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Wherever there’s conflict, you’ll find Erica.

It seems like our Spanish Fly, is the antagonist this season. Not only does she offend us with her basic fashions and raspy vocals

She isn’t happy about Lore’l‘s comments about her kicking the father of her child in the neck. Although that along with being a cashier girl at The Dash boutique, and showcasing her assets is her claim to fame!  Cutting Lore’l off would be too mature for Erica so instead she meets up with her ex-friend with lots of attitude. Erica proudly brags, “I’m the type of female that ain’t scared of nothing.” Lore’l doesn’t think being crazy is cute. “It’s not about being scared it’s about looking crazy,” Lore’l told her. This only enrages Erica more. “I brought it up to give you life,” Erica said angrily. “Your lifeline is dead.” And so is their faux friendship.

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At the park Yandy and Mendeecees talk about moving into a bigger house now that they’re parents of a newborn. Specifically he wants a house where Yandy’s mother doesn’t live upstairs. “She keep flying down the stairs every five minutes,” he said. He doesn’t bite his tongue and told Yandy her mother is annoying. She doesn’t mind her mother being around.

I mean, you need someone to help with the baby, when your live in boyfriend is playing Call Of Duty, on camera at that! Yandy wants the big happy family including her mom and her mom’s husband living with them. Hey, it works every day in various cultures.

Joe wants to smooth things over with Raqi, but Raqi she’s still upset and hurt. “On drugs it’s a lot easier to not give a f—.” “Your mind is fried. What do you want from me? Because I wipe my hands of you,” he said. Raqi can’t let go. What can’t you let go? The friendship or the relations that came with the friendship? “I’m disgusted beyond belief with you. My stomach turns to sit here with you.” Joe doesn’t get why she’s so distraught. “Are you secretly in love with me?” Again, Joe Budden is not a prize. he asks. Raqi brushes it off by calling him delusional. Is that a yes or no?

The barber shop for black men is where all great (and not so great) conversations are had.Consequence and Rich Dollaz have a song idea for Olivia, and Rich uses this as his opportunity to get publicity for Erica. “We ain’t out here trying to pretend she’s no Mariah Careyor Whitney Houston, so we just need a party joint,” Rich said. As long as they know.

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Mendeecees took matters into his own hand and not the PS3 controller by talking to a realtor about purchasing a bigger house. Yandy is quite content in her already-paid-for condo. “We are pretty much shacking up with a child…why would I want to buy a home with my boyfriend?”

Yandy admits she doesn’t know if he’s serious about their commitment half the time, which makes her leery of getting a house with him without a ring. “Come on let’s go get married,” he said. “What was that your proposal?”

Yandy’s leery of a marriage or moving into a bigger house because she has reservations about him “liking” booty shots on Instagram. When Yandy found out about his extracurricular activities on social media she threw an iPad at his face while he was sleep. Perhaps a wedding right now isn’t the best idea. Mendeecees disagrees.

“This is the most happiest moment of my life so I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that,” he said. “Now let’s talk about this pre-nup,” he joked. “Who said I’m marrying you?” Yandy responded. “You marrying me. You ain’t gonna say no.”

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Rich booked a studio session for Olivia with Consequence to record a song he wrote and produced. Liv isn’t feeling the record. “She rap now?”


Olivia asked sarcastically. “Olivia wouldn’t do a record with Erica Mena,” she said firmly. Why is Liv talking in first person?

“I was just trying to get you on the radio,” said Consequence. Oooh, shots fired!


“I’ll be on the radio without your record.” Consequence is over Olivia saying no and promptly leaves the studio.


Tahiry is summoned back into Joe’s life by his mom, Faye. Because of his relapse his mom wants to make sure he has Tahiry as a support system. “It’s hard because him being around me isn’t really too good for me,” Tahiry said. That doesn’t keep her from agreeing to be there for him. “I don’t know what to do; I don’t know how to help him.”

Erica’s always mad. Shouldn’t Rich be mad because of her behavior? Erica chastises Rich for his reaction to her rudeness at the club the other night. “When I told you it was time to go that was your cue it was time for us to go,” she said. He wants Erica to stop meddling in how he handles his business and worry about how she conducts herself in public. Erica’s M.O. is spazzing in public, for example at a red carpet event during Fashion Week. In the middle of their conversation Consequence comes in to let Rich know Olivia refused to do the song. “It was the worst session I’ve ever had in my life,” Consequence said. Erica’s mad Rich is laughing at Olivia’s behavior instead of doing something about it. “Not only is she not loyal, she don’t want to put in the work.”

“Why am I getting f—– phone calls, yo, about you walking out of sessions?” Rich asks Liv at her house. Olivia’s clear that she didn’t want to do the song and she’s not going to do it. The two scream at each other over the collaboration with Erica. Olivia isn’t going to record the song; Rich is trying to force her. “And being in a good place does not include cutting a wack record that doesn’t amount to what Olivia wants to do.”

Again, why is Olivia talking in first person?


“Cut the f—– record, yo.” How the two work together with such hostile communication is beyond us.

It’s Ramadan and Consequence is fasting. Jen’s not fasting but her tears would make one believe she is. “You’re crying, and I’m fasting. How does that work?” he asks. Amen Consequence.

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Tahiry and Joe’s mom stop by Joe’s house to offer him support. Joe finally gives Tahiry the apology she’s been waiting on. “I’m holding myself fully accountable for the damage I may have done. I’ve hurt you, so I’m apologizing.” Too bad she doesn’t really believe him. “I don’t like how your eyes look right now.”

She accuses him of being high two days ago. Joe avoids the topic, but he’s ready to move forward with treatment.

Yandy’s event for her jewelry line Everything Girls Love turns into a catty verbal fight because Erica shows up with attitude, as usual. Olivia blames Yandy for bringing “this bird” into the circle. “I said Rich get money. I didn’t say Rich get in the bed,” Yandy clarified. Erica walks in on a milli. “You took a picture with his enemy,” she rambles. Yandy’s getting upset, rightfully so, because Erica’s causing a problem at her event. “You walked into my event and you came to cause a problem?”

Yandy snatched her wig!


Erica has the audacity to tell Yandy she can leave. What world does this chick live in?

“No, no, this is my event. You can leave,” Yandy corrected. “I’m telling you you’re not gonna discuss this here at my event.” Erica stands, getting louder and louder. “I do what I want when I want,” Erica yells. After insulting Olivia on the state of her career, telling Yandy she had no business stepping in–even though it’s her event–she continues arguing. Finally Liv and Yandy walk off leaving her to argue with herself. Smart women.



-Stay Fly!

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