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Just like that I forgot what a Jordan V grape was once I saw these bad boys last night. LeBron James unveiled his MVP edition of his signature shoe line last night while being present his 4th MVP title in 5 years before last nights Heat vs.Bulls matchup.  The shoe definitely STANDS OUT from the rest just like it’s wearer as he is definitely right now in a class by himself on the basketball court. The unique combination of colors and the fact that left and right shoe are completely different will definitely make this shoe easily well sought after.LeBron graced the first half of the game in these shows and then switched to his elite version of LeBron X’s but everyone took notice the whole first half of the sneakers.  This one might be up there with the south beach 8’s as far as rarity so if you get your hands on a pair consider yourself LUCKY!  Peep some more images of this amazing piece of footwear below.

One of my favorite details!



Two different shoes and the MVP tag dope!


Even the insoles are different.


LeBron graced the Heat home court for the entire first half with these bad boys.


The vibrant LEBRON X MVP shoe fuses the unique colorways and designs of each style in the LEBRON X series, which James debuted in August 2012. The design details, including MVP on the shoe tongue, weave the story of James’s incredible journey over the past year. It’s a path that has seen him striving for excellence by perfecting his shooting efficiency, assists and rebounds to cut through defense effectively as an individual and as a team. Along the way, James has traveled from the courts of London to the hardwood arena of Miami, achieving victory in an extraordinary 27-game winning streak.

With the release of the LEBRON X MVP shoe, Nike pays tribute to a player who has earned his place in basketball history through his unwavering dedication to the pursuit of greatness.

The LEBRON X MVP shoe will be available in limited quantities at select retailers in North America and China soon.

I NEED THIS! Y’all feeling LeBron’s MVP Edition sneaker?

Stay Fly!

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