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What exactly does Fly feel like?

To two young Brooklyn residents, fly feels like thousands of readers pulsing at their every blog post, dressing the industry’s elite and front row at Fashion Week. Then again when you dare to make yourself the gate-keepers of all things Fly, you’d better be able to back it up. And Rae Holliday and Gabriel Williams are doing just that.

Rae and Gabe – also known as ‘The Fly Guys’ – have been on a path towards greatness their entire lives – long before they began their award-winning blog,

Gabriel confesses music is his first love. Hailing from a family of singers, Williams majored in Music Business in Miami-Dade Community College but knew his future held many things far from the grasp of his native Florida. In 2003, Gabe moved to LA where he got his start in the industry by meeting a plethora of entertainment affiliates. But after a brief stay in Los Angeles, Williams followed his gut to the East Coast, where he continued working with the following clients, singing background and partaking in styling/image consulting with the likes of Hezekiah Walker, Kirk Franklin, Nona Gaye, Tami Chynn & more. Who knew that in NY, he would meet the man that would become his best friend and business partner.

Rae Holliday is the kind of man you can’t help but notice – Perhaps its his beaming smile, his cutting-edge attire or the way he’s able to say exactly what everyone else is thinking, hilariously. But behind the larger-than-life personality is a Bed-Stuy native with a BA in Criminal Justice. A former background dancer (for the likes of Brandy), Holliday was born for entertainment. Raised in strict household, Rae found himself drawn to the latest fashions, amongst his peers Holliday became the go-to for trends and commentary. However it wasn’t until Rae met Gabe that he’d find the missing piece to the puzzle.

In 2007, both wanting to find a creative outlet behind their corporate jobs, Williams and Holliday launched – a blog fearlessly tackling the latest in Fashion, Music, Dance and of course social events.

The response was immediate and nearly three years later, The Fly Guys divide their time between their own lives – Williams’ working in corporate America while Holliday’s moving quickly into the world of on-camera personalities – and a jam-packed social calendar to some of the most exclusive events in NYC.

The balance between them is obvious, while Rae is quick to entertain and engage, Gabe works diligently to make sure the ‘T’s’ are crossed and every ‘I’ is dotted. They’ve found a way to seamlessly merge their own personal passions into a witty and informative web page that continues to grow leaps and bounds. was named ‘Best Fashion Blog’ by the Black Weblog Awards, featured in Essence and The Fly Guys were also featured in Rocawear’s Tenth Anniversary ad campaign.

Holliday has become the Fashion Editor of and Signature Hitz Magazine and both he and Williams are regular contributors to, and

So what does Fly feel like?

Right now, to Rae and Gabe, Fly feels pretty good.

(Words By Jasmine Waters)

-Rae Holliday (The Stylish)

-Gabriel Williams (The Stylist)


Team SFPL; Amber, Lauren, Sean Shernita and Bernard.


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Typo above what up E I’m glad u came up with a way 2 make ur sneaker addiction look sane lol ur putting the knowlegde 2 use lets extinct those bootleg retro Jordan wearing motherf%@kers


Just came across ur site while researching ‘Swagger’ 4 a vid I’m working on, what can I say…. Amazing! You’ve got it spot on! V. up2date, V. Current, V. Fresh, V. Fly & EXTREME Swagger on another Level. Thank you so much, u know I’ll be checking on ur site every day……keep you in check (LOL)…. Merry Christmas!