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This Christmas holiday seemed to be filled with lots of love in the air. Being around family, great friends and a hefty amount of food, makes you often wonder, “why am I not spending it with that special someone”?

Well this holiday week brought up some embedded feelings for celebs like; Chris Brown and Rihanna who were spotted courtside on Christmas Day at a Lakers vs. Knicks game via The Staples Center …

and even new host of ‘BET’s 106 & Park’ and YMCMB signee, rapper Bow Wow.

CB x Rih were pictured enjoying each others company, while dabbling in beer and popcorn, and an intrigue but moderate conversation, paired with cuddle action. It seemed like cameras were flashing the entire game. All eyes were definitely on the beloved, alledged couple. 

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian was busy dodging basketball’s at her courtside seat. She really thought her life flashed before her eyes…

Oh Kim…we love anyway. 

Believed of being photographed after the game, Rihanna hits Instagram with yet another pic that would cause a media frenzy.

But back to the matter at hand…

Love is often duplicated as a wonderful thing, but also as a hard pill to swallow. The transition between dealing with uncontrollable situations can sometimes harm the history of an ongoing love bond. Which in most cases, ends up being a lover’s quarrel. 

But if you understand the meaning of a lover’s quarrel, it particularly involves coming to an agreement, making up and moving along until the next quarrel. But unfortunately, due to gravity – love dissipates….BUT, is never forgotten.  

During the joyous holiday, Bow Wow seem to have been in deep thought and probably took a look at his friend, Chris Brown’s love connection at yesterday’s game, and the next day – woke up, grab his phone and instagramed the above statement, with an old pic of he and Angela Simmons together.

Could that glance of a love connection made Bow Wow ponder back on what once was?

That could be a possibility – but it is also Bow Wow’s business if the thought was enabled by a friends recent interaction. 

Although, Bow and Angela may not have experienced the same exact situation as Chris and Rihanna – but the point remains that there is still an undying love, which both old or existing couples have in common.

You can say that “we’re best friends now”…but that can only work for so long. Eventually, feelings will levitate once again. That statement is only the opposite of how you really feel. 

The morale of the story is that; love can be easily pushed away or ignored. But eventually, comes back in rare form that mentally, you may not be necessarily ready for – but your heart speaks different.  

We here at SFPL believe that love comes back full circle. If you truly believe in your heart that you have an uncontrollable amount of feelings for someone, then there is a strong possibility that you should be with that individual. Hopefully, the feeling is mutual. 

Many judge and point fingers at Chris x Rihanna’s situation, but at the same time have actually participated in the same type of interaction themselves. There is only one judge…and that’s God.

In conclusion, forget what other people may think – you know what works for YOU. 





Bow, Angela, Chris and Rihanna…hope you read this and we wish you all the best, no matter what is going at this very moment or what may happen in the future. Just be real about what you want and remain, happy.

-Gabriel Williams 

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