The Daily Word: Alicia Keys Might Be Having The Best Week Ever & Chris Brown Can’t Catch A Break…

Looks like Alicia Keys is having the best week ever in the midst of Bey Season!

A Keys just announced that she’ll be taking over the 2013 NBA All-Star Halftime show in Houston.


The NBA just announced that she is slated to perform at the 2013 NBA All Star game during halftime on February 17th. That’s not it,  Ne-Yo will sing during player introductions while John Legend will sing the national anthem.

I’m a little excited to see all of the above.

Mind you, AK was HEAVILY criticized for sitting down at a piano while singing the National Anthem at Sunday’s Super Bowl. She should have known better, say historians who prefer singers to stand upright and proud while singing the Star Spangled Banner.

“It was disrespectful. They had enough time and manpower to think of this before the performance. They could have had her stand at her piano keyboard and sing. To me and a lot of my friends, she sounded great but the visual was wrong,” One morning show producer told The Huffington Post.

Moving On…


Meanwhile, Chris Brown just can’t catch a break …

The L.A. District Attorney has filed a case claiming Chris Brown violated his probation by submitting fake community service records.

According to TMZ, the DA has filed a case claiming Chris violated probation by lying about completing his community service requirements.

The D.A. is calling Chris’ documentation sloppy and fraudulent and asking the judge to reject Chris’ alleged Virginia community service hours and make him fulfill his obligation in L.A.

And one key administrator told the D.A. she NEVER saw Chris perform any work. *sighs*

TMZ  gave a rundown of his violations and this ain’t looking so good …

— The Frank Ocean fight at the recording studio
— Brown testing positive for pot
— Failing to obtain a travel permit
— Allegedly grabbing and throwing a fan’s phone in Miami
— Throwing a chair through a window at “Good Morning America”

I’m not sure if Chris is gonna get off easily on this one. :-/

Till Tomorrow! Back to work …

-Stay Fly!

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