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Looks like the fellas of Mobb Deep have hashed out their differences and decided to put the social media drama behind them….


It’s official: hip-hop duo Mobb Deep‘s putting their beef on the back burner … and officially heading out on a 20th anniversary tour later this spring … TMZ has learned.

The duo — a.k.a. Havoc and Prodigy — were entwined in an intense rap feud ever since Havoc tore into Prodigy on Twitter … claiming among other things that Prodigy had engaged in a slew of jailhouse relationships during his 3-year stint in the slammer.

But now, the two rappers have let bygones be bygones … and recently announced they’re headed back on the road together. First stop? The Paid Dues festival in L.A. this March.

Sources close to the group say it’s just the first of many shows — and will act as the unofficial kickoff for their April world tour … where they’ll be celebrating 20 years as a group.

FYI — Mobb Deep’s got a contest going on their Facebook page where they’re looking for a rapper to open an upcoming show. They would have used Twitter, but …

**We’re glad to see them back together again! A very good look! 

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