Fly Album Download: Kevin Michael – ‘brainwa$h’

SFPL would like to introduce you to singer-songwriter Kevin Michael! He recently released his ambitious project ‘Brainwa$h’ which he calls a meditative mixtape. If Prince and Andre 3000 had a love child, Kevin Michael would be the result.
Kevin Michael has always been at a watchful eye here at SFPL. His talent and musicality is probably the most impeccable package that we have seen in a long time. ‘brainwa$h’ is not only just an album but the bible to find what was once lost…yourself. Get back to the basics, find yourself, love yourself and the rest will follow. Don’t get ‘brainwashed’. 
We’re so surrounded by consumption, especially with this genre of music. It’s inescapable, but instead of getting brainwashed and losing touch with who we are, let’s wash our brains, and take our feelings and thoughts back.
The new meditative mixtape by yours truly. If you aren’t familiar with my music, feel free to download at your own leisure + enjoy. If you ARE familiar with my work however, you know I don’t do anything half-assed. With that being said, I strongly suggest you make a donation to the “keep a biracial boy alive” foundation. What’s $1 for almost forty minutes of music? Please, have a heart…and in exchange I’ll give you my art.


Listen to album and download today!

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