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It was pure pandemonium as Mindless Behavior held a special screening for their newly released Documentary ‘All Around The World’ on this past Tuesday, March 12th at the NYC 34th street AMC Theater. The actual documentary made it’s official debut on today and the fellas of MB are very excited about their new venture. Check it out below as the fellas spoke with Gabriel Williams of SFPL

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On what we could expect from the movie:

MB (Ray Ray): “You get to see us working, our personal side, behind the scenes behavior and real life problems that we have. We want people to see that we’re still normal individuals.”

On their personal style:

Princeton – “Ever since I joined the group, I’ve always loved to stand out in everything that I do. And I love the hippie movement, the rocker style type clothing (you will never catch me without a rocker shirt) and I love couture. A lot of my inspiration is couture artwork.”

Roc Royal – “What really inspires my style is looking up to other artists and what they wear. Like Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, I look at their styles and make them into my own. I freestyle a lot of my clothing ideas, put them together and make them look dope.”

Ray Ray – “My style describes me – i’m a really an edgy individual. I’m very free. I don’t care what people think about me at all. Whatever they think is none of my business. When I dress, I don’t dress with the mind frame of what people are going to think of me from the outside. So you will catch me always being super fly, long tees, big jackets to express myself and show the world what fashion is really about.”

Prodigy – “With my style you can catch me looking very fly one day and the next day, just really chillin. Honestly, I don’t dress up that much. Normally, I just throw-on what I feel like wearing on any particular day. When I feel like wearing something creative then I will rock it that day as well. You’ll catch me just wearing clothes – let’s put it like that! I just be chillin! (says Prodigy as he laughs jokingly)”

On the pressure of being followed by cameras during the taping:

MB (Roc Royal) – During the documentary they actually started filming during the Nicole Scherzinger tour, which was overseas. There was one instance where we were on the plane and the camera came out of nowhere, and was immediately in Ray Ray’s face. In the process, it kinda took us by surprise and we almost yelled out ‘SECURITY’! (says Roc as he laughs with the rest of MB).

“We had no clue what they were filming for the movie but later our manager told us that the filming process would become a documentary about MB. During the process, it was kinda weird to me at first but we got use to it and became very close with the producers as well, so that was very cool.”

**Ray Ray also mentioned that he is quite the prankster of the group and that its not on purpose but it just happens (as he laughs). A special shout-out to Ray for giving Gabriel props on his Brooklyn Nets “Brownstone” custom studded snapback, which was designed by Gabriel himself! The kid has good taste! 🙂

Peep ‘All Around The World’ movie trailer below…


Teen r&b/hip-hop boy band ‘Mindless Behavior’ has been stirring up a frenzy wherever they go, singing and dancing their way into the hearts of millions as they travel across the US on their first major headlining tour. Coming from humble roots and rising to super stardom, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, Princeton and Prodigy hit the road for the biggest tour of their lives. From their early aspirations of becoming stars to fulfilling their wildest dreams, this concert documentary captures the movement that is ‘Mindless Behavior,’ which reminds us all that with hard work, confidence and the ability to embrace and celebrate your own individuality, we can all be ‘Mindless’ 24/7.

Don’t forget to check out Mindless Behavior’s ‘All Around The World’ in theaters today! Make sure you go out and support!

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