Cassidy Fights Back With “Control Freestyle”, Praises Kendrick Lamar for His “Heart”

Known for his punchlines and feisty freestyles, Cassidy steps into the ring of “Control” and speaks on few of Kendrick Lamar‘s quotes (whom he praises for his “heart”), and even seem to take a few subliminal tags at rapper Meek Mill, once again. Check it out below…

“I got excited,” Cassidy said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “I was happy when I heard, you know, Kendrick Lamar had the heart to say the things that he said or do the things that he did because I’m a pure Hip Hop head. I can vibe off with certain rappers, but I’m really Hip Hop. I started off, you know, battling and being in thousands of cyphers and running the streets and just rapping is what I do. You know what I’m saying. I didn’t get in the game to be successful or to wear jewelry and drive cars. I got in the game because I really love Hip Hop.”

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