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Newcomer Mike Check, will be releasing his EP, ‘Stars, Dreams & Elbow Grease’, this upcoming Friday via Check out more info below…

“This project represents a new breed of individuals.  It embodies a different lifestyle than what we’ve been accustomed to hearing about. One that goes against the grain and challenges people to reach higher.  One that is adverse to those with a lack of substance.  My message to all of those that listen: Shoot for the STARS, follow your DREAMS, and put in a little ELBOW GREASE.” – Mike Check
“Everyone has been asking me, where have you been hiding this kid?!” – The Red Carpet Hero

“This isn’t fancy features or a new gimmick. It’s just about celebrating new talent.” – Kazeem Famuyide of HHW

“Your rep precedes you. You are very, very, very, very good…your flow is retarded.” – Lenny S (VP of A&R, Def Jam)
“This is what you do, from top to bottom….lyrically you got it!” – Ian Holder (BMI Associate Director Writer/Publisher Relations) 
Be sure to follow Mike Check on twitter @Check1212

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