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Dawn Richard takes off her Armor and gives us her Golden Heart for Stuff Fly People Like Digital Cover 

Step into our 3rd Digital Cover Featuring Dawn Richard


“My journey isn’t like everyone else’s …but it doesn’t make it any less dope” Dawn Richard has been a part of two successful groups, but her journey as a solo artist is what has captured the hearts of her massive amount of fans. Currently partnered with an independent label for a solo distribution deal, Dawn is putting in twice the work and the world is definitely taking notice. As a mastermind behind her growing business, the singer explains that deciding to go with a distribution deal was just a smarter business decision.

“We don’t have anything against major labels at all…We just chose to do what was best business wise for our company. A lot of times artists aren’t offered the distribution deal unless they already have an album and numbers are coming in and there’s a support system behind it. It just so happened that the movement is so massive that we were able to get an offer that it’s great to have a label look at us, but a distribution deal was even better because the revenue and everything that we do comes straight to us. It’s just when you get cards you’re dealt you just play with the cards you get. You don’t complain about what you don’t have, just play your hand. It just so happens we’ve been dealt a really good hand. It may not be a conventional hand, but we’re in a time where the idea of an artist and a label are changing.”

Dawn proves to be a leading change agent in more ways than one. The influence behind her EP “Armor On” is stressing the importance of fighting in unity instead of settling for anything. Of course the songstress strives to make the listener dance, but most importantly she wants to influence their heart. “I want the hearts to feel the message that we need to fight for that love and passion we used to have for ourselves and each other. I really am just trying to bring worlds together through music. I feel like now we’re in a time where we are very divided, angry, and we hate a lot. I think with my music what I am trying to do is build an army of people who fight for something together instead of against each other. With that inspiration I wanted you to have the “Armor On” to guard yourself and prepare for the battle. What goes on in the album is that we actually stand together and fight for one another on the front line and we’re not fighting against each other, we’re fighting with each other for the people who don’t believe that we’re beautiful enough, great enough, brown enough, or white enough. We do it in a way that isn’t preachy or corny.” Thriving to change the unity of the world through music is a platform that audiences haven’t heard in quite some time. It is simply genius and innovative. I really applaud Ms. Richard for taking time to really care about the conditions of the world. Her positive outlooks are also targeted towards the current state of R&B. Dawn feels as though the genre may be stagnant at the moment because people really only want to hear one type of thing, but it is slowly starting to change. Not having a mainstream label behind her and still having the support of so many fans proves her theory to be true. Fans are choosing to step out and listen to music that challenges them to be socially conscious about the world.

Aside from being an advocate for change, it is safe to say that Dawn Richard is a FLY girl whose music will definitely have you out of your seat. She recently shot the video to her first single off her album and has a promo tour planned to start the end of January, beginning of February. While this journey is still growing, Dawn doesn’t offer advice to up and coming artists because she wants them to take pride in the mess ups and become stronger. “No one gave me advice. I had to figure all this out myself and I thought it was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me. I’m even more prepared now because of all the mess ups, all the bull, and all the wrong decisions that have brought me to this point. I want them to mess up and get rejected. I want them to do all those things and figure it out for themselves. It’s going to make some of the best business men and women out there. It’s going to make them the best artists because it’s going to make them work even harder. ..My journey isn’t like everyone else’s. Mine isn’t that easy, but I’m not mad at it… It doesn’t make it any less dope.”

“This is an innovative stage. When someone gives you the money to make it happen you can’t be creative because it’s already given to you. When you have nothing to work with, you put two twigs together then you can make something happen. That’s when you become smart and innovative because you are pushing yourself. I’d rather push myself any day. Collectively as an artist, Dawn Richard cares about the unity, perseverance, and social conditions of the world and her new album is sure to make her voice heard. Let’s make a statement along with her and support artists who are supporting social change. Ms. Richard we salute you. You are definitely FLY GIRL APPROVED!

Hair: Tywan Williams 

Fashion Stylist: Kendrell Bowman

Stylist Assistant: Marcelle Turner

Make-up: Patricia Ambroise 
Photography: Andrew Fennell
interview & Story By: LaParis Hawkins

-Stay Fly!

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