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[The Daily Word] Tamar debuts New Single, LaTocha Scott Cover’s BE Mag & Talks ‘Xscape’, Wyclef ‘OUTs’ Lauryn Hill and Amber Rose Wants Us To Know She’s Pregnant ….

In Today’ Daily Word; Tamar debuts New Single, LaTocha Scott Cover’s BE Mag & Talks ‘Xscape’, Wyclef ‘OUTs’ Lauryn Hill and Amber Rose Wants Us To Know She’s Pregnant. Check it out …

Welp, if you thought Toni’s younger sister couldn’t belt out a tune, this snipper definitely proves her case!

Tamar Braxton dropped by ABC News Radio  and our girl Joi dropped us some goods on what she spoke about including a snippet of her new track, “Love & War’. “Honestly, these are great records, and I’m not just saying that because they’re mine,” Tamar told. “If they were not mine I would want them to be mine. I do feel like this is my best work yet.” 

Check out a snippet (and you know I hate snippets) below …


 You like?


The new LaTocha Scott is on the latest digital cover of BE Entertained Magazine ( you didn’t think we would hate on other Digital Covers now that we do our own did you? Nope) with a candid cover story discussing life after Xscape, BEing referred to as “the big girl”, and the possibilities of an Xscape reunion. LaTocha Scott’s been working on new music, making new moves, and is creating a new lane for her career & explains it all in her BE Magazine cover story.

Here are a few excerpts;

LaTocha Scott on life after Xscape:

“Well it’s BEen busy! I’ve BEen writing my memoirs, mentoring young girls and I started my foundation called “Golden Gyrl Foundation.” I started working on a mixtape and my new album. I’ve just BEen busy. It’s BEen a whirlwind, but I’ve started to write and explore myself and the thoughts inside of me. Continuously working!”

LaTocha Scott on the possibilities of an Xscape reunion:

“I would LOVE for that to happen! I know Tiny she hit me like a week ago like you know lets talk and do lunch, so I may put that bug in her ear and see how she feels about it. My sister Tameka is always down so that’s her, as far as Kandi, I haven’t spoken to her, but you never know. I mean I don’t know if she would BE willing to do a reunion, I know she busy with her businesses and things. But as far as the group is concerned I would definitely wanna do something. I’m thinking about including the girls on one of my songs for my album. I think it would BE great. I think we owe our fans that as well.”

We ll we would love either or, hearing the girls back together would be refreshing. We love what we’ve heard so far from Latocha, and can’t wait to hear more material.

And in more … unhappy news. Singer, Wyclef Jean has dropped some interesting bombs in his new book. One of which states that Lauryn Hill made him believe that her first child Zion was his child, when it was in fact Rohan Marley’s baby with a paternity test being done and everything.  He goes on to say:

“In that moment something died between us. I was married and Lauryn and I were having an affair, but she led me to believe that the baby was mine, and I couldn’t forgive that.

Wyclef goes on to say, the betrayal by Hill led to the band’s 1997 breakup. “She could not longer be my muse,” he wrote. “Our love spell was broken.”

I just don’t know how necessary this information was to the world. Is it an ode to sell books? I digress, there will NEVER be a Fugees Reunion NOW!


And is it us, or does no one care about Amber Rose‘s pregnancy?

I mean … did anyone notice that Amber is pregnant? Maybe because she TRIED it with her VMA pregnancy announcement, Queen Bey Style.

It didn’t quite work out tho, hunh?

Now she’s taking bathroom pics and putting them on social netwroks.


Somebody like her pics on Instagram please, maybe she’ll take it easy after a few thousand likes.

 -Stay Fly!

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