Ya’ll gon’ learn today.

I see ya’ll done made Hov Mad! Fresh from his trip to Cuba, Jay-Z surprises the streets with a new song, which he premiered on Hot 97 this morning. With the super team of both producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland (OMG), Jay’s “Open Letter” Bangs!

Hov takes this time to address all his recent drama including his criticized trip to Cuba, defends his ownership of the Brooklyn Nets and his new deal with Universal.

He goes in a bit and there is one lyric that gets me to thinking …

“We almost wanna start a revolution/ You know whenever I’m threatened, I start shootin’,” raps Mr. Carter. “The world’s under new management, the new role model, fuck the Zoolander shit.”

Zoolander? Hmmmmm

According to Swizz Beatz, “[Beyoncé] came in the studio and Just Blaze came in the studio and this thing just extended to another level,” he told Hot 97. “The whole thing started with me making a track in Jay’s office, and it just led to ‘Open Letter’ and people learning about things today.”

Hear Jay fire off shots below … 

-Stay Fly!

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