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During the days post Hurricane Sandy, that beat the East Coast of the United States into Submission, I found myself with some extra inside time and no tunes. Thanks Sandy!!! Feeling a little Cabin Feverish and going through music withdrawal, I decided to crack open the Pill by Beats By Dre. Yes it’s cliché, but it was…  Say it with me class, “Just what the doctor ordered.”


The Pill is Beats By Dre’s portable wireless audio system. A portable Bluetooth enabled speaker and one of the company’s first products as a solo practitioner after their departure from Monster. With a $200 price tag, The Pill is definitely the good stuff and not the generic crap. Available in Black, white and red the unit features four front facing woofers and an array of bells and whistles including: Apt-X and AAC support (think new types of mp3s for those technically unaware) , tap to pair NFC, internal USB rechargeable battery that can provide about 7 hours of listening which is good enough to host your own party, 3.5mm input and output for the Bluetooth deficient or if you just want to user another device, range of 30 ft and auto turn off after 30 minutes if no music has been streaming. My personal favorite feature; because of it’s Bluetooth capability and internal microphone, anywhere can become a conference call. Like a boss!


A member of the NYPD brought to my attention that the case and unit’s design seem more likely to cure a case of hysteria (Look it up) than as a sound system, so carrying it around might get you some odd second glances. But despite that the unit performs like a dream. Beats packed a lot of power into it as I was in my house putting it through it’s paces with a playlist that included Jay-Z, Dawn Richards, Me and This Army, Jhene Aiko, and Aerosmith and it didn’t miss a “beat”. There was relatively no distortion and remained clean even at the louder settings. The Pill was definitely designed with the audiophile in mind as even resting on a solid surface the system is designed to have the speakers titled slightly up for a more natural listening experience. The unit’s size, weight and power makes it a great cure all for impromptu hang out sessions, inhouse personal listening, spontaneous dance parties, conference calls, etc…


With better sound quality and options than its.competitors, The Pill will be the next addiction for lovers of sound and great gadgets. So run and get one before you need a prescription. 

Pricing & availability

  • Released October 16, 2012
  • Original price $199.95



  • 3.5mm stereo, Bluetooth
  • Supported profiles HFP [hands-free], A2DP [stereo audio]



  • Internal
  • Audio playback time up to 8.5 hours
  • Battery Type – Li Ion Rechargeable


Size & weight

  • Dimensions

1.8 inches (h)

7.5 inches (w)

1.8 inches (d)


  • Weight

10.93 ounces



  • Black
  • White
  • Red
Get your HERE today! Trust us, it’s FLY Technology! 
Written by: Ian Freeman

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