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Recently, Queen’s based Alternative Hip-Hop band the Oxymorrons debuted their new music video “Alone” exclusively on MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog. Written and produced by Oxymorrons and White Indian, Alone is the first single from the band’s forthcoming EP, ‘4 Fun & Games,’ due out later on this summer.

Written in honor of a friend who committed suicide, Alone is 100% pure, unfiltered honesty about pushing through a time when you feel there’s no one you can to turn to for help. The video, directed by Jasmin Williams, niece of the legendary director Hype Williams, illustrates the heavy emotional content while staying true to the bands platform of positivity. When asked about what went into making the video, Jasmin explains,

“Me and these guys have known each other for years, so when the timing was right and the opportunity presented itself, it was a quick and easy yes; no hesitation. We went a completely different route for this video than I think their fans are used to. I really wanted to expose a side of the Oxys that the song reveals; I just wanted to match the intensity of the song visually.”





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