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Step into the best recap of Chrissy & Mr. Jones on the net … NOW!
Chrissy and Jim Jones are giving us front row seats on their ride to marital bliss, or will it be the highway to Splitsville? After the first episode of Chrissy & Mr. Jones we’re not so sure which direction this rocky relationship is headed. What their complex lives can guarantee is pure entertainment, especially with Mama Jones along for the journey.It takes a friend like Emily to persuade Chrissy to look at wedding dresses. It’s been two years since Chrissy first proposed to Jim Jones and nine months since he proposed to her. And after eight years together Emily wants these two to hurry down the aisle. But even as Chrissy tries on a dress — “I look like the cake instead of the bride” — she’s not quite ready to walk down the aisle. “Why would I be taking a wedding dress home if I’m not ready for a wedding?”Chrissy responded to Emily’s query. Apparently there are still issues that need to be “ironed out” between the couple before anyone jumps the broom. Uncertainty after eight years? This is not a good sign.
At the Jones’ residence Chrissy is annoyed with Jim about his lack of action in house hunting. They only have six days before they have to be out and they don’t have a place to live in sight. “I want to choke him,” she says. Jim’s bright idea is that they move into his mother Nancy’s house. Considering their past tumultuous relationship that’s never going to happen. “I’m not staying at your mother’s house.

Like, come on.

Be realistic.

You know that’s not gon’ work. Stop it. You just talking stupid right now,” Chrissy said. Jim would rather joke around then focus on finding a new place to live. “You got a Superman curl right here. You got the Clark Kent,” he said while messing with her hair. Pressing the issue because, you know, having somewhere to live is important, Chrissy jumps back into the conversation. Only Jim would rather sniff scented highlighters.

The drama between Nancy and Chrissy is nonexistent for once. Hallelujah! But nearly as soon as Mama Jones walks in she’s grilling Chrissy about a grandchild. “I hope he was threatening you about a baby.

I’m sorry, I’m just looking for my grandbaby,” she said. When Jim tells his mom they have to move in six days she’s just as against them moving in with her as Chrissy is. “Wait a minute. But y’all not moving in with me, right? Y’all not coming to live with me.” Both ladies are relieved.


Mama Jones has some drama in her life over her “Psychotic Bitch” song. Freddie, the guy who produced the song, wants a cut of her money, but she’s not having it. As far as she’s concerned, she came up with the concept, therefore no one deserves a cut. Freddie begs to differ claiming ownership rights. “All I want is my money,” Freddie says. Wrong move, Freddie. Mama Jones bugged the heck out on him. “Get the f— out of here. Get out of my house, Freddie.”

Not only did she kick him out, she grabs a bat to threaten him with. “You be ratchet, yo,” was his only response. We have a feeling this isn’t going to end well.

Chrissy picks her beau up from court and says he needs anger management. Jim thinks it’s not him, it’s how other people view him. “People look at me like I’m some type of f—in’ monster or some s—,” he said. Chrissy’s telling him it’s the way he reacts to certain situations. Bottom line: His bad attitude is affecting business.

Chrissy offers to talk to some potential managers for him, but of course he doesn’t want that because he says if anyone tells her no he’s going to “slap the s— out of them.” Anger management might not be such a bad idea.

Chrissy has business endeavors of her own. Working on Jim’s fashion line Protocol is cool, but her best friend Talia (who is a stylist) hopes she’ll become her business partner.

Managing both doesn’t seem feasible. Lucky for Chrissy, Talia is so confident in Chrissy’s fashionista expertise that she’s willing to put an offer on the table and talk to Jim herself. Sounds like Talia may be stealing Jimmy’s fiancee.

Two days left before the Jones’ have to be out and Chrissy’s packing while Jim’s in the bed counting money. “I’m not helping you with these boxes,” Jim said. “That’s what we got Paulina for.” Then he informs Chrissy that Paulina shouldn’t even be helping Chrissy with her stuff, but only his stuff since he’s the one that pays her.

Paulina has had enough. Speaking her mind she tells Jimmy to grow up. We like Paulina already.

Chrissy stops by the Protocol office to talk business. Since she doesn’t have an official position on paper she needs to talk to Jimmy so she can know what to tell Talia who is ready to partner with her. Chrissy’s rate is 15% of his 50%, which is too high for Mr. Jones. “Then stop calling me down here to help you with this,” she says.

He says he’ll think about it. “Love you, see you at home,” Chrissy says as she’s leaving. “Love don’t live here anymore,” Jimmy responds. “Good. Maybe business should.” Nice comeback, Chrissy!

Two days before the move Chrissy is still packing everything on her own. Jim hasn’t packed a thing. When he comes downstairs and sees her packing he sits on the couch. “Do you know what it feels like to take care of this house by myself? And to move out of it by myself? And to move into the next place by myself?”

Chrissy asks through tears. Jim’s response was, uh, rude. “You should’ve had somebody come help you.” He’s unmoved by her tears or her clarifying she wasn’t upset just about the move. It’s about Protocol and wanting to have her own career outside of Jim. Comforting Chrissy would’ve been the obvious move to get out of the dog house. Instead Jimmy heads up stairs.

The bumpy road down the aisle for Chrissy and Jim has lots of potholes and cracks, but it’s obvious they love each other and want to be together. They’re just not so sure how to execute that love into a happy place in the relationship.

Tune in every Monday at 9:30PM ET/PT to watch this season’s Chrissy and Mr. Jones to see what the outcome this love story.

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