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You asked and she listened, Today Tweet breaks back into mainstream with her long awaited EP titled, ‘Simply Tweet’. Embodying five tracks that reintroduce the singer’s voice over live instruments. The sessions are reminiscent of your first kiss, up close and personal. While your living room transforms into a comfortable bistro with an amazing sound system. You close your eyes and without warning, Tweet’s voice glides through the music like water. 


The huge turnout at Mr. H for Tweet’s listening party, this past week, reaffirmed the artist’s direction in keeping it R&B….simply R&B. Editor and Chief of Vibe Vixen – Nicole McGloster called the music “refreshing” and reminded her how Tweet first made her feel as an artist. Lenny Green, of WBLS‘s ‘The Quiet Storm’, said that “Enough” was a powerful song with a powerful message that women needed to hear.
The singer revealed that she is putting the final touches on her album set to release later this year and her reason for releasing the EP is simply for her fans. Its evident we can’t seem to get “Enough” of Tweet and the EP puts voice to the first step in her journey to recovering from heartbreak and rediscovering her own worth.
Twitter #Hashtag #SimplyTweet @Ms_Hummingbird

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