Justin Timberlake Reveals The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2) Tracklist

Justin Timberlake has social media and fans at a buzz, as he reveals part 2 of 2 of his musical recipe ‘The 20/20 Experience.’

JT tagged along to the IG video train and gave fans a few of his track-listing titles, track-by-track, and then ending it off with a final video showing the entire song selections via his sketch book. Take a look below…

1 Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)
2 True Blood
3 Cabaret
4 T.K.O.
5 Take Back the Night
6 Murder
7 Drink You Away
8 You Got It On
9 Amnesia
10 Only When I Walk Away
11 Not a Bad Thing


Expect the release to hit on Sept. 30th! 

Also, catch JT at this year’s VMA‘s held at The Barclays in Brooklyn, where he holds the nominating title for 6 Moon Men’s including ‘Video of The Year’ for his hit single “Mirrors”. 

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