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Attention Artists, Graphic designers and/or talented Fly People Who are Dope with Design. As we gear up for the all new SFPL we are in need of a Fly Logo. We have received a few submissions and would like to expand our options by including the Fly people who visit daily. We Know that you may be able to assist us and increase your portfolio or that of someone you know. 

SFPL is a unique Blog that gives you Fashion, Music and Entertainment-With Over 160,000 Monthly Visits (and Counting…)-having your name attached to that would be a good look.

All interested Individuals please hit us up at for info and submissions. We will close the contest on 2/21/2009.

Good Luck & Thanks in Advance!


-The Fly Guys!


-Stay FLY!

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Many of you are asking why we are not doing more coverage on the Chris Brown Investigation. We don’t really do Gossip @ SFPL-and they’ve really not released enough facts for us to report. There are several stories floating around each one being more alarming then the one before.

It’s all too much.

We do firmly believe that Chris is innocent until it’s proven other wise.

We sincerely hope all parties involved are strong enough to endure this circus. Living your life in the public eye has it’s benefits and it’s setbacks.

The Gift and the Curse.

When the facts float to the top-we will discuss…

-Stay FLY!