The Daily Word: Kanye West & Britney Spears Both Attacked The Same Pap

We had a feeling that Kanye West knew his head-locked pap pretty well. Seems like Dano (the pap) is known quite well amongst the land of celebrities.

Let’s go back in the archives…remember when Britney Spears took Mary Popppins green umbrella and went ballistic on someone’s car? Well that someone happens to be Dano…

the same individual that irritated Kanye just the other day, and of course, Ye wasn’t going down without a fight! Looks like Mr. Dano has been making a fortune off of celebs — even Britney’s umbrella. 

According to TMZ:

The pap — who goes by the name Dano — was on the receiving end of crazy Britney’s Mary Poppins-style attack back in 2007.  The word on the street was that Dano was more than a tad aggressive.

After the umbrella incident … Dano put the umbrella (she left it on the street and he picked it up) on eBay.  He also put the Ford Explorer she dented on the website and the bidding reached more than $30k.  

But those figures are small potatoes … we’re told he also raked in a fortune from his video of the incident. 

I hate to say it…But Dano needed a good ass whoppin’…just saying. He had it coming. It was quite obvious that Kanye knew this guy personally. 

But Ye, let’s be easy on the other paps…shall we! 


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