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Don’t mean to stereotype but why is it that black professional athletes always find them selves married into the other side of the spectrum?

Now I am not saying that there are not the elite few who stay true to the game and marry into their own race. But in the last few years it has been a common trend to see black professional athletes either walking down 5th ave with a plethora of shopping bags, making an entrance on the red carpet, or just even out to dinner and a movie with their white, Latin, or Asian counterparts. What happened to the days when it was common to see an African American power couple that reinforced the term “behind every strong black man there is an even stronger black woman”. This leaves us to wonder what it is that the likes of Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Reggie Bush, and even the beloved Michael Jordan see that we don’t. Or is it what we aren’t seeing. There have been many stereotypes of the typical black woman and this has more than likely been the catalyst for the increasing amount of interracial marriages. Black woman have been known to talk too much, to complain too much, to always be suspicious of their man’s behavior, to always ask and never give. While these are all reasons to pull your hair out or further more put a gun to your skull the question that begs answering is why? Why is it that these women take it upon themselves to be nearly impossible to please or relentlessly miserable to the point where divorce is the last and only resort. Well from my experience from growing up in an African American household and seeing the way that my parents operate and even stories that have been shared.

I have come to the conclusion that black men do dumb shit: plain and simple. While I love being a man and will always stay true to my gender honesty takes precedence and the truth of the matter is we do not consider the feelings of our ladies as much as we should. Not even close. We take it upon ourselves to stay out late and hang with the fellas and forget to call her and tell her goodnight after we promised them that we would. Lets take this out of the gender realm and put this problem into perspective, if anyone were to be promised a million dollars at midnight and when 12:01 came around it was no where to be found we would be pissed. So why shouldn’t she get mad when no phone calls come in? Or when promise after promise is broken. The word of the man that she probably intends to spend the rest of her life with is worth more than the million dollars that we would be ready to kill for. Albeit there are those African American girls who pretend to be women and are out there giving real women a bad name, as men there is a need to pay attention to the women who know how to be a woman. There is nothing wrong with mixing races and interracial dating. Hey what ever floats your boat floats your boat. But at the end of the day we still need to remember the woman who carried us for nine months and molded us to be the professionals we are today.

You’ll have to comb through the hordes of women vying for your attention with a fine tooth comb but there are a select few who will remind you of the superstar that played a major part in making you who you are. Apparently the bug has been put in the ears of our more recent athletes such as Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James. We see them walking proudly with their strong black women as they turn away from the current trend of interracial couples. The world is a melting pot of every race one can imagine, the mixing is inevitable and as a society is shows growth. No matter who these athletes decide to join with in holy matrimony we can only wish them the best of luck. My appeal to the black athletes however, is that if interracial dating is a part of your near future make sure its because of genuine interest in your lady friend. Don’t shun our black beauties because of what you think you know or what you’ve heard about them. They deserve so much better, and who else to give it to them but you.

-Stay Fly!

[Words By Fly Guy, Patrick Joseph]

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