked with.

He has also styled for Season 2 of “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency,” and created looks for Jenny Craig, Verizon, Hershey’s Kisses, and Burger King.

Eric may seem soft spoken, but that doesn’t mean he’s a pushover, if the junior assistants cross him, they will learn quickly that Eric Archibald doesn’t mess around.

1. What does the term “Fly” mean to you?

Fly is confidence.. Being confident, knowing who u are and owning it! Not being afraid to be who your are and making bold statements is fly.

2. How did you catch your “Big Break?”

For a while, I was an assistant to June Ambrose. I must say I learned a lot from her about the business. While assisting her, I worked with pretty much all of the big names in the industry in that era, from P. Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, to Jay Z. I got my “Big Break” when I decided to believe in myself and put trust in the business, which was at a very young age. I chose to take a step from being Eric Archibald “The Assistant” to Eric Archibald “The Stylist”.  I’m still 25 by the way… LMAO..

3. You have recently started working with Jennifer Hudson, and she looks AMAZING by the way, how’s that been going? Did you start working with her before or after the weight loss?

It’s been going great between Jennifer and I. Since we’ve started working together, we’ve started turning heads and creating a major name for JHud in the fashion world. I actually started working with her right after she had her baby. Working with Jennifer is a dream come true .. She’s a super model; slim, sexy and tall… Channeling her inner Naomi Campbell, without the attitude.

4. Who or what, stylistically, do you look to for insight and inspiration?

I get all of my insight from fashion designers, magazines, and traveling. People watching is one of my main sources for inspiration. I get some of the best ideas by just observing what people are wearing when I step outside.

5. You have worked with some of the biggest artists in the world, yet the industry isn’t over saturated with your name and face. How do you maintain a sense of privacy, as well as humility?

Staying true to yourself is very important. Family and friends comes first.. Fashion is my job not my life, and I’m happy with my work/life balance.

6. What are your ultimate goals? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

My ultimate goal is to design my very own menswear collection. It’s hard to say where I’ll be in 5 years since I shoot for the stars daily.. Maybe I’ll be on the moon 5 years from now, who knows… LOL..

7. What are you “Top 5” fashion must haves right now?

1.Tom Ford shades
2. Bottega bag
3. Rick Owens sneakers
4. Burberry leather vest
5. Margiela T-Shirts.

8. How would you describe your own personal style?

Rock Star chic all the way.

9. When styling an artist, would you say you follow their lead, or do you totally recreate their look?

When styling an artist, it is very important to work with his/her personality. You most definitely have to do your research and get to know who your client is.. NEVER try to force a look with your client, you’ll end up regretting it in the long-run. Sometimes clients will try to tell me what’s best for them, but I always keep in mind that I am the professional, and this is what I do. As a professional, I give them a little of what they want and a little of what I know is good for their image. It’s all about balance and keeping everyone happy.

10. What would you like our readers to take away from this interview knowing about Eric Archibald?
Always remember hard work always pays off, and stay true to one self.. Fashions first is my rule.

-Stay Fly!

Fashion Fly Person of the Week

FLY SPOTS: Adrian Fanus Grooming Salon…

Who says only women need to be pampered? Definitely not Adrian Fanus, founder of Adrian Fanus Grooming. Mr. Fanus is the owner of a luxurious high end salon located in trendy Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

It may not be a familiar name to you yet,  but AFG has been servicing the likes of esteemed celebrities such as, Forrest Whitaker, Nuttin’ But Stringz Violinists, Def Jam recording artist Jeremih, and former NFL player Eddie George, just to name a few.

We recently paid a visit to Adrian’s Spot, and we must say we were very impressed. We were treated to the ultimate grooming experience complete with a shampoo, hair cut, and shave, all while we sipped on white wine, and chatted about today’s Current Events. The Staff made us feel at home, and at ease. It was not at all the pretentious environment some barbershop’s can produce.

Adrian gave us the play by play on his role as a Barber. ‘A Barber is the first role model that many young men come in contact with’ Says Fanus ‘So I owe it to them to make sure they are prepared to tackle this world the best way possible’. Adrian is serious about his craft and when you step into the Shop, You get it.

With it going  into it’s fourth year of enterprise as an established grooming loft and lounge, Mr. Fanus continues to bring together a strong clientele of gentlemen, philanthropists and entrepreneurs alike, all for an enjoyable common experience.

Tucked away in a classic Brooklyn Brownstone, which offers you a certain level of “celebrity” yourself, you are guaranteed to find not only precision and style in the services that Adrian Fanus Grooming provides, but in the décor of the salon as well. Rich Mahogany wood floor-to-ceiling mirrors line the grooming area of this warm and intimate salon, giving customers a warm welcome into the “living-room” style space. Men of the 21st century can gather here as if it were their sanctuary, to engage in a thought provoking game of chess while catching the game, or to browse the library with book titles spanning across multiple genres, and lounge in soft, plush, leather couches . Gentlemen clients can even venture to the outdoor deck of the loft, to get some fresh air and make business deals.

Not only does AFG provide clients with a full-service salon, inclusive of massages, manicures and pedicures, Mr. Fanus retains his clients by offering them the tailored grooming lifestyle, enveloped in a chic and modern setting.

Adrian Fanus’ extraordinary work and showmanship has blessed the pages of L’uomo Vogue and he was featured in Time Out New York, as one of the top stylists of 2010.  Adrian Fanus Grooming is soon to be a household name and set to become a global brand, launching in Ghana, West Africa next year.

Mr. Fanus came from very humble beginnings, making his mark at the age of sixteen in a small salon on his native island of St. Lucia.  He has worked in the grooming industry for 11+ years, and stands firm by the belief that every single one of his clients is special and helps to enhance the brand.  “Even my regular clients get the celebrity treatment”, confesses Mr. Fanus. His dedication to customer satisfaction, as Mr. Fanus is available 24/7 to his clients, along with his style and comfort has made him a stand-alone brand that is always guaranteed to “make the cut.” And after a day of grinding it out in New York City, walking into Adrian Fanus Grooming is just what the doctor prescribed…

Be sure to check out the salon and share your experiences… Ours was phenomenal!!

The Adrian Fanus Grooming Salon is located at;

497 Dekalb Avenue (Bewteen Franklin Avenue and Skillman Avenue)

Brooklyn, NY 11205

(347) 533-8827 ‎*Tell Them we sent you*

-Stay Fly!

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Erin Christine….”The Story”

When this artist was first premiered here on SFPL, we knew that there was something quite special about this young woman. It is such a good feeling to see her grow in a major way.

Showing the transitions of a star in the making, check out The Story of Erin Christine and Tiffany Starr…The EPK!

Share Your Thoughts…

-Stay Fly!

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Willow Smith x Ray Kay On-set…

We have an exclusive photo from the set, showing Willow and Ray Kay at work, and a quote from Ray Kay about the new superstar phenomenon we are seeing in Willow. The video is growing in an explosive way on internet, and we’re really excited about Willow.

Quote from Ray Kay:

“I’m so excited to see all the buzz about this video on the web. Willow really deserves this, she’s a superstar already. The video will surely be considered a classic a few years from now. I think we managed to create a fresh expression using Willow’s amazing energy, a positive and inspiring concept, and mixing the colors of the sets with Willow’s fashion, which consisted of custom-made clothing and exclusive One Z jumpsuits from California Christiania Republic. She’s a trendsetter already and I’m sure others will be copying her style soon!”

Congrats Willow x Ray Kay on such a successful video!

-Stay Fly!

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Atlanta Teen, Deonte Bridges, Recieves $1 Million In Academic Schoarships!

Atlanta Teen, Deonte Bridges, Recieves $1 Million In Academic Schoarships. Named 1st African American Male Valedictorian In 10 Years. Wow.

Hard work & dedication really pays off!


-Stay Fly!

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On Tonight – “Drake: Better Than Good Enough”

MTV Shows

-Stay Fly!

Fly Person of the Week

Fly Person of the Week: De’Von Christopher…

As promised Every week we will spotlight a person we consider inspirational. One who has become successful based on their respective hustles by reaching for their dreams. De’Von Christopher is one such person who is pursuing his dreams and setting an example for many. From creating and publishing Bleu Magazine, to having his hands in numerous real estate investments, and being a co-owner of Atomic Wings Harlem, De’Von is definitely making FLY things happen.

As a child, De’Von Christopher idolized Donald Trump and today he is well on his way to attaining that level of success. With accomplishments ranging from his participation in the birth and success of multiple business partnerships to publishing Bleu Magazine – all before the age of 30 – De’Von is determined to redefine the roles of men of color in American society. We Caught up with De’Von to ask him a few questions to give our Fly readers a feel for how De’Von is setting a Fly Example.

Q & A after the jump…

Fly Person of the Week



Introducing a New Segment on SFPL, The Fly Person of the Week. Every week we will spotlight a person we consider inspirational. One who has become successful based on their respective hustles. We will base our Candidates with the same integrity we base on our posts, its only right. The Fly person of the Week is someone we’d like our readers to be informed about because they are making FLY things happen. Our First honoree, is Mr. Kenny Burns.

Kenny Burns is one of those names you hear all the time, but may not know who he is, or what he does…

THE MUSIC MAN “I’m always going to do music. It’s in my blood.”

A Washington DC native, Kenny Burns started promoting parties while still in high school. When he moved to Atlanta to attend Morris Brown University, he started his own company, 2620 Music, and monopolized Atlanta’s party scene in the mid 90’s. Based on his track record of breaking unknown talent in the Atlanta market, like Notorious Big and Black Moon to name a few, Claude Austin, then president of Rowdy Records hired him to promote Monica’s debut album. With Kenny’s help, Monica went on to sell two million copies of her debut album “Miss Thang”.

More after the jump including our interview with Mr.Burns…