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Last Night in NYC, Team SFPL attended The ‘Amla Legend’ Presentation, hosted by Co-star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey and the man responsible for First Lady, Michelle Obama‘s bangs, Johnny Wright. Held at the posh retreat spa, AIRE Ancient Baths, the hosts presented the amazing line of Optimum products, while guest & media sipped on cocktails and nibbled on tasty appetizers. 


What we learned:

SoftSheen-Carson Laboratories (the #1 ethnic hair care brand in the world), has created an innovative new relaxer and maintenance line designed to primarily rejuvenate your hair through it’s key ingredient: Amla Oil.  What’s Amla Oil? Glad you asked, The oil has been used for thousands of years by Indian women as a natural hair conditioner, and includes vitamin C, proteins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. It build your hair’s strength like no other and the presentation came complete with hair models who tested out the products, and that in itself was quite impressive. 

After the presentation, we caught up with Mrs. Bailey to get the goods on her life as A Real Housewife of Atlanta. Here’s what the beauty had to say;

On Her New Attitude This Season

“I tried to be nice the first and second season, that didn’t work out so well, it’s the third season and I have a business to run … and I’m not having it!”

On Her Evolution From Season One

“When I first came on the show, My Husband and I, we were dealing with all kinds of financial problems, trying to get a wedding done, my mindset was really in a different place. Now I’m all about my business and making sure my life is what I want to be, and I can only entertain the drama but for so long.”


(Gabriel Williams & Rae Holliday posed for a quick picture with Cynthia)

On Her Return To The Modeling Game

“Honey, I never stopped MODELING! I’m 45 and I really own it! And I think I look better than ever!’

On Her Friendship With NeNe

“NeNe’s kinda like my mentor, I love what she’s platformed to do, I think she’s so smart and I’m definitely following in her footsteps! I’ll be very lucky to accomplish as much as she has!”

Step into a few more flicks from the event …

Johnny Wright demonstrates the power of Amla on the hair models.

The hair models get ready for their close up.

Get all the info you need on Amla Legend Right Here.

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[Photos By SFPL Photog Bernard Smalls]

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