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Charlize was spotted by the paps in Lanvin on the carpet of RED, at the Paris premiere of her latest drama The Burning Plain on Monday.

What do you think of her choice of dress? FLY or DIE?

We think Charlize really pulled this gold number off. Paired with Red Bottoms and a good clutch…oh, you can never go wrong with that!

Let us know how you feel….

-Stay Fly!

FLY Events Stuff Fly People Like

Oops! I Did It AGAIN!


Britney is back in full tour swag and there is no stoppin’ this idol!

From amazing costume designs to the Boom Kat dance sequence numbers, Britney seems to not be playing this time around.

She kicked off her tour on in New Orleans on March 3rd.

Did you buy your tix? I sure didn’t *blank stare*….but I am sure it’s a great show.

More pics after the jump….

FLY Events FLY OR DIE? Stuff Fly People Like


Brooke Kanye’s Ex was spotted by the paps at the Harlem Heights after party this past Monday. Brooke rocked an interesting sheered one-sie and I must say, she pulled it off quite lovely. The fact that its portioned to every single curve of her body, makes it very easy on the eyes.

The outfit is very edgy yet daring. Brooke, You Did That!

However, someone recently rocked almost the same outfit….


It’s M.I.A…..what can you say.

Although, she caught me off guard with the “My Little Pony” highlighted tail, we love how she takes fashion to an intricate level.

What do you think?

You know where to meet us…

*Fly-Lights of The Harlem Heights will be up in a minute….Stay Tuned.

-Stay Fly!

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And in case you missed Beyonce and Hugh Jackman get their Broadway Musical On Last Night, here you go…

A little Cheesy But I was into it.

Hugh’s voice annoyed me tho, I was like is he talking or singing?


-Stay FLY!

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The day I get introduced to this woman right here.

Sweet Jesus. I pray that I’m not fumbling all over myself (Which I never do-But on that day I promise you I will suddenly become clumsy)

Just Perfect Ms. Washington.


Hey Lauren, Not into the ill-fitting dress. But I digg you so it’s all good 🙂 Good Purse and Shoes though.



The Classy One. Sanaa, you are it.


Jurnee, Nice and Sleek. I am into it.


Meagan, I’m feeling everything accept the Top of the dress. Just reminds me of a sports bra.


Clearly that dress is a product of Turks and Caicos. Lisa looks Good though.





-Stay FLY!

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Introducing the Miguel Antoinne Fall 2009 Collection, just insane.

Whether he’s your boyfriend, your brother or just your favorite bad boy, you want to be seen walking next to him while he’s wearing Miguel Antoinne. This 47-piece collection features wide-wale corduroy trousers with exposed zippers in unexpected places and oxford shirts with large stand-up collars that fit the way a men’s shirt should. Leather embellishments, elastic waistbands and a stormy color palette make this collection noteworthy.

The designer doesn’t admit to having a muse, but when asked what type of man would wear his clothes, he’s quick to say “Either a man that walks into a room with Victoria Beckham or Jonathan Rhys Meyers.” With an equestrian edge, and military structure, Miguel Antoinne seems to be designing with the phrase “being a gentleman never goes out of style” in mind.


Don’t say I didn’t warned you.

The Fly Guys were blown away by the Fall 2009 Collection from Miguel Antoinne.

Seriously, FLY on another level. Take that off and wrap it up please, to go.

Inspired by the 1920’s Prohibition era, Miguel’s collection could not come at a better time. The gentlemen are stepping it up in a major way. Do you see the collar on that jacket?

Every piece is dope, especially-That vest, Bananas.

This Shirt drove me crazy, Miguel we are setting up a showroom appointment today.

Dopeness. This Military spin he puts on is incredible and the attention to detail makes every piece quite classic.

A tailored look is always the way to go.

I mean, really. I’d wear it every day, LOL!

My favorite Shirt in the Collection.


Miguel and his Models. Seriously, that shirt with the leather sleeve on the left.

The Fly Guys and Miguel.

Look out for Miguel Antoine in the near future.

info @

-Stay FLY!

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The girls were out for the Baby Phat Fall 09 Collection, last night in NY.

Luv the girls.

As usual Kimora had some black star power on deck for the festivities.

I digg when Teyana Glams up but this Hair style is awful. I get the hat and the direction-but-No. Chuck the hat pull all that hair back and keep it movin…

Diggy was there-Fly in Dee & Ricky accessories.

Um excuse me, Dee & Ricky where is my heart? It’s not arrived yet. *hmph*

Chrisette, Teyana and Monica sat front row. Good Look for them.

Someone let Ray J in.

Mario was there.

Our Homie Claire of The Fashion Bomb was in the building and did a candid interview with Monica, in which Monica reveals her upcoming BET reality Show and accompanying album (In true Keyshia Cole fashion).

Check it out..



-Stay FLY!