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As Bey Season kicks into FULL GEAR, the Bee Hive is anxiously anticipating the Hurricane thats about to touchdown in New Orleans, Louisiana, for Superbowl XLVII !!

As King Bey rehearses up a storm for her highly anticipated performance, WE THE FLY PEOPLE, have a few concerns.

We are pretty sure that this performance WILL be great, but we just have to make sure. We have created a list of things we really need in order to make Bey’s Superbowl performance the best ever! Like ever EVER.

Here are 5 Things The Fly People Want Out Of Beyoncé’s Superbowl Performance …


5. We’d Like, This To Be Blue Ivy’s First Public Appearance.

We may be young, but we’re READY! Now come on Team Bey, enough is enough, LET US SEE OUR GOD CHILD!

She’s been wrapped up for over a year, bring her out of hiding! All of her babysitters are gonna be there at the same damn time … You got Kelly, Michelle, Jay & Tina on deck, so lace up her baby Louboutin’s and throw her on somebody’s shoulders because the people want to see her!




4. We’d like, 1000 Dancers!



Yes, I’m serious.

Not 100, not 205 … 1000! We’ve seen a dozen, we’ve seen over twenty … and saw about 100 during Her Billboard performance, now WE PRAY FOR INCREASE!

You have the entire Superdome to utilize, grab some extra cheerleaders, hold auditions, take youtube submissions, DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO! We need you to reach higher HEIGHTS with this performance, so fly them in from Japan or Harlem, because we need this to be epic!


3. We’d Like, A New Performance Sequence 

Bey, please do NOT begin with “Crazy In Love” or end with “Single Ladies”… PLEASE!  Spare us the Destiny’s Child medley that goes from Star Search to “Survivor”! And for Christ Sake leave Ave Maria and that white dress where you found her! WE KNOW IT ALL BY HEART BEY! We know every ad-lib and piece of choreography associated with it and honestly …


Give us a new order. SURPRISE US! We know you can do it!


2. We’d Like, Solange Knowles or LeToya Luckett to perform as the fourth member of Destiny’s Child.


We’re serious BEY!

We know it’s too unrealistic to expect Farah Franklin to stop folding the laundry or Latavia to be granted permission to come 20 feet near Beyonce to be included in the Destiny’s Child Reunion portion (we KNOW they are performing … they ain’t fooling NOBODY) but Solange has earned her STRIPES and LeToya has been practicing for this moment for YEARS! LET SOMEBODY COOK! I’m telling you, the World would be like ….


Oh S&*^ !!!


1. We’d Like, A New Single & Album/World Tour Dates.

There is NO WAY humanly possible that tomorrow’s performance can end without a brand new Beyonce single. Nope. There will be no better time … NONE! With the World watching, what other time would be so perfect? We need a new single, album dates and a new tour announcement. We trust that the Beyonce Machine is ready to crank this info out, because if they don’t …. that would be incredibly dumb.


Make us proud Bey!


Remember, Matthew WILL BE WATCHING …

-Stay Fly!

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