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Stuff Fly People Like is in a “BK State Of Mind” as Bridget Kelly graces December Digital Cover.

If there is one group that is the forefront for both hip hop and R&B music it is definitely Roc Nation. Housing mega artists such as J.Cole, Melanie Fiona, Rihanna, and Rita Ora, there is one diamond that they have been keeping to themselves. Powerhouse singer Bridget Kelly has been signed to Roc Nation since late 2008 and she is finally here to shake up the music world. Throughout the past 4 years she has performed with Jay-Z live replacing Alicia Keys on “Empire State of Mind” and other live performances, but now she is making a name for herself.

Earlier this year Bridget released a new single “Special Delivery”, which has definitely made fans sit up and take notice. Her sultry voice and relatable topic of heartbreak is one to get the song instant replay. Ms. Kelly is also in the lab with some intriguing song writers for her new album due to launch early 2013.


“Special Delivery was definitely the launch pad. Putting it out has reminded people that I’m not asleep. I’m working hard still trying to perfect my craft. As far as the album goes, I worked with a lof of the same people that I worked with on the EP like Shea Taylor, James Fauntleroy, Cristyle, who is an amazing writer who did Special Delivery actually, and Jerry Wonder is another great producer. I think that I am blessed to be able to call some of the heavy hitters for this project and I think everyone is going to love it.”

Listening to the soul in Bridget’s voice there is no denying that she has been listening to soul signers for quite some time who have definitely inspired her style. “When I was a kid I listened to a lot of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple, Brandy, and Tank. Those were artists that I looked to for inspiration. When I got a little older Lauryn Hill definitely was an influence with all the emotions in her records. I always wanted to implement that in my music as well,” says the songstress.

Conveying emotion is a technique Bridget is well on her way to mastering, but what matters most to her is becoming the best Bridget Kelly she can be. Being on a label with such big artist could be a lot of pressure, but Kelly doesn’t feel any, “I think it’s an honor to be a part of the most successful groups in the industry. Also, I think everybody has the freedom to be themselves and we all encourage each other. Melanie, J.Cole, and I all came up at the same time. There is definitely a lot of support within the label for each other’s artistry. I don’t feel the pressure to compete with them, but definitely the pressure to be the best Bridget Kelly I can. To put my best food forward and brand myself to the best of my ability.”

In taking strides to greatness, Bridget has been tuned in to the advice of Bossman Hov. Jay-Z ‘s main lesson for her is humility and patience.



“The most important advice [from Jay] is to remain humble and patient. Also, to always be grateful for everyone that’s around you. Someone like Jay has a lot of people that’s been around him from the very beginning. He’s been loyal to his crew and all of his friends. There are a couple of people that work for his enterprise. I think he’s very grateful for everyone’s contribution to his efforts and his success.”

The songstress is not only actively taking notes with her relationship with those around her, but also connecting to her fans. Bridget wants to be the outlet for fans from all the craziness of the world.


“Now days it is hard to connect to people. Everyone has social media, phones, computers, laptops, and ipads. It’s all how we communicate and relate to one another through the internet, which sucks because I didn’t grow up on that. I had to actually pick up the phone and call someone if I wanted to talk to them. Now it’s not like that and you can just poke someone on facebook. I think for me musically, I wanted to be the voice for people who want to escape all that noise and clutter. I like to be honest in my music and about how I feel. It’s not always right and it’s not always fashionable or popular, but it’s how I feel. I really want to be a voice for people who want to escape from the norm..”

That is a void that many artists aren’t choosing to fill and Bridget obviously wants the best for her fans. Please check out her single “Special Delivery” and be on the lookout for her new album early 2013.

Interview & Story By; LaParis Hawkins

Styling: Kimberly V

Photography:  Aaron Richter

Art Direction: Andrew Fennell

-Stay Fly!

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