Randomonium: Rapper DMX Arrested for DUI


At this point, I think we’ve lost count of how many mug shoots that rapper DMX has conceived. Yet again, the estranged talent has been arrested on another DUI charge.


According to TMZ:

Highway patrol picked up DMX — real name Earl Simmons — Friday around 3 AM ET for allegedly driving under the influence.X was in and out of the Greenville County Detention Center pretty quickly … around 4 AM ET. He’s experienced.DMX has more than a dozen arrests under his belt now — and was last busted in February for driving without a license, also in South Carolina where he lives now.

It’s been a long awaited period for DMX to really get himself together and get back with his family where he belongs. It’s never too late and hopefully things will work out for him eventually. But he has to make an extreme effort, especially if he wants his life back.

All we can do is pray about it. 


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