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Maybe it’s for ratings, maybe it’s not.

But this footage of Nicki Minaj cussing Mariah Carey out on the set of American Idol is pretty real.

Fox and it’s reps for American Idol have been trying  to dumb down the rumors surrounding Niki Minaj & Mariah Carey for weeks now. But with this new footage surfacing, the rumors appear to be true.  Step into this video of Nikki Minaj going off on Mariah Carey …

I’m is not dealing with her “f*****g highness” today! -Nicki Minaj

And here come the Barbz and Mariah Stans to battle, both with relevant points, but I digress.

Here’s the thing, I personally don’t think Nicki is qualified to be a judge. It’s a singing competition, she’s a rapper. She’s not written, composed, or produced enough material to sit behind that desk, and that’s just my opinion. That judge seat should be reserved for amazing singers with amazing catalogues, or the people responsible for such amazing careers, whether they be writers, producers etc.

None the less, Nicki’s outburst of four letter words makes her seem a little immature. Now, we don’t know what type of shade Mariah threw, but none the less, she kept it classy.

At least she did on camera.

My two cents.

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