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TMZ always reaches out to us with the exclusives! Check them out below!


Seriously, who died and left Kid aka Chris Reid in charge of the hip-top fade committee??


Via TMZ:

Michelle Obama‘s flat-top rocking nephew needs to get with the times — so says one of the greatest flat-top rockers ever … Kid from Kid ‘n Play … who tells us, the hairstyle is embarrassingly out of fashion and needs to die.

In case you weren’t watching … news cameras captured “First Nephew” Avery Robinson sporting a hi-top fade while watching his uncle Barack get sworn in for the second time yesterday.


But Kid — real name Chris Reid — tells us, it’s a throwback ‘do that never should’ve happened … “I think that flat-tops should not come back … It’s an old style that now looks stupid to me.”

Kid added, he doesn’t want to “blatantly bash anyone” … but said Avery needs “to get out of the time warp.”

Little does Kid know — the flat-top is enjoying a massive resurgence in sports … especially in the NBA, where pros like Brandon Jennings and Iman Shumpert have resurrected the classic hairstyle.

So we gotta ask …


Now this was nice of Rih-Rih! 


Rihanna knows EXACTLY how to please a man … especially if that man is a waiter, because on Friday she gave one lucky server in Hollywood the biggest tip of his food-slangin’ career. 

It all went down at the Laugh Factory comedy club — Rihanna was there with 6 of her friends … downing drinks and listening to Dane Cook tell “jokes” on stage.  

But when the bill came … a measly $80 … we’re told Rihanna asked her waiter what the biggest tip he ever received was. He said $100 … so Rihanna slapped $200 into his hand and replied, “Now I’m your biggest tip.”

If only he said $1,000…


Let’s hope Bobbi Kris can keep her car in one piece this time…sigh. 


Bobbi Kristina has finally gotten rid of the black Chevy Camaro she smashed up on multiple occasions — replacing the car with something she believes is MUCH safer to drive … TMZ has learned.

According to sources close to Whitney Houston’s daughter, the girl purchased a 2013 Lexus IS 250 right before Christmas — and is telling friends she feels much more comfortable driving the new car than she did the Camaro.

Bobbi feels the visibility in the new whip is a LOT better — which might help lead to fewer accidents.

As we reported, Bobbi crashed her old Camaro multiple times — first into her boyfriend’s parked car, then into several trees on a Georgia embankment. She was also involved in a third accident in the Camaro, riding in the passenger seat.

Unfortunately, chances are it’s the driver … not the car.


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