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Notable singer/songwriter, RL, debuts the video to his first single, “Boo’d Up” featuring Big Play Entertainment label mate and fellow Minnesota native, Taylor J, off of his upcoming sophomore album, “5:15”; so named for the actual time of his birth. Check it out below…

Although RL has a legacy of hits to his credit both as Next’s predominant songwriter and penman for household names like Jamie Foxx, Lloyd and Ginuwine, he has plans to work “Boo’d Up” and “5:15” as if they were his first efforts.

When asked why recently, RL had this to say:

“I think a lot of times artists get relaxed and take their fan base for granted. I don’t want to do that. I want to take it back to how I felt as a new artist. When I really look back, that’s when it was the most enjoyable, when I was innocent and didn’t know about the politics. When I wasn’t afforded certain things like ‘I need to have this or I need this room or this flight’, different things that don’t make the music what it needs to be. The hustle and the struggle makes it, so I wanted to go back to that hunger.”

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