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Team SFPL was on deck for the premiere for VH1’s Love & Hip Hop 3 last week in NYC. We caught up with new cast member,  Tahiry Jose and chatted with her about what to expect on this upcoming season of the hit reality show. Read on as she talks, Raqi Thunder, Joe Buddens and the new season of Love & Hip Hop ….

SFPL: I’m excited to see you on the new season of LHH. I remember I saw you awhile

back and you just told me to get ready and you’ll see. Now from that first season, it

seemed like you were going to be that pop off this season.

Tahiry: Am I going to be the pop off! What’s the pop off?

I mean as far as the fisticuffs situation?

Nah, its not the fisticuffs, its being real. It’s all about feelings and people

and people are emotional. I do what I feel like doing. I don’t want to come home and

I feel like I should’ve, would’ve, could’ve when I didn’t. Even when I don’t put my

hands on anybody, cause I don’t ever put my hands on anybody, unless you look for

Tahiry. Once you look for Tahiry, it’s going down.

I think that from what I saw from season one that you’re definitely going to

be the one that everybody ends up loving after the show is over only because your

story is so genuine. We can really see that the whole Joe situation hurt and the fact

that you had to walk away and especially difficult watching it especially with the

whole Raqi situation which seems like another situation you had to walk away from,

so what do you want the viewers to walk away knowing about this?

There’s no situation, there never was. You know, thank God for the editing

and the show in general. It makes it seem like I don’t fuck with Raqui because of

Joe. I stopped fucking with Raqui before that and Raqui then rolled over and fucked

with Joe. Not only was I right for dropping you for being that Bitch that rolled over

and going from clique to clique to clique, and that not conducive of what I am trying

to do today in 2013, but you’re rolling over and that’s just what you do and I’m not

talking literally because I don’t know what her and her vagina does, I’m just saying

literally. If you don’t have any friends and you switch friends like you switch underwear

and socks, then that’s motherfucking problem. But was my situation hard, yeah after

the break up, for two years we didn’t speak. He moved on and I moved on. A year

later we connect because after being with somebody, you think you’re over certain

situations not over wanting to be with him, but over it in general. Like you know

what, the past is the past is the past. It wasn’t until I was able to come on the show

and the show put is together, to where I realized that I had some pain and I needed

some answers and I wanted to know why and I’m human and I’m a woman and its

not that I want to be with Joe because I would never. Its more like dog, like what’s

up, what happened? What’s going on?

There was no real closure.

There was closure in which I’m gone, goodbye. It was more like why couldn’t

you get it right if I was so great for you. Every woman feels like, you know every

person in a relationship feels like at one point feels like I did what I could do. Like

why did you hurt me so much, what did I do that was so wrong? And I hate when

men say I was immature, I wasn’t ready. Man, you know how to treat somebody. So

at the end of the day and (some forcing of fate?) I still ha some pain.

So what do you want the viewers to walk away knowing about Tahiry?

I want the viewers to know that not everything is one sided. 

Do you think you were misrepresented when ya’ll use to do the youtube series?

Tahiry: No! I think the viewers understood something. When we did Joe Budden tv

and Tahiry tv, I was the ride or die for Joe Budden. I was riding and dying for what

the fuck I loved.

Are you happy that you get to tell your side of the story now? Because its like

Tahiry disappeared and a lot of people didn’t know.

Nah, I might have not done blogs, but I never disappeared.

I mean as far as suitable girlfriend material?

No fuck that! A man don’t ever identify you as an individual. So fuck the

fact that I never did another blog with Joe. I stayed really on top of my shit. Because

if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here today. I didn’t need Joe. Especially when he told me that

I was just going to be another fat ass and I proved to him that I could still be here

on the show with him and we’re working together. Me and him didn’t say 

lets sign a contract. The same way they called him, they called Tahiry. So I proved to

everybody and every woman out there that feels like they need that rapper, or they

need that little mold, you just gotta do what you gotta do. I don’t think that any of

the viewers need to be told anything. Back then, that was me, today I’m me. what

you see on the screen that’s me. I can only be me and own it. Bugging, crazy, jealous,

I’ll be the first person to say that me. I’m just relatable.

Tune into VH1’s Love & Hip Hop New York every Monday at 8pm for more from the beautiful firecracker. 

-Stay Fly!

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