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“I am an actor, an aspiring actor, a musician, an artist, a songwriter, an artist, completely…that’s who Luke james is…” -Luke James

Mr. Luke James has been a rising star for quite sometime now, he’s a part of a new wave of artist who pride themselves on making great quality music, that everyone can enjoy. If you’ve ever heard him live, you know JUST what we mean! Therefore, there should be no surprise as to why we chose Luke to cover the April/May Digital Cover of Stuff Fly People Like! Luke exudes what the fly people like, The BET Music Matters Artist has already won over the likes of Clive Davis as a member of the duo Luke & Q, is LOVED and appreciated by the King Of The World,  Beyoncé, who has taken Luke on the road with her, a feat not many artist can own the bragging rights too!  He has written hits for the likes of Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, has dazzled us all with his hit single “I Want You” and captivated us with his first EP, entitled # Luke. With the release of his current single ‘I.O.U.’ and fresh off of appearances on the Wendy Williams Show & BET’s 106th & Park, Luke is quite a busy man, but he graciously took the time out to spread the Fly cause!

SFPL caught up with soulful crooner the day after he wrapped his scenes for the forthcoming movie, ‘Black Nativity’ in which he stars in alongside Mary J. Blige, Angela Bassett and Oscar winning vocalist Jennifer Hudson. On location at one of Harlem’s most fashionable boutique’s, Harlem Haberdashery, Luke shot an amazing fashion spread with a Modern Day Harlem Renaissance Theme, styled by Celebrity Stylist, Louis Johnson. Come on in and step into the spread and interview of our newly appointed “Mr. Stuff Fly People Like.”

SFPL: For those who aren’t familiar with you, in one sentence, who is Luke James?

Luke: I don’t know who Luke James is. He is an entertainer and an artist. He is an actor, musician, a songwriter and a lover. That could all change tomorrow. I could become a billionaire!

If you could change one things about the current state of R&B/Soul music, what would it be?

I would change radio and the people who are running things. I think they need to be more open to music and play different types of music and artists. Some artists will never be known or get their music heard beyond their hometown and I think if we can get to a place where we are open and allow others to express themselves and be heard,  someone would love it. I just wish radio played more variety in their songs and not the same 7 songs all the time. I wish the old heads would be more open to us and what we are offering. We want and are striving for more.

 (Wool / Cotton Herringbone Blazer and Wool Cashmere Trouser w/Navy / Purple Gingham Shirt – All 5001 Flavors,*sold at Harlem Haberdashery Boutique Harlem, NY Navy Felt Fedora Hat; Navy Bowtie; Pocket Square & Classic Green Patent Gucci Loafer – Stylist own Stripe Sock: Hot Sox PR for Ralph Lauren hoisery)

What does the term “Fly” mean to you?

To me, “Fly” means/is a matter how I feel and that I feel great in what it is that I have on. I can’t leave the house unless I have something on that’s giving me wings. I know that sounds cliché’, but it gives you that confidence; it makes me feel good. Someone that has something that’s just awesome and they exude it and everyone around them can see it.

Describe your personal style in three words.

I would describe my personal style as comfortable, classic, and strong.

(Wool Gaberdine Blazer, Silk Shantung FrenchCuffed shirt, Emerald Green Euro cut Trouser, All 5001 flavors * sold at Harlem Haberdashery boutique, Blackwatch Plaid Caumberbaun and Pool Table cuff links: Stylist own)

Who did admire style wise growing up?

I admired Prince and his confidence. Some of the outfits he wore, like the pants with the ass out, you have to have confidence to pull that off! You have to be confident and if you believe it everyone else will. Women loved it and still love it! Its all a feeling and that’s all apart of what makes your personal style yours.

What would you like someone to say about you and your music 10 years from now?

I would like to people to say it inspired someone to be who they are. Be who they want to be and not what everyone else wants you to be. If you want to be in love, then be in love. Whatever is, do it if that’s what you feel. It would guide them in that direction. Be in love with something that’s forever.

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What’s next for Luke James?

I’m just going to go ahead and put this out in the universe: going on tour, movies, more acting in general. More music, free and not for free. I want to give people the music that they want, regardless. Living and loving, and making my mother proud.

 Step into our Behind-The-Scenes Footage From The Shoot Below …

-Stay Fly!

All of our love and affection goes to our SFPL Magazine Team;

Cover & Spread: Jerome Shaw

Videographer: Candita Semone

Behind-The-Scenes Photography: Bernard Smalls

Stylist & Image Maker: Louis Johnson 

Make-Up: Patricia Ambroise 

Cover Director: Andrew Fennell


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