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Below, Chrisette Michele explains more of her ‘Rich Hipster’ style and displays a ‘Random Reel’, while at a recent photo-shoot, which goes deeper into her inner style.

Chrisette Michele Story

There is a distinct difference between someone who sings and one who studies, appreciates, and can execute the artistry of being a musical artist. Ladies and gentlemen the artist Chrisette Michele. Her new mixtape Audrey Hepburn: Audiovisual Presentation is a product of research and personal growth fused together with her love for hip-hop and jazz. Personal similarities between Chrisette and Audrey such as desiring to be a philanthropist, feeding the hungry, and being a lady are just surface

reasons why she chose to use the classy legend for the mixtape. The more Chrisette looked for Audrey Hepburn, the more she saw a reflection of herself.

“I took off some time to go hang out in London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and of course New York. I visited all the places that Audrey Hepburn frequented or lived at some point. I got inspired by what I saw. I went to places where she may have dined or shot a movie. What was really funny was that everywhere that I went I saw myself, hip –hop, and R&B. I met DJ’s and rappers, so the project became a fusion of what is classic and what is right now.”

A particular visit to Hepburn’s house in Brussels, Belgium caused a deeper connection not only to artist Chrisette Michele, but especially the history of black Americans.

“When I visited her house in Brussels I saw a Congolese community, a lot of people from the Congo, and I actually met the President’s son from a part of Africa called Angola. I found out so much about the slave trade and the history of slavery by researching what I thought would be Audrey Hepburn, I ended up researching my own history.”

Historically finding herself inspired the artist to shed weight physically, but more so spiritually, which resulted in a vegan lifestyle.

“A lot of times creatively when I’m ready to do something, I want to express myself in a certain way as well as gain inspiration for the people who are listening, I’ll do whatever it takes. Being an artist is a life decision, you commit to it. It’s like being married and I married to being an artist so whatever it took for me to be inspired I was willing to do.”

The sacrifice and inspiration has definitely paid off and the fusion between hip-hop and jazz is sure to make this mixtape a masterpiece. Having worked with hip-hop artists such as Nas, Jay-Z, Ghostface, The Game, Wale, and Rick Ross, it comes as no surprise that the first single “Charades” features rapper 2Chainz. Not only is the song a banger, but also a way for Chrisette to show her fans as well as Def Jam who she really is as a person.

“When I go to the club and 2Chainz comes on, my Louboutins come off and I’m holding my

bottle in the air. It’s actually a rule that’s what you have to you when you hit the club. It’s hard to tell that to Def Jam. They don’t believe me. They don’t believe that I’m screaming at the top of my lungs at the Nets game and I’m throwing my diamond in the air at a Jay-Z concert. Sometimes I have to introduce myself to the people that I work with by saying this is who I really am. 2Chainz was the perfect person for me to do my first song with for that reason. It was my way of saying I love 2Chainz as much as he loves me and we’re going to something together and have a little bit of fun.”

Chrisette Michelle is definitely giving doses of energy and fun for Audrey Hepburn: Audiovisual Presentation, but she is also keeping a few for her upcoming album “Better” due to be released Spring of 2013. The artist has been hands on with everything down to the photography.

“The reason why most of the photography for the Audrey Hepbrun project is in black and white is because when “Better” comes out I’m planning on showing all of my true colors and I mean every last one of them down to being naked on the PETA ad campaign. This is going to be the first time where you see me styling myself, picking out every song, single, graphic, artwork and everything written on the album. I had the photography for this mixtape in black and white because I didn’t want to give too much away.”

The mixtape Audrey Hepburn: Audiovisual Presentation will be released December 8 th on

coast2coastmixtapes.com as well as the first single off the upcoming album “Better”.

Artist Chrisette Michele has also invented the “Rich Hipster” Movement which is inspired by her neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The vibe of the community is a mixture of eclectic artists who are rich in art. Chrisette explains more in her Exclusive ‘Random Reel’ below…Enjoy!

Story written by: LaParis Hawkins

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